The Third Frequency on the Third Rock from the Sun

by Dr Patrick Quanten

Developing further what we so far have discovered we are going to take a closer look at the unfolding of the creation. In "The Code of Creation" we have found that frequency 3 is the seed from which every new layer of development begins. We also know that in order to elicit an effect a frequency, a wave, has to "hit" on something else. For a wave to express the information it holds it has to interact with something else. It is the coming together of two frequencies, waves, that creates a new wave, an interference. This means that for the creation, as we know it, to occur the energy wave from the Big Bang must have hit on something that was already there.

The fabric of the universe already existed before the Big Bang. The explosion of frequency 3 within the electromagnetic spectrum causing a wave of new information to ripple through space and interfered with what was already there. It changed it in places. The energy that springs from the Big Bang and energizes the entire universe created is known as the element fire. Space or what it stands for has been called the ether. In ancient scientific culture it has been named an element. This is element ether. The ether, what we see as "space", contains no mass, is for all intense and purposes "empty". However, scientists have discovered that space is far from empty. It has been described as an area teeming with potential and although there is no real matter present, it contains an incredible amount of "virtual particles". These are parts of atoms that spring into matter for fractions of a second and disappear again. The first element of creation is the fabric of the universe which was already there at the moment of the Big Bang and it contains every possibility that potentially can be expressed within that universe.

Now the energy of frequency 3 flows through it and it disturbs the smoothness of the ether: some areas become compressed, other areas get stretched. Where the pressure increases matter materialises as particles are being pressed together. This results in a formation we call gasses, becoming distinct from the rest of space. The clouds of gasses contain atoms, which are organised complexes constructed from the particles that were virtually present in the ether. This has been named as the element air. Here we find the variety of atoms that are listed in the Table of Mendeljev. The lighter atoms appear first in the creation but as the pressure within the cloud increases heavier atoms come into being as well. At this point of the creation we have space and gas clouds, and on a material level we have particles and atoms. The element air contains what we experience as the atmosphere around a planet.

As frequency 3 from the electromagnetic spectrum keeps flowing through the fabric of the universe it keeps developing gas clouds. As it flows through such clouds parts of the cloud become more densely packed, with energy and atoms, and a new structure emerges. This stage can be identified as the element water. The increasing pressure pushes atoms together and some manage to find a suitable partner. Here the molecules that we know as water, oxygen, and so on are being created. Again, the first molecules are fairly light but as the pressure increases when frequency 3 keeps pushes further and further through denser material these simple molecules become heavier. In the element water, all six other layers of matter will be formed: simple molecules, carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, proteins and nucleotides. Progressively these structures become more and more complex and sturdier so they can withstand the outside pressure which is, at the same time, its creator. At this level, when fully developed, we can identify all seven layers of creation: atoms (in the gas stage), and then six others in more and more solid format and complex structures. This makes up all the solid matter from which everything in space will be constructed.

As we continue to put more and more pressure on these solid material structures they start to join together to form larger solid structures. In the atmosphere the atoms remain present. In the water the simple molecules remain present. The other heavier structures will begin to combine into larger material pieces. In ancient scripts we are told that all matter consists of seven layers of density, from which all things are created. These seven layers, from least dense to most dense, are the seven tissues: skin/water (is air element), blood (is water element), muscle, fat, bone, nerve and seed. Macroscopically we can match these with the seven "tissues" of the earth, being: the atmosphere, water, sand, rock, crystals, ore and magma. We have now entered the stage of real solid matter, otherwise known as the element earth. At this level the penetration of frequency 3 creating new structures finishes. Here a total absorption of the frequency results in the most dense of materials. But a strange phenomenon occurs at this point of the creation.

When we remember the code of creation, 1-4-6-2-5-7-3, we can now begin to fill in the materials from the top down.

Level 1 - frequency 1 - gasses - atoms

Level 2 - frequency 4 - fluids - molecules

Level 3 - frequency 6 - solids - planet structure and tissue structure

At this level we seem to have two different expressions of the same creative force. When we look back at the code of creation it turns out that frequency 6 can develop according to two different combinations: 6-4-2-1-5-3-7 and 6-4-2-1-5-7-3. We also remember that the position in the line determines the "amount" of contribution that a particular frequency delivers to the whole structure. Let's list the two different ways frequency 6 can express itself in matter. The first possibility gives us the following:

6 * 39.56% - sand

4 * 24.45% - water

2 * 15.11% - rock

1 *   9.34% - air

5 *   5.77% - crystals

3 *   3.57% - magma

7 *   2.20% - ore

And then there is another line of expression:

6 * 39.56% - muscle

4 * 24.45% - blood

2 * 15.11% - fat

1 *   9.34% - water/skin

5 *   5.77% - bone

7 *   3.57% - nerve

3 *   2.20% - seed

When the seven individual types of matter from the first expression possibility combine, it creates a planet just like ours. At least when it is fully developed in all of its seven layers it does. When the second types of matter (the tissues) combine it creates a cell. So, the heaviest of energy from the materials created in the layer of the element water, or put differently at the "bottom" of the water, the tissues could appear in an arranged form of a cell. In our day to day terms this would read as "in water (on the sea bed, the river beds, lakes, ponds, etc.) molecular structures combine to form singular cellular organisms".

We now have a fully developed planetary structure, added to which a very new structure, a cell, which has appeared in a very particular place under very particular circumstances. What is happening here?



Frequency 3, containing seed information, has been fully absorbed into matter. It has created gas, water en solid materials. It cannot flow any further as the solid matter has absorbed and "fixed" the energy. When energy is blocked, is stopped in its flow, it doesn't disappear. Blocked energy increases until the built-up pressure is so high it "blows" itself a way out, similar to the Big Bang itself. This burst of energy needs a gateway. The energy will release by setting in motion a resonance wave in an environment that is already there. Frequency 3 is the seed frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum; it is light. At this stage of the development within creation we have three layers: gas (frequency 1), water (frequency 4) and solids (frequency 6). The "seed", the smallest part, of frequency 1 is frequency 7. The same seed frequency we find in frequency 4 and the first development of frequency 6. Here is no frequency connection to create a standing resonance wave. However, the second line of development of frequency 6, the tissues, ends in frequency 3, the universe's seed frequency. This frequency 3, which has the line-up (1-4-6-2-5-7-3) to be organised, energized, as a cell structure will now be "fed", be energized by the universe's seed frequency 3. The cell will receive energy and will start to "grow", to develop. The tissues will grow and will become organised into seven different systems, all being part of a larger structure, the cell. The development of these systems follows the same lay-out, an expression of the same code, as the original tissues themselves.

frequency 1 develops a lymphatic system (water/skin)

frequency 4 develops a circulation system (blood)

frequency 6 develops a feeding system - breathing and digestion system (muscle)

frequency 2 develops a mobility system (fat)

frequency 5 develops a sensory system (bone)

frequency 7 develops a nervous system (nerve)

frequency 3 develops an excretion system - glands (seed)

These systems can all be found within the cell structure itself. From that basic organised structure new larger structures emerge. Again we can follow that development by following the lines the creation code sets out. And we can also see the story unfold as we read the creation story in the bible, where we are told what structures, what organisms, are being created.

Day 1 - heaven and earth - space and gas clouds - frequency 1

Day 2 - water and land - atmosphere and matter - frequency 4

Day 3 - plants - unicellular organisms and plants - frequency 6

Day 4 - egg laying animals – insects, birds, fish, reptiles - frequency 2

Day 5 - mammals - frequency 5

Day 6 - humans - frequency 7

Day 7 - day of rest - frequency 3

The emerging of organisms that finds its origin at the end of the second line of development of frequency 6 is the yang part of the movement of the universal energy. The energy began a journey through space cooling and contracting, resulting in the manifestation of matter by condensing the energy. This became more and more solid, more and more dense, absorbing more and more energy until it no longer had any "internal" space left to store the remaining energy. The energy then finds its way back out through expansion, a yang effect. This energizes the solid matter and "opens” it up. It creates what we call Life.

As cells begin to organise themselves into larger structures called plants the energy flow moves through the seven layers of frequency 6, one after the other, to create seven different types of plant life. In each of those one particular system is developed further and in more detail. The basis of all plant life is about frequency 6 or the feeding system. All plant structures first develop roots to connect - absorb and excrete - with the solid material, the soil (sand, which is also frequency 6!), and leaves to connect - absorb and excrete - with lighter environment, water (frequency 4) and/or air (frequency 1). This is what in animal stages becomes known as the digestive system and the lungs, the breathing system. In fact, this first layer is what all living cells, non-specific in their development, are about. During the growth of the second type of plants we see the development of frequency 4, the circulation (blood) system. These plants are better at distributing food elements and removing waste products. The next type develops frequency 2, the mobility system, followed by plants focussing on the lymphatic and skin system, frequency 1. The next type of plants develop mainly the sensory system, frequency 5, with the next lot building a nervous system and finally a fully developed excretion system which includes a sophisticated system for the excretion of the seed.

Once all of this has been done and the energy of frequency 3 keeps "hitting" on the fully developed plant seed frequency 3 a new organism will form because the plant organism now starts to explode into the next frequency layer, frequency 2, into mobility. The new type of plant with greater mobility loses its attachment to the soil; it can cover distance in its environment be it in water or in air. Now we call these structures animals. Plants release seeds and these new animals release their seed in a more formed, more protected and controlled way, called eggs. Frequency 2 develops over four different generations of egg-laying animals, one after the other.

  • First there is the sequence 2-6-5-4-7-1-3, invertebrates (6, muscle, before 5, bone) with a primitive nervous system (4, circulation, before 7, nervous system).
  • Second line of animals (2-6-5-7-4-1-3) are the invertebrates with a rudimentary central nervous system (7 before 4).
  • Then follows a big structural change (2-5-6-4-7-1-3) to create the vertebrates (5 before 6) with a primitive nervous system (4 before 7).
  • Finally the fully developed larger egg-laying animal emerges (2-5-6-7-4-1-3) as a vertebrate (5 before 6) with a central nervous system (7 before 4).

So over the course of four stages the musculoskeletal system develops giving protection and mobility to the organism like never before. These developments occur as much in water as it does in the air, although the air section gradually starts to put a greater emphasis on the importance of the lungs in relation to the digestive system. The musculoskeletal structure develops to accommodate the changes in digestive and breathing system. Once frequency 2 has been completely expanded, the next layer, the next frequency, begins to expand in more and more detail. Frequency 5 delivers the mammals.

Frequency 5 is mainly the development of the senses. That is what separates the most developed egg-laying animal from the primitive mammal. They are a further growth stage and therefore uses the final design of the previous stage as their basic concept. Hence, the structure of the mammal's mobility system is basically the same as that of the most developed egg-laying animals. This development is seen in water as well as in air but the restrictions of the water environment are now becoming apparent. A greater diversity of mammals is created in an air environment compared with the sea. The diversity of creatures within this group can be related to the seven stages in which the mammals develop their full potential. Again this follows the development of the seven different layers according to the code of frequency 5, which is 5-7-2-6-4-1-3. The information contained within each frequency is the focus of development, one layer at the time. Seven different types of mammals occur depending on which of these seven frequencies is their prominent development and expression focus.

Once mammals have reached their top development, which we recognise to be the chimpanzee (air) and the dolphin (sea), a new creature emerges, fuelled by the progressive flow of frequency 3 from the electromagnetic spectrum through the mammal environment. The human being appears on the scene. His development is an unfolding of frequency 7, a development of the nervous system. This only happens in an air environment. The human development will equally have to move through the seven layers whereby at each stage a particular system gets tuned into the particulars of the main frequency, in this case 7. So, the first difference is a greater involvement of frequency 7 which manifests in a different structure of the nervous system, mainly the “wiring” of the central nervous system. It shows in the ability to think and reason. The next development stage for the newly emerged human creature is frequency 5 as the code for frequency 7 is 7-5-2-6-4-1-3. This is the development of communication skills, which materialises in the expansion of language skills, of reading and writing and everything that comes after that. Next comes frequency 2 which is about mobility and the increased methods people develop to physically move around the world. This too is in full swing, but not yet fully developed. Humans have not mastered the ability to move through space on the strength of their own nervous system. Frequency 6, the development of consciousness, is not yet developed. Humans are very unaware of how their world, nature, really works, of what is truly important in life. As a group we still need to begin that part of our growth process, which indicates that humanity is still far from being moulded in its final format. There is still time for us, children, to grow up.

Maybe understanding how the development of the universe came about and how it progresses helps to contribute in a small manner towards the surfacing of a different nervous system in action.

Maybe from this compact outline more and more details can be extracted to illuminate our understanding of Life in general.

July 2015


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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