Torsion Waves

By Patrick Quanten MD

If we are going to expand our minds and learn a lot more about how this world fits together and operates, we are going to have to make ourselves familiar with some of the concepts our scientists are working with. These people have long passed spending their time and energy on the material stuff. They concentrate on energetic fields, waves and oscillations now in the knowledge that that is where matter originates from.

Once we fully understand how matter is made from energy we will be a lot further in our comprehension of what things influence our life and health, and how it is done. It now appears as if we will not be able to fully understand the beginning of matter until we make ourselves familiar with the concept of torsion waves, amongst other things.

Around 1900 Nikola Tesla was the first to experiment with two spiral shaped wires. He fed these with alternating currents in exact opposite phase, which made the net result a nil electromagnetic field, the zero field. Even though the two opposite electromagnetic fields eliminated each other, Tesla managed to demonstrate that these spiralled wires were capable of sending energy over very long distances. He discovered a totally new form of energy. Incredibly, these waves did not lose any energy when carried over a distance, as we see happening with normal electromagnetic waves. Over extremely long distances there seemed to be no loss of significant energy at all!

Almost forgotten, similar observations were made by the Russian astrophysicist Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev in the fifties. During the cold war his studies were kept a secret but since the fall of the Berlin Wall the information started to filter through into the West. In the Soviet Union, however, there are thousands of academics researching the initial discoveries of Kozyrev and the new form of energy.

This new energy is not an electromagnetic energy, nor is it related to gravity. This new form of energy is a spiralling, non-hertz-like, electromagnetic wave that travels through the ether at speeds of 109 times the speed of light. Because of the spiralling aspect of the wave it is known as the torsion wave. These waves are called non-hertz-like because they do not correspond to the classical theory of Hertz and Maxwell describing the behaviour of waves. According to independent researcher David Wilcock the torsion wave follows the path of a perfect phi-spiral.

The phi-spiral originates from the golden rectangle, which is built on the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio, designated by the Greek letter phi, is the length of a line when it is divided into two, whereby the longest part relates to the total length as the smallest part does to the longest. Or in mathematical terms, A+B divided by A equals A divided by B. This ratio is expressed as phi. The golden rectangle, whereby the longer side A relates to the shorter side B as phi, can be used to create a spiral, the Golden Spiral. Starting with the golden rectangle one can create a second golden rectangle making A the shorter side and A+B the longer side. Place this rectangle square onto the first. Now keep repeating this process, and by drawing a line through the corners of the rectangles a spiral appears, which continues endlessly from the centre outwards, spiralling larger and larger. This is the phi-spiral, because it is based on the golden ratio.

Einstein and Dr Eli Cartan predicted the existence of static torsion fields in 1931. Torsion fields never received much attention in physics until Koryzev discovered their true existence.

Tom Bearden discovered that the fundamental wave within the electromagnetic wave was a torsion wave. This is the wave that remains when two opposing electromagnetic fields interfere and cancel out each other's electrical and magnetic field components. The result is a longitudinal wave that vibrates in the same direction in which it travels; thus far, an unknown phenomena.

It now appears that torsion waves play an important role to explain our physical reality. Even though they are very weak, they can be measured by using very sensitive torsion balancing equipment as they exercise minute forces on material substances. Kozyrev was the first to develop those instruments.

Torsion waves are static as well as dynamic. Static torsion waves can take on the shape of vortices, as seen in implosion. These static torsion waves can be present for a very long time at a certain position within the special vacuum. Kozyrev also discovered that torsion waves can travel through space at fantastic speeds, up to 109 the speed of light.

He noticed that all physical objects can absorb as well as emit torsion waves. By shaking physical objects, by vibrating them, by altering them, through heating or cooling, they generate measurable torsion waves. Even displacing an object generates a torsion wave that can be measured. Every movement, whether it is the vibrations of an atom or the orbit time of our planets, leaves its mark on the ether in the form of torsion waves.

During the spinning of gyroscopes Kozyrev discovered the remarkable phenomenon that they lost small but measurable amounts of weight. The same occurred with objects that were shaken badly. This is, from our classical physics point of view of course, total nonsense. When we believe that matter is made up out of little hard balls (atoms), then this observation would be a real mystery. Kozyrev showed, however, that the gyroscopes during the shaking or spinning lose some of the etheric energy, that has created the material gyroscopes, to its environment, the etheric background. It is this temporarily loss of etheric energy that is responsible for the weightloss of the object.

Another 'impossibility by the physics laws according to Newton' in relation to torsion waves was brought to us by Bruce De Palma. He catapulted two identical steel balls with the same speed and at the same angle into the air. The only difference between the two balls was that one of them spun at the speed of 27,000 rotations per minute and the other didn't. The spinning ball reached much greater heights than the non-spinning one. The spinning ball generated torsion waves that slightly reduced the weight of the ball, which allowed it to get much higher.

Kozyrev also discovered that stars emanate torsion wave-like energy and he postulated that this was the result of the spinning of the stars. By observing the star with a special telescope that could measure torsion waves, he noticed that the star generated torsion waves from a location that should be the true location of the star. The position indicated by the light coming from the star showed the position of the star of many years ago, since light from that star has taken many light years to reach us. This then indicated that torsion waves must indeed travel at unbelievable speeds. He even noticed that torsion waves could be measured at a future location of the star! This would indicate that the speed at which torsion waves travel, breaks the time barrier and is displaced into the future.

Since earth also sends out torsion waves and because these are stronger at the poles, Kozyrev's experiments are dependent upon geographic location. He also noticed that the effects could only be measured during the coldest periods of the year. In the summer intensive torsion waves from the sun interfered with those of the experiments. Our sun is the largest generator of torsion waves in the solar system.

Torsion waves emanate from all matter and all atoms are in fact torsion wave generators.

The in opposite directions rotating spiralling electromagnetic phi-waves of the implosion physics of Daniel Winter, spiralling towards the nucleus of the atom, nullify the components of these electromagnetic waves, which result in a torsion wave. The spiralling towards the zero point of the electromagnetic vortex creates the following effects:

  • It collects infinite amount of energy from the implosion of the waves towards ever decreasing wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength the greater the energy the spiralling wave holds.
  • The spinning field of electromagnetic energy also collects inertia or resistance. The greater the spin, the more inertia that is being collected.

When we closely look at these effects, we can then understand why matter and energy are exchangeable in Einstein's famous equation E=m x c2 and exactly what it is that gives matter its density and solidity. Matter is a condensed form of accumulated energy and internally there exist properties of inertia that will give it its mass. In reality, mass is not a solid structure. Mass is an illusion of a solid thing. This illusion is maintained because of the collected inertia within the waves. We have always believed that inertia was an inherent property of mass, but it now turns out to be the other way around: the collected inertia in a certain area of space from a spinning electromagnetic field creates an effect that we observe as mass.

Static torsion waves in the form of vortices in the ether and the spiralling torsion waves that spread with supraluminal speeds are receiving more and more attention in the western scientific community. Some predict that torsion waves are the missing link in the search for Einstein's unification theory. It appears that electromagnetism, gravity and torsion waves all belong to the same family; they are all part of ether vibrations.

The most amazing fact that could indicate that the unification theory is not that far away anymore is that Kozyrev discovered that human thoughts and feelings also generated torsion waves. He measured torsion waves as a direct result of sudden changes in emotional status. He, in fact, proved that consciousness relates to ether vibrations.

Torsion waves could well be the natural explanation for telepathy, the power to read thoughts. And since torsion waves influence matter, it could also explain psychokinesis, the power to change physical object through the use of thought.

In 1984 Dankachov showed that static torsion waves could also be memorised in water. Water turns out to be a good medium to store static torsion fields. The late Jacques Beneviste proved extensively that water had the ability to remember the composition of the chemical substances it had once carried. Homeopathy uses this knowledge in the making and transferring of information (the remedy) to the patient. These characteristics can also be transferred from one bottle of water to the next by simply placing the two bottles together. The torsion field of the first bottle will be introduced into the second in this way.

Professor Dr David Schweitzer as well as Dr Masaru Emoto have managed to photograph this memory effect of water. The imprinting of the human intention within the water and ice crystals it forms shows the fact that water captures the human thoughts and emotions. The torsion waves that have been created by human intention are simply 'picked up' and memorised by the water. In an invisible way is through this process the structure of the water changed. Dr Emoto showed that after the freezing of the water these changes manifested themselves in a visible form within the ice crystals.

With 'Sound Energy Research' they create torsion field imprinting in water by using the technology of torsion waves. They treat distilled water with torsion waves. The result is structured water, which has been studied by Dr Emoto. The ice crystals formed perfect hexagonal structured ice crystals. Once again this is indirect proof that consciousness and torsion waves are related.

Maybe these newly discovered type of waves hold the key to understanding more of the world we live in. They certainly seem to be the basis of the formation of matter and the way the material world is changed constantly. The other very interesting feature is that we now, for the first time, have proof of how thoughts can change the physicality of our living world. Prior to this discovery we could only show that thoughts and emotions did influence our lives; now we know it.

January 2009


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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