Making a Human Being

Dr Patrick Quanten


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In our studies about the code for the Universe and for the Creation we have discovered the seven manifest layers in which energy expresses itself into matter. We now know that all of creation is a constant repeat of an indefinite number of varieties in which the same seven frequencies combine. We also have identified the human energetic code and the code of the seven tissues that make up every cellular organism in the universe, including human beings. Now we would like to take a closer look at the way the human body is structured and how it can develop and grow from foetus to adult.

Developing a foetus starts with conception. That first magical cell that is different from its host, the mother, comes into being. What, in terms of codes and frequencies, is a cell? Let's remind us of the creation code where Day 1 (frequency 1) corresponds with the creation of heaven and earth, energy (waves) and matter (particles) are divided; Day 2 (frequency 4) is the creation of land and water, definite separation into matter of different forms; Day 3 (frequency 6) creates the plants; Day 4 (frequency 2) creates egg-laying animals; Day 5 (frequency 5) stands for the creation of mammals; Day 6 (frequency 7) is the day of the creation of the human being and Day 7 (frequency 3) is a day of rest, a day that hasn't happened yet.

Cells that form at the end of frequency 6, and 2, and 5, and 7 are specific for the code line in which frequency 3 is the most compact energy band. Regardless of the fact that the contribution of primary tissue is the same for every living cell – percentages of water, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve, seed – is the “quality” of those primary tissues different every time because the energy field that surrounds the cell and forms the cell is different each time. In material terms this shows in a different focus, a different composition of the seven layers of primary tissues. These cells are very specific to the species because they contain the information about the type of proteins and sugars, etc that are being used in this development line. This means that the cell of a corn seed produces all in a combination that is unique for corn and so only corn can it become. The same is true for all animal species and for humans. Even though the same molecular structures are being used the manner in which they combine and react with one another is so different. Cells are species specific.

Furthermore, when we make the leap from frequency 7 to frequency 3, in other words when we produce that first new cell, the seed from which the whole organism can grow, it requires information from other specimens in the outside world. Plants create flowers, the reproductive tissues of the plant, which have a female organ, the pistil, and a male organ, the stamen. The stamen produces pollen and releases those into the air. The pistil receives the pollen in order to fertilise the plant. It receives pollen from other plants of the same kind, not the pollen from itself. This way the plant communicates with the world it lives in and is capable of adapting to changes in that world. It takes in information from its surrounding plants in order to incorporate this information into its own developing structure. This information is taken in in a coded form, the DNA. A similar process happens in the animal and human world, some sort of fertilisation from the outside, from another organism of the same kind. No fertilisation takes place when the pollen come from another type of plant as it similarly doesn't happen with mixing sperm from one animal kind with eggs from another. Once the last bit of "missing" information has been included the cell, which is the seed from which the new specimen of the organism is going to grow, can be formed.

Let's take a look at the human seed cell which has been formed within the third chakra of the mother. It must be the third chakra as that is the "seed chakra" within the whole universe. It also is the chakra in which all tissues are being created. Tissues are formed out of the expansion of the third chakra and the code we have identified is 1 (juices/skin), 4 (blood tissue), 6 (muscle tissue), 2 (fat tissue), 5 (bone tissue), 7 (nervous tissue) and 3 (seed tissue). These are first formed within the seed cell itself. Their development being governed by the coded DNA information.

We pointed out earlier that it was impossible to directly melt together the male and female DNA because these are not identical strands. Now scientists have also proven that the DNA of all human beings, independent of race or background, is identical for over 99%. All the differences the medical world is making headlines with are contained in less than 1% of the human genetic information. We also mentioned that genetic material is needed to create the basic rudimentary human form. From that point of view it seems logical that the paternal and maternal DNA are identical, safe a few minor exceptions right at the very end. So, bringing together two DNA strands from two different persons can result in a perfect double stranded gene pool! The minor details can be sorted out easily. The other thing that is quite obvious in all of this is that the bringing together of one human strand with a non-human strand is never going to develop into a human structure or any other organism for that matter. And the final conclusion must be that abnormalities within the genetic structure of a new foetus, which will develop into a fully grown baby, will only occur exceptionally because the information that is contained within the genetic code is about the universe and the history of mankind, not about the specific person the foetus will become.

The growth of the first foetal cell is now based upon the development of the DNA information, which tells us about the background of the seed cell. It is of a particular kind, a human cell. It has information about the people and their history in which it has been formed, be it Caucasian, African or Asian. Furthermore, information has been stored about the living environment whether it is an area towards the pole or the equator, whether it is near the sea or high land, and so on. Then it also contains information about the group of people, about their believes, about the family habits and traits. This information "flows out" in the form of vibrations, of frequencies. Seven main frequencies deliver this information to the energy field of the mother's third chakra, and together this information will manifest itself into matter that solidifies the energy and drops it into a very specific mould. The seven frequencies, as we have seen, contain information about aspects of life and the universe. In order of their appearance after the Big Bang and ever since in every development burst starting from the third frequency, the information each frequency brings to the development is as follows:

1 - gives form (is the first and least dense energy and tissue)

4 - brings balance

6 - consciousness

2 - brings movement

5 - communication

7 - knowledge (very dense compact tissue)

3 - personal power (coded tissue)

The primary tissues of the foetal cell are being fed and stimulated by the energy emerging from the unfolding of frequency 3. When frequency 3 “overflows” the tissues absorb these energies and the known order in which they do is 1-4-6-2-5-7-3.

Every seed cell, from plant or animal, has the same code for the tissues, 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. The information that frequency 3, the seed, has stored here enfolds and the development moves up to the highest possible evolutionary layer that is contained within the coded DNA. As far as plants are concerned this is layer 1, followed by 4 up to 6, because plants are the manifestation of the third day of creation, which is frequency 6. Egg laying animals express the next layer, which is frequency 2. Mammals go up to the layer with frequency 5 and humans to frequency 7. The last layer, frequency 3, will have to wait until the universe is ready for those kind of experiences.

Looking at the development of the foetus in those early stages we notice that it takes about twelve weeks for the foetus to take on a human shape. It runs through stages of being a ball, a cluster of cells, then being a water sack surrounded by a thin layer of cells, taking on the shape of a bean, then a fish and a monkey before becoming recognisable as a human foetus. These stages are exactly the days of creation and are a representation of the development stages of the entire universe right up to the introduction of mankind. The DNA of the seed cell is the main requirement to bring the human form into being and it does that in twelve weeks time. If the genetic information stored within the DNA is correct and uncorrupted, the foetus takes on a human shape without any interference from the outside, in this case the mother, at all. If not uncorrupted, there will be a miscarriage as any species is only capable of reproducing its own kind and for this reason the automated development has to show all aspect of that particular and specific kind before it can be fed and made to grow as a specimen of that particular kind.

This potential human being, in its most primitive foetal shape, has all the systems developed that it needs. What are those physical systems and how do they relate to the energy and the frequencies the body is made from? Let's look at the seven layers of frequencies, what they represent and what the systems could be that relate to them.

1 - appears first and is most abundantly present - water system, lymphatic system

4 - forms blood tissue - circulatory system

6 - layer in which plants form with a clear division between the root part and the plant part; these parts are very similar in structure; the lower part (roots) feeds in the heavy matter (soil) and the upper part in the air - digestive tract and breathing system

2 - brings movement - mobility system (skeletal, muscular, ligaments)

5 - communication - the five senses

7 - knowledge - brains, nervous system

3 - personal power - glandular system

At the age of twelve weeks gestation all systems have developed and are present and correct, except the glandular system.

From twelve weeks onwards the foetus in its human form will be fed by the mother. As all interactions within the universe are energetic exchanges, how does the mother feed the foetus and what kind of information is the foetus taking in? The foetus has a human shape and must therefore have a human energy field. Humans are created from frequency 7 and this is made up from the other frequencies as follows, 7-5-2-6-4-1-3. The specific information expressed via this code contains information from the mother's background as well as the father's, which has been brought in by the incorporation of his DNA, the missing link to create the first foetal cell. This foetal energy field is surrounded by the mother's energy field, again coded as 7-5-2-6-4-1-3. The foetal field will draw information, layer by layer, from the mother's field, which allows the foetus to store this information by creating more cells within the seven systems it already has. Where the inherit information within the foetus corresponds with the information it gains from the mother the tissues will become strong and very pronounced, formed the way they are in the mother. Where the information within the foetal structure is opposed to the mother's, tissues will be formed that contain conflict. These will be weak and won't function easily. Where there is strong information from the father within the foetus it could still be fed by the energy field of the mother as certain aspects of a person may not be expressed very well although they are sufficiently present in the energy field. This means that the foetus might be feeding on and developing a specific father's trait in spite of drawing its information from the mother's field. This happens when the mother is particularly akin to the trait the father is displaying openly. This way the foetus develops all its systems, let's them grow and becomes a fully grown foetus after a total gestational period of 36 to 40 weeks. When it has absorbed all it can from the energy field of the mother, it is time to leave that particular environment. It is time to be born. The foetus dies, the baby starts life.

When the baby enters the world we live in it does so as a seed. It is full of potential but it still needs developing. It enters the world as a human energy field, coded as 7-5-2-6-4-1-3. The exact detailed expression of these frequencies is very specific and unique in that it is already a development in its own right. The first human shape it adopted was structured on the information gained from the DNA, coded information of the entire universe development. The information that was used to built this particular human form came from the universe as well as the entire background of mother and of father, going back to the beginning of humanity itself. This information already leads to the fabrication of a very specific individual. Then that information is expanded by the feeding this human form receives from the energy field of the mother. It highlights specific energies within that life that form the basis on which that life will develop. That is the complete product of the foetus, ready to be a baby. That is the very specific and unique shape of the code of the human energy field, 7-5-2-6-4-1-3, that we hold in our hands once the baby has been "delivered". A new born baby is never a blank sheet!

Again, the baby will now feed itself from the energy field that surrounds it. It has entered the universal energy field, which carries the code 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. This influences the human field but we can already see that energetically this can't be a smooth and fully satisfying feeding ground as the flow of information within each of the seven layers is not a match. The universe consists for 39,55% of frequency 1 and for 24,45% of frequency 4 while the human field only requires 5,77% of 4 and 3,57% of 1, as we calculated before. However, the baby is not left to the universe, it is being taken care off by humans. In other words, the energy field of the baby is being fed by the energy field of other humans and thus it can quickly fill up its potential guided by the input it receives from the human environment it grows up in. When this information is of a similar fashion then the one that was used to build its tissues with, the DNA info and the mother info during pregnancy, the child will develop into a well-balanced and steady person, displaying the traits of mother and/or father, continuing the trends set by them. When there are major differences between the new human energy field and the one the mother displayed, the development of the child will know a lot of insecurities and conflicts within the system itself. The way the tissues and the system has been built does not correspond to the task it is asked to do later, asked by its new expanded environment, and conflict will arise.

Now we have the physical structure of the human as it has formed out of energy information. You can see that the actual formation of the physical form is an exchange between the information contained in a seed and the information available in its environment. Within the combinations we can find answers as to why the body looks this or that way in a particular area. The next question is; "How is this human being going to live?"

The development of human life as we know it also runs through seven stages as the growing baby fills up its layers. The new human field expands with the information it gets from the human field it lives in and the layers are being developed one after the other.

7 - baby - lives on the universal knowledge, responds only intuitively

5 - toddler - develops communication skills, makes noises, starts to talk

2 - child - explores a larger part of its surroundings through movement, sports, dance

6 - teenager - develops a consciousness about oneself and about the world

This is where frequency 3 shows itself in its most condensed form, which sets the development of the glandular system going. Hence the sexual awakening at this stage of life.

4 - young adult - tries to balance life: home and work, own background (belief systems) and spouse's background, own life and children's lives

1 - post menopausal - time to shape own life, do more things one wants to do and needs to do for oneself

3 - pre-death - only what one self wants is important, personal power (what I know!) matters most, fixing what I know to get ready to transform the information for when I shed the physical structure

And there you have it! Life is a development in three main stages, whereby each stage is a development of the structure it got offered. Three times a seed was placed inside a field in order to grow. The first seed is the DNA information contained in the first cell; the first feeding field is glandular system of the mother. This develops the cell into a human shape. The second seed is the human shape; the second feeding field is the human field of the mother. This develops the human shape into a baby human being. The third seed is the baby human being; the third feeding field is the human field of human society. This develops the baby human being into a human being. Throughout these stages we experience particular aspects of life that give us the opportunity to develop our understanding of life. Each life has an unique purpose and brings information to the human field that helps the development of the entire seventh frequency of the universal layers. These experiences are being recorded in the human field frequencies and are being released into that field upon the death of the physical incarnation. The enrichment the human field experiences in this way then in turns helps to feed the newer seeds that enter that field and that way we all progress quickly in our learning process without having to "personally" experience everything under the sun.

We all have a cross to bear refers to the particular task each life has.

By changing oneself one changes the world refers to the essential knowledge gained from individual experiences that are being released into the human field and that all humans will take to heart, will learn from.

By following the lines of the codes as they expand throughout the various layers of development we can understand a lot more of the Laws of Nature. We can begin to separate the truth from the miscomprehensions. It is start!

July 2014

Updated February 2015


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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