Why Me?

Science and Spirituality as inevitable bed partnersBookWM

by Dr Patrick Quanten & Erik Bualda

Bringing together serious information from opposite angles - ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, science and religion - and looking for similarities between them we have managed to discover a way to join it all together. It is possible to explain and comprehend the creation of matter, the functioning of the universe and the evolution according to one developing code. Lots of research and decades of puzzling small pieces together has given us a pattern to view all of life with that we would like to share with you.

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                  ISBN-NUMMER : 9789082785418

E-book number: ISBN-NUMMER : 9789082785425


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Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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