How do I Fix Someone's Health?

Patrick Quanten MD

The words in the title are very specific and we need to pay attention to them. There is the "I", as in an individual, being a therapist of some sort. "To fix" is to repair or to make whole again, and "somebody" refers to another person, a person other than myself. And that is basically the key question for all therapists and doctors.

If I wanted to fix something it would make sense that I have some knowledge of whatever it is that is broken. It would help to have knowledge about how something has been built, has been put together. Furthermore, what is the normal function of it? What does it do when it is working properly and how does it do it? I also would benefit from knowing what kind of influences are important with regards to the function and the structure of it. And last but not least, do I have knowledge about influences that can restore things back to normal? So, even when we are talking about human lives these principles should still apply, otherwise nobody should have any confidence in my ability to help others restore their lives back to normal.

Let's then begin with the production. A human being is first and foremost a structure that incorporates a body, a physical mass. How does matter, and therefore also the physical part of a human being, come into existence? Science has proven that all matter is in fact energy and that matter manifests as a result of an energy field that is subjected to increased pressure and/or decreased temperature. This compresses the energy field, makes it contract, which eventually "hardens" the energy so much it solidifies and it becomes matter. Hence, a human being, including the body, is energy. The whole human being consists of a human energy field, at which centre it manifests matter, a body that is a representation of the energies that are prevalent within the field itself, energies that have now contracted into matter. The physical part of the human being is, if you like, condensed, fixed energy. It is "mass-energy" whereby the vibration, the movement of the energy wave, happens, as it were, on the spot, with a very high internal frequency without the wave making much progression through space. The human energy field, that part which is not fixed in matter, moves through space a lot easier and can be seen as the "kinetic energy" of the human being. This movement is, however, restricted in respect of its attachment, its fixation, to the matter, to the body. It is unable to move away from the structure of the body, otherwise the human being would come apart and would die. There is a constant exchange of energy between mass-energy and kinetic energy as matter is being created by the energy field when it is needed, and released back into the realm of non-matter when it is no longer needed. The material part of the human energy field creates a separate and unique entity we call an individual, who possesses a very specific internal structure.

What about the normal function? So, within the individual the material structure is constantly altered through an energy exchange with the kinetic part of the human being. When certain energy parts within the field become "pressurised" or "under cooled" the energy becomes heavier and eventually manifest itself in the body. Hence, the body function and its structure is determined by the non-matter of the human being, by his/her mind.Furthermore, two or more energy fields can interact with one another through what is called interference. When two waves meet each other, a third standing wave, completely different from both parents and yet inherently related to them, is born. However, it is equally possible that both waves simply cross one another without touching, without altering anything about each other. In other words, waves can coexist quite happily in the same space. An example of this are the radio waves. All the radio stations are sending out waves, programmes, at the same time and all those programmes are present in the same room. When you tune your radio to a certain frequency your can pick up one of those programmes without it being interfered with by all the other stations. Change to a different frequency and the same thing will happen. Those frequencies exist together without interference. However, the energy of an electrical storm in the area may give interference on the reception of the radio waves.

We also need to mention here that every energy field, and consequently every mass, is a complex set of frequencies that resonate in harmony. This resonant frequency, the collective sum of all internal frequencies, is its natural equilibrium. It is the point of balance, the point of rest, the form that requires the least energy to maintain. In material terms we recognise those resonant frequencies as stable material objects. The matter is quite easily held together in that particular shape, like a champagne glass for instance. However, when Ella Fitzgerald sings and hits a certain note, creates a certain frequency wave, the glass will shatter. This is because the frequency send out interferes with a subfrequency within the structure (and the energy field) of the glass, making it vibrate way out of its norm, thereby shattering the harmonic, resonant, structure. Interference of waves can therefore alter the function and/or the structure of the energy field and/or the matter.

So, how can this interference happen? The energy field of the individual originates from and is engaged in the total human energy field. The information within this field is much more free flowing as it is not, as an entity, fixed in matter. Only, and this only for very short spaces of time, small parts of that field materialise and are therefore, for that time, fixed. The rest remains free to move. It has, in other words, a high level of kinetic energy. This energy moves through, and possibly interferes with, the more fixed energies of the individuals that are manifesting at that particular time. The energies of the individuals are less flexible as they contain more mass-energy and less kinetic energy. However, information from the human field is being passed on to the individual field and from that field it may, in time, become so "accepted" that it sinks into the matter-energy of the individual. As all mass has a natural resonant frequency there are only two possible effects: either the influence of the outer wave moves the individual closer to his/her equilibrium, harmony, or it disturbs the harmony and starts to break up the resonant frequency. This will result in a more difficult functioning of the structure and the parts of the body and mind of the individual, and eventually the result will be a breaking down of the structure.

How to restore a disturbed function and/or structure? As the disturbance is always a result of interference we need to rebalance the structure and we do that by restoring the resonant frequency. Trying to "move" the physical structure in a particular way is not going to work as it is impossible to know every underlying frequency and its harmony point that makes up the whole structure and keeps it nicely balanced. The only sensible way is to stop or alter the interference so the natural tendency of the energy field to move back to harmony and resonant frequency is allowed to happen. The inner structure of a mass, as we have seen with the champagne glass, is a balance on the inside that is kept in place by non-interfering or supporting outer-energies.

Now let's put all of that together. Every human being is an energy field with a mass, fixed energy, at its centre. It has a unique inner structure which forms a harmonic unity through a resonant frequency that binds all the frequencies in an easy unit. Every human being interact with his/her environment via energetic exchanges. There is, through the fixation into mass-energy, a limit on the disturbances of the individual field that can be tolerated without it failing in its function and later on in its structure. Only the waves in the outer world that "resonate" with the frequencies on the inside will have an interfering effect. In other words, the inner world needs to "recognise" those frequencies, or put differently, the information in the outer field has to "mean" something to the inner world. That way it can disturb the inner frequency and consequently the inner harmony.

If all of that is the case, what can one do?

You can observe the fields and their interference. In other words, watch the inner world, its harmony and its limits, and watch the outer world, its strengths and its information. On top of that you need to watch out for their interference. This means, keep an eye on what the information from the outer world does to the inner world. As the inner world of the person becomes disrupted disharmony occurs, which results in dysfunction and eventually collapse. If you want to change the interference you need to change one of the two fields, so that the energies no longer "meet", or "mean" something to one another. So, the first question is: Can you change your outer world? Is it possible for you to alter your environment? Maybe sometimes you think you can. Well then, please have a go. But be clever and always look at the result of your effort. Does it truly change? Is the change permanent? Very often though you will have to admit you can't really change the outer world. Can you stop the rain, just because you need it to be dry right now? Will it do that for you? If you are not sure, have a go. If you conclude that you can't make the outside world do what you need it to do when you need it to, then the next question is: Can you change the inner world? Can you change what you are doing and what you require? Well actually, you can. Providing you have enough life energy left to terminate a difficult task you can make alterations to the programmes you have been using in your life.

In wanting to stop the interference, we are after stopping the effect we are experiencing when two energy waves collide. Up till now we looked at altering the course of either one of those, but there is still another possibility and that is altering the "sensitivity" of one of the frequencies. In other words, is it possible to stop the incoming information from "meaning" something to the inner world? Can you change the way the outer world affects you? Can you change your response to the frequency in the outer world? Is there a kind of filter in existence which can be used to divert the incoming frequency away? If you alter the meaning the information has your inner system will then respond differently. For instance, if you are no longer afraid that something dreadful might happen when you notice (hear, see, feel) something specific then the occurrence of that something in the outer world can no longer disturb your inner balance, your harmony. You can decide that getting angry at somebody's bad behaviour is not doing you any good, you can alter your response to one of smiling and feeling happy and contented. So that is something you can do for yourself, as are the other actions of changing your inner world or changing your outer world, although someone might be able to help a little with the latter one, as long as you have taken the initiative yourself and as long as you keep directing the other person to what you require. Basically it looks as if you are always in charge, no matter what!

Back to the starting point then. How do I fix somebody's health?

Apparently I don't fix anything; nature does it all itself. It has a natural build-in tendency to restore the resonant frequency, to balance it out, to maintain harmony. As an outsider to someone's life what can I contribute towards this process, if anything? The changes that happen deep within the structure get there by way of increasing pressure and/or decreasing temperature. Increasing pressure and decreasing temperature in the outside world, which were I am in relation to the other person, lead to a more compact structure, more dense tissues. However, decreasing pressure and/or rising temperature will lead to a lighter structure with looser tissues, better flowing fluids, more space, more breathing. It is in this way that therapies, of whatever kind, can be exercise their effect on the balance and health of another person. And only in this way, as that is the way the physical structure is constructed and functions. None of this can have a permanent healing effect as all is overruled by the decisions surrounding the filter the individual operates. What is allowed to enter the structure and what isn't? What meaning does one give to the incoming information? What importance? By lessening the burden of importance we create lightness on the inside. But that is something one can only do for oneself.

As a therapist I do as little as possible!

I encourage individuals to work on fundamentally reorganising their own structure and becoming aware of interferences. Up to a point, change who you are. And don't wait until the structure is breaking down. Become aware of the choice you have to let something affect you or not. Make a conscious decision rather then allowing your unconsciousness to continue in the old way, in the old pattern.


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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