Science of Observation

Ask questions
Don't accept dogmas

by Dr Patrick Quanten MD

I was standing on the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. A fierce wind was blowing straight against the back of the Rock which forced the air up and over the ridge. Where I was standing, I could hardly keep my balance and I was holding on to the railing. Next to me stood a seagull; its feathers ruffled in the storm force wind. We looked at one another and then he spread his wings and without one flap he floated effortlessly into the wind. I repeat: into the wind. My mouth fell open, my heart jumped with excitement and my mind screamed: "Did you see that? How did he do that?"

Years later I am still haunted by that image. For all I know about physics and forces this is a total impossibility; yet it happened. I am sure that it happens every day millions of times, without me observing it, and certainly without the permission of the scientists. So I started gathering more questions; things I do not understand and that don't seem to make sense.

  • Why is it that the higher you go in the atmosphere it doesn't get consistently colder? At four particular points the temperature returns to +4C and beyond the last one, at an altitude of 175km the temperature keeps rising, going up to +1570C.
  • Why is it that in the Northern hemisphere the intensity of solar heat decreases in winter when the earth is closer to the sun? Why is the intensity of sunlight greater in the winter than in the summer?
  • If interstellar space is a near absolute vacuum with a thermal temperature of -270.15C, then how does the heat from the sun ever reach us since heat does not penetrate through an extreme vacuum?
  • Why is water at the poles warmer at the bottom than the at the sea surface? Why is the sunlit surface so icy cold?
  • Why doesn't the warmer (=lighter) water from the bottom of the sea rise upwards?
  • Why are the water temperatures at the equator so warm? Why is it that it gets colder with increasing dept, and why does it get warmer again below the +4C layer, and why does life begin there anew?
  • Why are the skeletons of the creatures living in the deep seas extremely fragile; after all the water pressure at those depths must be enormous? Why do these animals explode when taken to the surface; why are they not crushed by the deep-sea pressure?
  • Why is it so cold at the top of a mountain, nearer to the sun?
  • Why doesn't the earth's warm air rise?
  • Why does the groundwater in walls rise above the surface of the ground? Is there a force, which uplifts the water and pushes or draws it upwards?
  • Why don't wooden posts rot under water, but always above it?
  • Why does the salt content of the sea vary?
  • Why do herrings migrate northwards in the winter?
  • How do salmon effortlessly manage to swim up waterfalls?
  • Why does groundwater frequently spring from high mountain peaks, and how does it get there in the first place as it is supposed to run downwards and sink deep into the ground?
  • When a new epidemic spreads across the country or the globe, how and where does the first virus, bacteria, parasite or whatever come from?
  • Dew drops stand in their millions like tears right on the edge of the tips of the grasses, defying gravity. Only when the drops become increasingly warm do they fall down to earth. I was told that water becomes lighter with increasing temperatures; so why don't they fall down when the dew drops are colder?
  • Why do pastures deteriorate when the grass is cut with mechanised mowers?
  • Why is the temperature of springwater at the point of origin always +4C? Why does springwater never freeze?
  • Why does blood circulate in our blood vessels? In order for the heart to have the power to drive the blood around our system it needs to be as large as a big size living room.
  • Why do the fluids in a chicken's egg circulate without a heart? Where is the heart of a plant, yet its sap circulates throughout the whole plant?

I apologise for this short and totally inadequate list of questions. I suppose I haven't given it enough thought. However, I hope you can see my struggle; the gap between what I have been told, what I have learned on the one side, and observations and deductions on the other side that, given the parameters set by our science, don't make sense. And I have to say that I am no longer impressed by complicated, twisted exceptions to the natural way. Nature has to be working with one simple blueprint, with which all phenomena and all manifestations in all circumstances can be explained. Why is my body temperature below normal when I climb up a mountain, and above normal when I come down? I don't know, but when I do, I know that I have come a lot closer to understanding that blueprint. Ignore the observation or ridicule the observer and you will never find out.

So, let's start with the observation.

According to our way of thinking it is inexplicable why cold water can not accelerate when flowing down an unobstructed slope course into a valley. Likewise, why is cold, heavy groundwater high up in the mountains not sinking into the ground; even worse, why does it rise under certain conditions? Why does a riverbed in the Sahara, which in times of drought is a gigantic flat trough full of gravel, not allow the cold water from a sudden rainstorm to penetrate into the hot earth? As a consequence animals and people have drowned. Why is it that a forest stream flowing rapidly down a steep slope never damages its bed and banks, whilst the same stream exposed to and warmed by direct sunlight immediately begins to destroy its banks and becomes a raging torrent? In cold, fast flowing streams the mosses growing on the streambed and slippery stones show a remarkable behaviour as well. When the water is around +4C, considered to be heavy and more solid, with its flow faster and more torrential, the tips of the moss point upstream. If the water is warmer, therefore lighter and the relative forward movement slower, the same tips point downstream. How can two completely identical objects - such as completely identical pebbles or identical grown and structured timbers - when rubbed together under water produce a clearly visible fiery ray of light? What is it that is burning? Why doesn't the water extinguish the fire?

These observations are either inadequately or not at all explained by the scientific knowledge we have. It becomes clear that there must be some other forces, some other natural phenomena at work which give us a better understanding of how Nature really functions.

When we look at the natural shape of things, we observe a great variety, but one thing is striking: the absence of natural straight lines or circles. All man made structures, like river management or forest re-plantation projects, are littered with straight lines and right angles. All naturally occurring objects and phenomena are curved, part of a vortex. This ranges from the spiral look of galaxies, to elephant tusks, antlers, shells, to the way plants grow, the way a woman walks with a swinging gait, the movement of a fish, and even to the double helix of the DNA. It all whorls around and around in a vortical, cyclical, helical movement. It is as if Nature is trying to show us how it works and we have been either dismissive or have not taken the time to understand the dynamics.

Spiral-vortical motion can be subdivided into two other forms. One movement will start in the centre and rotates its way to the outside, the axial-radial motion; the other one starts at the periphery and rotates inwards towards the centre, the radial-axial motion.

The axial-radial motion is a centrifugal motion, whereby at the centre of the wheel there is no motion but, with increasing distance from the centre, the speed of motion increases as does the tendency towards disintegration. If the rotational velocity of such a centrifugal system is to be maintained at a constant level, then a continual, wasteful and expensive increase in the amount of input energy is required to overcome the resistance, which increases with increasing distance form the centre The greater the speed, the greater the resistance; the greater the urge to slow down. This system also creates discordant noises and it has been shown that the more noise a device makes, the more it operates against the Laws of Nature. This whole system will quickly become less and less efficient. The dispersion of energy is associated with noise or heat, as the case may be. This is typical of our forms of technical movement. The axial-radiant form of motion can thus be described as divergent, decelerating, structure loosening, disintegrating, destructive and friction inducing. If Nature, on the other hand, were to use this form of motion, it would quickly eat away all possible reserves and life would disintegrate very rapidly.

However, all the spiral-vortical motion that naturally occurs is of a radial-axial nature. When Nature moves dynamically the slowest movement occurs at the periphery and the fastest at the centre, as in a tornado or cyclone. The speed increases without increase in resistance. The movement is from the outside inwards with increasing velocity, which acts to cool, to condense, to structure. This is the only way to create, and to generate sustainable power. In the eye of a cyclone there is an upward movement - suction. Suction and pressure are the two forces here interacting, each being the counterpart of the other, the opposite sides of the same coin. General scientific thinking has tried to describe and explain our world in terms of either/or, when they should have observed the constant ebb and flow interaction of opposing forces as the basis of all life.

For every action there is a reaction. Therefore a rapid succession of activating impulses or chain reactions arise, whose characteristic effect solely depends on whether a given mass-motion is initiated by pressure or suction.

A motion triggered by pressure gives rise to reactive, decomposive radiation. Its effect is to increase heat production, which in all machines is commonly referred to as resistance. In motion of this kind, the resistance to motion increases by the square of the centrifugal acceleration of the rotational velocity. This kind of motion impedes growth and development. Moreover all centrifugal systems of motion of masses, where pressure and heat increase, result in the molecular dissociation of the masses. In other words, biological, ecological and economic decline has to occur in those countries where technical methods of mass-motion prevail.

If, on the other hand, movement is triggered by traction or suction, then an increase in power and efficiency results. This is due to the cooling, reactive forces evolving during this dynamic process, which manifest themselves as levitation (suction-effect). For the first time we recognise that, within Nature, there is an opposing force to gravity. This force moves things upward. So, when Newton "discovered" the law of gravity with his famous observation of the apple falling from the tree, instead of asking "Why does the apple fall to the ground?" he should have asked how it got up there in the first place!

Without going into detail we can now begin to see how the constantly evolving interaction between the upwardly-radiant earthly energies and the downwardly-radiating solar ones create life and growth. In winter when there is the highest solar luminosity (more blue and ultraviolet light) and the greatest passivity on earth, with low temperatures and the cold, bright, white, winter sunlight, the vegetation is dormant and much animal life hibernates. At this time reproduction, fertilisation and growth are reduced to a minimum. But in spring and summer, when the angle of the sun's rays increases, the thermal intensity of its radiation rises as the ultraviolet-infrared balance shifts more towards the red end of the spectrum. Both energies - from above and below - come into a state of reciprocal resonance and an expulsion of waste products occurs, which forms the basis of growth. Now a third entity has been created: the offspring of the "marriage" between male and female forces, the opposing forces of Nature.

The same bi-polarity also operates in the realm of the mind, where intuition is to be found in the upper regions and logic in the lower. Similar differences exist between the conscious and unconscious mind, which in most has become so atrophied through one-sided education that the gift of intuition is now limited to a very few.

In Nature there is no dogma. It is only the intellect of humanity that has created it. The only valid law is that of the constant change and transformation of the original form. Energy can only be liberated through the complete collapse and disintegration of an entity. Only by the total breakdown will the energy, essential for further growth, be released. And through this process and because of it, nothing gets lost in Nature, nothing is in vain, nothing is wasted.

In human terms this translates in: "The energy of a person - the mind - is released when the body dies." And, "In order to receive, to grow, one must give. One must let go in order for disintegration to happen, from which all growth stems." - From death arises birth. Further development - growth - is not possible without total disintegration.

Isn't it striking that the Ancient Cultures have always had some description of the interactive workings of opposing forces, very often called male and female (yin/yang)? There was an understanding of the workings of Nature and the essential forces which governed life and death, in general terms growth.

Equally, they all put a lot of emphasis on some form of meditative process, described as a way of drawing one's energies inside. The result of this, as described in ancient scriptures, is an elevation of one's spiritual life, an essential part of becoming a better human being, a more evolved person, having a deeper understanding of the Greater Universe. Here again we observe the radial-axial motion of concentrating energies into the centre of your being. The energies are concentrated in the spinal structure (in yoga referred to as an energy double helix - ida nadis and pingala nadis), which for thousands of years has been taught as the way towards a higher development, increasing health and well-being as well as inside and knowledge.

In order to see what has gone wrong, in simple terms one only has to consider the opposites of Quantity and Quality. Through our contemporary development, through our logical, ideological and philosophical development, we have today come to attach a great deal of importance to quantity at the expense of quality, of greed at the cost of generosity, even to the extent of proffering the philosophy of greed as something totally acceptable morally and ethically. However, it is always the qualities which are the determining factors. In itself quantity is relatively unimportant. In its simplest form it is unformed, amorphous mass - just weight. This quantitative drive has led us into a mass-production mentality. It has also taken us into the mode of reducing diversity and increasing uniformity principally for economic and control purposes. We therefore need urgently to develop a system where the emphasis is far more on the qualitative side, for quality is the differentiator and animator of life.

In our modern world large amounts of unnatural, technical heat, noise, noxious fumes and vapour are dissipated into the atmosphere, while soil and water are subjected to massive doses of poisonous materials. All of this is orchestrated according to mechanistic, centrifugal and therefore destructive ideology which, driven by motives of greed and power, arrogantly upsets the delicate thermal balance and preconditions required for health and vitality of every living thing. Our thinking, principles as well as our material world is build through axial-radial energy. These misguided practices all have a tendency to raise the general level of temperature above the naturally normal, thus bringing about subtle and sometimes lethal changes in cellular as well as psychological function. Cumulatively this has very serious consequences for all those organisms constantly exposed to it. In the process, all the natural conditions for creating and maintaining health are disrupted and the afflicted organism eventually falls victim to disease. With the continued use of present methods it is therefore no wonder that the incidence of cancer and other diseases is rising so quickly. But worse that this they are affecting younger and younger age groups. Acute suffering and previously unheard of ailments are increasing alarmingly and all manner of cures are attempted - surgery, radiation, chemotherapy - and yet no one perceives that it is inherent in the heat-generating and health-debilitating systems of technology, forestry, land and water resources management that we have contrived and with which we have managed to debase all life. Similarly, our society structures and philosophies suffer through the continual exposure to destructive, heating energies.

Also in our approach to health issues the focus should firmly be on quality. Unfortunately, the health advice we are given is all quantities; how much fat, proteins and carbohydrates we should eat; the daily requirements of vitamins, minerals and trace elements; how much water we should drink; how much exercise we should take; and so on. Furthermore, we all are advised exactly the same. There are no allowances made for the fact that no two people are the same. That no two people are in the same situation, that circumstances - internal as well as external - change all the time, etc. Our state of health is measured with uniform standards. We should all have the same cholesterol level, blood sugar level, blood pressure, pulse rate, height/weight distribution; and again, this should be the same at all times.

"A man is what he eats" has always been true, and not more so than today. The higher the quality of food he eats, the more noble the products (thoughts) of the energies created in the digestive system. The quality of what you eat, determines the quality of your thoughts; something else Ancient Cultures have always known and taught. And again, it has nothing to do with the quantity that you eat. The fact is that when consuming high quality foods, one eats very little due to the high energy content of the food. It is therefore to be understood that the lower the quality of food, the greater the need to increase the quantity. This is exactly what has happened in the Western world when the mass production of food was predicted to reduce starvation significantly, even in the near future, to eradicate it from the surface of the earth. Regrettably, the opposite has occurred; the world's population is starving more now, due to the greater consumption of food in the West, the global decline of food productivity and the ever increasing crop failures as a result of ignorant cultivation techniques and changes in global conditions caused by deforestation on a massive scale.

The quality of food relates to the concentration of pure energies in their natural balance. Many experiments have shown that the actual type of soil is immaterial and that good quality food can be produced even in wholly sandy soils, or even without any soil at all with the aid of high-grade nutrients. Reference to the general climatic conditions also offers no solid grounds for success or failure and we are therefore confronted by the humbling realisation that the degeneration of soil-produce is simply due to ignorance of those processes so crucial to growth.

What is quality? How is it determined?

As we have seen every "product" arises from the cyclic flow of interacting upward and downward moving energies, male and female. The resonance that occurs between these two major influences is responsible for the creating of the "offspring"; how pure and powerful it will be, or how poor and degenerate. This is the quality of your product, be it an inanimate object or plant, animal or human. The more interference with this natural creative process we create, the weaker or more distorted the "offspring"; the lower the quality. Human efforts using destructive, heating, centrifugal forces, as it has done up to now, can never improve Nature's quality. Your water, your milk, your food and drink, your air, your forests, your cattle, your cooking utensils, your kitchen equipment, your heating systems, your transport systems, your communication systems, all start to lose quality from the moment humans interfere; not better, a lot worse!

If you are looking for evidence for the fact that good or bad growth solely depends on the "soil", on the quality of the coming together of two opposing forces, then look no further than Antoine Béchamps in the middle of the nineteenth century. He demonstrated at the Universities of Montpellier and the Sorbonne that cells and germs were not the smallest individual living organisms. They themselves are made up of infinitely smaller living things, which he called "microzymes". The physical characteristics and vital activities of cells and germs depend upon the soil in which their microzymes feed, grow and multiply. Microzymes growing in the soil of procreative germ plasm, develop into normal, permanent, specialised cells of the living vegetable, animal or human organism. The same microzymes feeding on morbid materials and systematic poisons develop into bacteria. Thus, "infections" - the development of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi - occur as a direct result of a putrefying environment: in human terms, your body. If the body is fed with energetically right food, i.e. food of a high quality, then illness and disease can not occur. That's where and how these "infective agents" arise; they do not fall out of the sky into our unfortunate laps!

Unless we urgently start learning Nature's way, there is only total devastation before us. How long can we carry on kidding ourselves that mass-produced magic bullets - whether drugs, supplements or genetically modified foods - are going to save us? How long will we be advocating a uniform approach to life and its problems, before Earth is totally devoid of all life force?

The sad truth is, that if you are unsure of what to do, how to change in order to get it right, all you need to do is exactly the opposite to what you are doing now or to what Western society tells you to do. The way out of this mess, is a hundred-and-eighty degree turn! Sad, but true.

Let's turn around before it is too late.
Let's turn it around.

Observe, ask questions, and look for answers. Please don't continue to swallow the manipulated and well-massaged "truth" authorities throw at you constantly under the banner of "if you repeat it often enough, it will become true". It is not because a majority of people believe something to be true, that it is.

Refuse to co-operate. Satisfy your right to know - your right to make your own decision - your right to be different.

It is that difference that will ensure the future.

September 2001


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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