Infection - Friend or Foe

Dr Patrick Quanten MD

You don't need to study vaccinations very hard or long to come to some simple but clear conclusions.

  • vaccinations did not reduce infectious diseases, others things did
  • vaccinations caused a lot of health problems
  • vaccinations do not protect against any infection
  • microorganisms are the result of a disease process, not the cause
  • microorganisms originate from the diseased tissue itself
  • microorganisms feed on the diseased tissue and disappear again once the source of their food dries up
  • microorganisms help to clean up the effects of the disease

Scientific research has always proven that over 90% of bacterial infections are caused by microorganisms that normally are present in the body. It is said that the infection is caused either by a proliferation of the normal bacteria which then in turn destroys the tissues, or that the bacteria have shown up in a different place and destroy the tissues there. Such a massive migration of bacteria, as we see other animal species do, has never been observed in bacteria, in spite of our modern and sophisticated imagery. It has just been assumed that, if they turn up somewhere where they weren't before, they must have travelled from there residential spot. At the same time, a reason for the huge proliferation within the normal population has also never been provided.

Reasons for outbreaks of infections within the human population have varied. Usually it is said that the bacteria attached themselves to an innocent victim, a traveller of foreign and remote places, without causing this person any distress or discomfort at all. In fact, it is such a covert guerrilla operation it should have been named Hush-hush! Once back in this country the bacteria chooses a handful of easy victims and start attacking organs and tissues, again for no apparent reason.

Other explanations we are being given are that normal bacteria turn into killing machines and start attacking the tissues of their host, again for no apparent reason, or that the microorganism could lie dormant inside the tissues even for 20 years, when it suddenly, for no apparent reason, comes alive and start attacking the tissues.

Lots of different stories, many of which worked out in great detail, but none actually answers the question as to why this is happening. It certainly doesn't seem to bother the medical authorities that that question remains unanswered. They don't need to have the answer; all they need to know is that there is an enemy and that it needs to be destroyed. Sounds to me like an MI5 security operation of identifying the mysterious opponent and then declaring war with the intention to completely destroy. Indeed, the World Health Organisation's intention was to get rid of the threat to human life caused by infections. We started with infections such as polio, tuberculosis, smallpox, scarlet fever but quickly moved on to measles, rubella, and other common childhood infections. By quickly opening up the field of attack one is able to divert public attention away from the fact that, in spite of lots of wartime propaganda, winning the war is an impossibility because you haven’t got a clue about the why question. We hear of successes on the battlefield; we are not being told that those isolated instances always have resulted in more losses in the long run. Infections never completely disappeared; they are returning with a vengeance. Microorganisms get immune against our weapons.

Researchers have come to the end of the antibiotic line. All they can do is tweak what they have got and try different combinations of what they have got. There is no room for the development of a new type of antibiotic. They promised they could wipe out the infections with the weapons they could produce; the end conclusion is not only that that was, at best, wishful thinking, but also that one has succeeded at making the enemy a lot stronger. Using the line of "prevention" the authorities seriously increase their efforts on protecting the human system against a possible invasion by means of vaccination and genetic manipulation. Both of these techniques have a past record that only shows failure and disaster, never any successes. The past record of the authority that promotes this is only one of failure and disaster. As far as vaccinations are concerned, the authority that told you it was the way to ensure your child would never get the infection caused by a known specific bacteria has failed you miserably. Now you want to believe that same authority when they tell you this is the way to protect your child from cervical cancer, while their own researches tell them that the papillomavirus is not the cause of the cancer. Thus stating that “protection” against the virus is not going to make any difference to the disease pattern of cervical cancer. There is a much more fundamental problem that will explain to you why this war can never be won.

Right from the beginning, Louis Pasteur's time, the dogma put forward to build theories about infectious disease has been the following: An infectious disease is caused by a microorganism that comes from outside (elsewhere) and attacks the tissues. With this being the case it seems very logical that one would like to protect oneself against it. However, we have already seen that many infections are caused by the local residents. And there is more.

Throughout human history since the early nineteenth century researches have time and time reaffirmed that the microorganism said to be the cause of the infection does not come from the outside. Time and time again researches have independently stated that it is clear that it is not the microorganism that comes first and the diseased tissues later, but the other way around. Microorganisms originate in diseased tissue. First you get ill, then bacteria may appear. Scientists in Pasteur's time had conclusively proven that microorganisms were the result of a disease process, not the cause. The arguments were settled, except that business people had invested so much time, money and staked their reputation on Louis Pasteur's ideas that they decided to carry the battle forward. Scientists had found their answers and moved on to other things whilst money investors kept looking for a profitable return. This is in fact the beginning of the vaccination saga. Researchers and scientists you may want to read about include Antoine Béchamps (France, 1816 - 1908), Gunther Einderlein (Germany, 1872 - 1968), Royal Raymond Rife (USA, 1888 - 1971), Wilhelm Reich (Austria, 1897 - 1957) and Gaston Naessens (France, 1924 - now living in Canada).

Here are some certainties with regards infections.

This means that an infectious process is only a matter ofor the individual. When we observe that certain infectious processes lead to the demise of the individual it means that there has not been enough inner strength to combat the disease. If the individual does not recognise what the real cause of his/her disease is then it will always continue to fester, sometimes acutely and fiercely, most of the time quietly and covertly. By focussing the attention on the effects of the disease and not on the cause one can ensure a recurrence of illness in the certain knowledge that disease will not have disappeared. On this basis it becomes a terrific investment to set up a healthcare system that ensures ongoing diseases.

Infectious processes occur acutely in order to allow the system to completely clear the disease out of the tissues. Disturbing and suppressing this process allows the disease to continue its presence.

Not comprehending the real cause of the disease and focussing on the expression of the disease ensures ignorance which can be exploited with crazy stories about acrobatic and monstrous microorganisms that we need to be afraid of. Real disease causes are best looked for in places that scientists have already stipulated as forming the base on which life is built. Life is energy and all matter is an expression of energy. When matter expresses diseased tissues it means that the energetic tension within that human field has been high for a long time. Real cause of disease can be found in regions of chronic high tension levels in our lives. Not diminishing this tension results in the breakdown of the physical structure, we call that disease.

Infections are healing crises designed to clean up what is already broken in order to have the opportunity to do things differently and start rebuilding healthier tissue. This happens at a deep level when we are successful in changing our lives from a high tension area to a low tension area.

If microorganisms do not cause infections, then it makes no sense to believe that this would be the case when talking about viruses. Viruses are unlike the animal bacteria and other microorganisms in as much that they are too small to be seen in any living and moving condition. In other articles, which you can find on the website, I have pointed out why viruses are not living animals and I have explained why they are nothing more than a tiny waste bag filled with genetic debris from a diseased cell nucleus. In this respect they come after the disease too and they do not cause anything. It fits completely in with the scientific knowledge about how infections, in general, come about.

And then there is the small matter of our observations regarding epidemics. How do infections spread amongst the population if the microorganism isn’t causing the infection, leaping from person to person? The answer lies simply in the same explanation as to how the infection itself is caused. A disease is a malfunctioning of the system. This malfunctioning of the physical structure occurs as an energetic event. The human system, like all others within creation, exchanges energy with its environment all the time. The interaction of those two waves causes a resonant wave, which expresses itself in the changes we observe within the tissues. When the resonant wave no longer feeds and supports the structure, when the resonant wave does not resonate well within the structure, the physical structure, the tissues, are breaking down, much like a drinking glass can fall apart as a result of the resonance with the signing voice. It is in the debris of the broken down tissue that microorganisms emerge in order to feed on the debris and in doing so cleaning it up.

An epidemic of these kind of resonant frequencies occur in several people at the same time when the environment produces a certain type of pressure on all its occupants. There are specific outside conditions that trigger a resonant frequency within individual systems that causes the same tissues to break down. No organisms are being transferred from one person to another; they just are all exposed to the same wave (frequency) conditions. And herein lies the explanation why not all people exposed to specific infectious diseases become ill or are even being affected by the disease : it always is an interaction between outside and inside. Certain people will respond in a certain way to the outside stimulus and become ill; others respond differently and remain healthy.

How can you protect yourself from “catching” an infectious disease? The answer simply is not to “respond” to such an outside stimulus, not to engage. In reality our reactive pattern is pretty much entirely unconscious and therefore we will only see the result of the interaction and consciously preventing it is not often an option. Hence, in the majority of cases you have already been affected before you are aware of a possible influence. However, by not buying into the belief that when someone has an infectious disease, from a common cold to a sexually transmitted disease, you are going to get it too, you already modify your resonant response away from becoming ill.

We conclude that an infectious disease is an individual process of cleaning the system of excess waste, and that is not necessary for you to join a group of people that are using a particular infectious disease at a particular time. Be a survivor.

Be an individual.

Hold on to your personal power.

Allow yourself to have an infectious disease when you need it.

March 2014


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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