Making Babies

Dr Patrick Quanten

It has been said that Finding answers create more questions and my quest to find answers to fundamental questions of life is no exception. Once you have discovered the code that sets out the development of the universe and everything in it you want to "explain" everything within the universe on the basis of that code. And sure, that should be done. However, it poses a whole lot of different questions that challenges the code and your narrow consciousness. Once we can explain how babies grow and humans develop we stumble upon the fascinating question of our conception. How does that work in terms of energetic frequencies and matter? How does information from two different human fields get integrated in a way that it becomes something new?

In the first instance we should be amazed at the fact that there are differences between a man and a woman, but once we have made that observation the question arises: “How come?”. When we look at the energies and the distribution of the frequencies then it is pretty amazing that in 6 and 2 various possibilities occur. What is their purpose? Offer more options? Yes, but the universe doesn’t need more options as it simply expresses what is already there. That means that the expressions themselves will have to provide the answers.

One of the obvious differences between men and women is the huge difference in the structure of the seed cell. They are so different, the egg and the sperm, and yet they should have the same basic energetic coding. Up to now we have been concentrating on finding the similarities which has led us to the discovery of the codes. Maybe it is now time to take a closer look at some of the differences.

The first time we encounter a full cell that will be responsible for the propagation of the species we find at the plant level, frequency 6. From this cell a completely new specimen emerges and grows. The necessary information to achieve this is hidden in the DNA of the cell, combined with all the necessary ingredients to realise the making of the plant. In frequency 6 we have two possible ways of manifestation and we linked those to the material expressions of the plant itself and the roots. Apart from this there is also a duality occurring within the flower, the stamen and the carpel. The flower gets pollenated by receiving the pollen, originating from the stamen, onto the carpel and only then fruit can develop which contains the seeds for a new plant. This, in fact, is the male and female principle.

When we code frequency 6 as 6-4-2-1-5-3-7 we see that in this cell structure the DNA is the expression of frequency 7. But we know that frequency 3 is the seed of the universe and that the seed is the smallest, the most condensed, material, which means that this 7 DNA does not possess a full cellular structure. It is simply DNA matter. By releasing this into nature – a bursting free of internal forces – DNA of other specimens of the same plant can make contact with the carpel of the plant, allowing an information exchange between plants of the same species. The advantage is that information about the environment can be shared easily amongst the species which allows for a quick adjustment when external circumstances call for it.

What about the next layer of creation, frequency 2? Here we notice the actual development of the separation between the male and the female, characteristics that are now being carried in two separate individuals. In terms of the invertebrates as well as the vertebrates there is a division within the energetic code as 4 and 7 can change position: 2-6-5-4-7-1-3 and 2-6-5-7-4-1-3. Both energy lines result in a code ending in frequency 3, which makes both lines equally reproductive cells. In the material expression there are two very similar looking cells and organisms differing only in details. One hands a greater share to frequency 4 and the other to frequency 7 in their cell structure. What does this mean? One prefers more circulation, more heart, and the other more knowledge, more thinking. Two cells, with the consequent organisms that grow from them, whereby one emphasises the characteristics of the heart and the other the characteristics of thinking! Seems to me that we have found the traditional stereotype of “a woman” and of “a man”. That makes the female animal in the vertebrate line have an energetic code 2-5-6-4-7-1-3 and the male 2-5-6-7-4-1-3. And once again, to create a new individual one requires the information of both sides and nature provides ways and methods to achieve the coming together.

We know that the splitting of 6 will have a manifestation in the development of the further layers in the form of the breathing and digestive system. The same is true for frequency 2 which will remain split into two separate specimens, male and female. The difference between the two comes from frequency 2, which is responsible for the motor system. If we take a look at the code for 2 in the human being 2-5-6-7(4)-4(7)-1-3 then we can deduce that small differences in the physical structure may occur in the ribcage (preference 4) and the skull (preference 7). The big difference, however, should be noticed within the main expression of frequency 2 and that is, as we know, the structure of the pelvis. And indeed, looking at the male and female skeleton the identification as being male or female is made on the basis of the structure and shape of the pelvis.

The structure of the human seed cells, frequency 3, also have a different content depending on the energetic information that they carry. On balance there is less genetic material in the female cell as it contains large volumes of glycolipids and other nutritional components. The male cell is for that matter slimmer with a relative larger proportion of genetic information in relation to the rest of the content.

The difference between male and female has its origin in the relative weight that frequency 4 and 7 bring to the first embryonic cell. More 4 leads to a female development, more 7 to a male one. When we look at the ultimate differences in the fully grown bodies then we notice that the gonads, formed from frequency 3, have a greater proportion of circulation (menstruation) for the woman and of the nervous system for the man (“a man thinks with his penis”). Another difference is the development of breasts in women. We have identified milk production and breastfeeding as the seventh sense, an expression of frequency 3, which now fits into the whole picture very nicely. When does the breast development begin? At the beginning of puberty, frequency 6, in which frequency 4 plays a very important part (second placed in the code). When we move from puberty into young adulthood then the breast development is complete; this phase of life is frequency 4. For a male frequency 4 contributes too little to the overall scheme of development of frequency 3, including the sensory part. A man develops little or no breast tissue.

Let’s then concentrate on how to bring together these two sources of information needed to create a baby.

A man gets attracted to a woman, and the other way around. Mutual attraction brings those two energy fields closer together and, ideally, these "integrate". Here we are not so much concerned with the quality of the melting together of the male and female energy fields. Here we want to focus on how we can explain the creation of the first foetal cell, taking it all the way back to energy.

The joining of male and female takes part in the energetic field first. When there is a joining together of these energies the physical bodies integrate too in order to deliver the "missing" part of the seed, frequency 3. The tissue that is being delivered, the sperm, is not a cell with all primary structures - such as digestion, breathing system, circulation, nervous system, etc. - on board. It mainly has the DNA. This energy gets delivered to the female feeding ground which also is not a cell, as the sequence is not completed. The feeding ground, the female egg, has, within each frequency, information about its background, whilst the sperm contains information, in coded genetic form of the background of the male. The female has all layers well developed up till frequency 7 and a partial frequency 3. In physical terms, this means that atoms, molecules, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and proteins are present in abundance and nucleotides are present but are lacking in order to fully display this little universe as a functional cell, thereby completing the development and allowing reproduction of this universe. The male brings, within the tissue of fluid, almost exclusively nucleotides. It is "looking for" its feeding ground.

Merging the extra nucleotides with the already existing developed layers completes the last layer, which is frequency 3, and allows the creation of a complete cell. The first embryonic cell, different from the ground materials it has used, is born! This first cell already has an orientation, when frequency 3 starts its growth into matter. It already is marked as male (yang) or female (yin) and although the next twelve weeks will see a non-sexual development, the making of a human shape, the potential of either male or female already exists in that first cell. This has been noticed most clearly within the DNA of the foetal cells, which has a male or female orientation. The DNA is the material expression of frequency 3 within the human development.

What determines the sex of the foetus? Basically the outcome of bringing in the male DNA, frequency 3, to meet the female DNA, frequency 3, will either be a yang or a yin foetal frequency 3. The male frequency 3 is yang, whilst the female is yin, and we can imagine that depending on how strongly yin or yang one or the other will prevail. There is a hereditary factor as in how strong is the self image of the male and female within the tradition of the family, but individual factors play an important part too. The individual may have altered the traditional family line, based on his or her early experiences. Also, time related factors must be taken into account. At the time of conception, am I feeling feeble, weak and vulnerable? Or maybe I am very self-assured and have a powerful self-image. All of this will be expressed in the vibration subtleties of the DNA and will set the base frequency on the yang or yin side of the spectrum.

Furthermore, as the tissues within the first cell are being formed the energetic field of the cell is being formed too, and this is coded as 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. Now, the energetic code of our universe is also 1-4-6-2-5-7-3, which means that there is a direct interchange between the newly formed tissues of the embryo and the universal energies. In practical terms we can now confirm that the moon phase, for instance, will have an influence on the sex of the baby. All kinds of outside influences play a part in the formation of the first foetal cell. Maybe people that name their babies after the place where they were conceived are thereby just recognising some of these influences. However, don't forget that these are influences, not certainties. Ultimately, it is an exchange of internal information, contained within the nucleotides gathering information from two human strains, and external information that can alter the present information adapting it to the here and now circumstances.

Once that first cell is complete and the energies take on a yang or yin configuration, the further expression will be male or female. That also determines the main direction each of the chakras will develop into. With the completion of that first cell the seed of the cell becomes fixed as a male or female. Frequency 3 of the code of the first foetal cell 1-4-6-2-5-7-3 is now male or female. For a male 3 the first twelve weeks of foetal development results in a human shape that already expresses male structures in primary form. These will, from now on, develop specifically into a male shape. The first human shape has a yang frequency 3. The human code that has now been completed for this foetus is 7-5-2-6-4-1-3, with 3 already being yang. Now the foetal energy field is going to feed of the mothers energy field which has the same energetic code. "Feeding" in energy terms means that energy is drawn from one field into another. This shift occurs because of the movement around a zero point, the neutral, and yang indicates a movement away from this point while yin indicates a movement towards this point. Because energy moves it is out of balance; it is away from its point of balance where it would never change at all. The dance of yang and yin ensures that it frequencies never drift too far from the neutral point. When it goes one way an opposite movement is instigated by a change from yang to yin and visa versa.

A male human shape, with frequency 3 being yang, starts to feed from a human energy field. It will first take from the most abundantly present energy, which is also the lightest energy, in this case frequency 7. As we start from a yang movement the next influence, frequency 7, will have to be a yin one. We also know that within the code the presence of the figure within the row of figures determines the percentage of influence it has within the field.

We begin with the information that determines the sex, which is frequency 3, definitely male and thus yang, contributing towards the field for 39,55906% of the total.

This yang movement will now be countered by the next feeding layer which is frequency 7, becoming yin, and contributing 24,44888%, still leaving the total of the field to be yang.

That means that the next contribution, frequency 5, will also be yin, contributing 15,11025%. Simple maths, 39,55906 - 24,44880 - 15,11025 = -0,00007. The pendulum has now swung the other way, past its balance point, which means that it will now be attracted in the opposite direction.

The next frequency, which is frequency 2, becomes yang: -0,00007 + 9,33863 = 9,33856.

Then it goes the other way again with frequency 6 being yin: 9,33856 - 5,77156 = 3,56700.

Still going the same way making frequency 4 also yin: 3,56700 - 3,56707 = -0,00007, past the balance point again.

Then it follows that the next frequency, which is frequency 1, becomes yang again. All in order it gives us the yin-yang distribution of the frequencies for a male individual as 1 yang, 2 yang, 3 yang, 4 yin, 5 yin, 6 yin, 7 yin. This means that male and female of the same species have a different basic constitution. Made from the same information they are built in opposite ways, where one is open and directed outwardly the other is closed and directed inwardly. Made differently also indicates that they are meant for different tasks. This is already obvious in the fact that only females bear offspring and are clearly built to do so. However, every layer is fundamentally been put together differently for a man or a woman. This is a natural phenomenon, built into the fabric of the universe.

Now we know how the genetic information from mother and father come together to form the first foetal cell, and from a previous article we know how this cell grows to become a baby and from there on an adult human being. This is how human create and recreate themselves.

Another mystery of life made real.

July 2014

Updated March 2015

Modified in February 2015


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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