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Ear Candling Conference

November 18 - 19, 2006

The first-ever Ear Candling Conference took place in Reepham near Norwich. The humble, and much vilified, little candle has managed to pull speakers from Switzerland, Canada, United States of America and Belgium together in one place, prepared to share their thoughts and research data with the world.

Ear candling is no longer regarded as an "ear cleansing" tool as it has become very obvious that there is no suction element to the candle's function, nor is there a heating up of the ear canal. Ear candling is a simple, but extremely effective, energetic tool to influence health in a positive way. The noted effects stretch over millennia and across the whole world, covering most great cultures this small planet has ever known.

Jili Hamilton, the author of the first book ever written about ear candling, told the delegates how her path in life was totally changed by ear candling. She recounted many fascinating stories surrounding ear candling that she has come across in her search for more information. She also led us through the difficulties that someone encounters who is writing a book about a subject no one knows anything about.

M Harmony PhD shared her search result looking into verifiable ear candling data. She researched what constitutes a safe and healthy candle as well as the origins of ear candling and the ancient practices that have lead to ear candling. She caused controversy when she stated that the Hopi Native American tribe has been stunned by the revelation that they were supposed to have lent their name to the most famous ear candle in the world. Michelle said she had spent a lot of time with the Hopi's to find out that the Hopis have never used ear candles and have never heard of it.

Greg Webb is a Touch for Health tutor and examiner in his homeland Canada and combined with his passion for ear candling he has collated an incredible amount of data regarding the specific effects and pathways in which the body responds to ear candling. He showed how not only the lymphatic drainage improves, but also how the immune system is strengthened, the endocrine system enhanced, and the central nervous system is empowered. He shared his thoughts on how the energetic input is transferred via the chakra system, the meridian and the nervous system into the physical aspects of life.

Patrick Quanten concentrated on explaining in simple terms some relevant facts of quantum physics and new biology. All matter is energy condensed and all cells "listen" to everything that is going on in their environment. The combination of these allow the energetic influence of ear candling to be felt throughout the whole body, both via a direct influence on the cells and via the overall information distributed through the nervous network. He also showed that in free burning open candles only white smoke appeared at the bottom of the candle. The matter found inside the candles after burning only occurs by compressing the smoke. He suggested a relationship between what was found inside the burned candle and the changes made in the auric field of the person being candled.

Plenty of questions are still left open. Opinions still differ, but the delegates have agreed to continue to gather data and to share their knowledge and experience. To this effect it was suggested to set up a separate website dedicated to verifiable information on ear candling and a place where people could share their questions and experiences with each other. It was generally felt that the time has come to tell the truth about ear candling and to ensure that it becomes a safe and self-regulated therapy with therapists who uphold serious professional values.

Stephen Fullick
Patrick Quanten

Aura Changes through Ear Candling

by Patrick Quanten MD

In our physical material world the idea that sticking a candle in your ear and lighting it might be good for your health is as ludicrous as putting used teabags on your swollen eyes or rubbing warts with a cucumber. No matter how hard we try, we never seem quite capable of squeezing the healing effects people experience into a satisfactory explanation box. Ear candling certainly falls into that category. Western explanations have been transparent in their inadequacies and generously obvious in their shortfalls. And yet, we persist in ignoring the relevant questions because we instinctively know that the answers will be disappointing.

All around us we can feel the walls of our lives, the safeguards of our world, closing in on us. Beliefs that we have taken for granted for so long are crumbling under the pressure. We are struggling to maintain some form of dignity within the boundaries we have put on our world. The sense of "there must be more", of "what is there beyond?" is coming through loud and clear. From behind the fence that is supposed to keep the dangerous and uninhabitable world out of our hair we are receiving signals that there may exist things that are actually an undistinguishable part of our world, rather than the alien frightening stuff we have been led to believe. A growing sense amongst people that life goes beyond the fence, that our own life stretches much further, is beginning to venture out of our known reality. The Truth is out there.

Ancient knowledge is merging with modern science and technology. Proof that our being takes up a lot more space than the limits set by our skin is ample and undeniable. What once was a fantasy of some white-haired, long-bearded wacko in sandals has now become the stuff of serious, middle class, ordinary men and women. Guess what, we all have auras. We all have an energy field that extends way beyond the boundaries of the physical body. We can visualise it. We can photograph it. We can "read" it.


Looking at a person as an energetic being, and there are people who can literally do this, we see moving fluid-like entities and waves of light and colours. Around the body we can identify seven main layers that are clearly defined and that are connected to the spine of the body by means of seven diabolos with one half turning in front of the body and one half at the back. These are called chakras, named by the ancient Eastern cultures since they have been known to humans for several thousands of years. Furthermore there is a vertical pulsating stream of energy moving up the spinal cord, connecting these seven chakras and moving energy through the "spine" of our being. The combination of these structures results in an egg-shaped cocoon around the physical body in which these energies interact and work. From this safe cocoon structure the person's energies reach out to its environment and to other living creatures.

Each layer of the aura is connected to the physical body by those two cone shaped chakras. Each layer has its own chakra to connect the energy layer to the body, and each subsequent overlying layer penetrates each layer beneath it, with its chakras extending through the lower layers making the connection with the physical body. So, every layer penetrates the lower one including the physical body and every subsequent layer has a higher vibrational level. The chakras, bringing energy from the various layers of the aura, the energy body, to the spine of the physical body, are layer specific and are entering the physical body at seven specific places. The lowest aura level is connected to the base of the spine, with the subsequent layers entering at higher points.

Every layer has been identified to be different in its appearance and its function. The three lower levels relate to the physical, whilst the three upper levels relate to the spiritual. It is through the fourth level, the middle layer, the astral body, that the energies from the upper levels are being transformed into energies of the physical life. It has to be understood that not all energies that are present in the upper levels will be expressed in the physical, but when they do, it is through the fourth layer and the heart chakra that it is made possible.

The physical body expresses consciousness through instinct, reflexes and the automatic functioning of the internal organs. Each layer of the energetic body plays a very specific part in the expression of our consciousness and contributes the very specific aspects that combine together to form the person we are and the experiences we have.

  1. Etheric Body (between 0.5 - 5cm)
    This is composed of fine energetic lines connected together like a web, glowing like light beams of varying colours from light blue to grey. It is here that we are aware of sensations such as pleasure or pain, hunger and cold.
  2. Emotional Body (between 2.5 - 7.5cm)
    This layer has a much more fluidy feel and look to it. Coloured clouds of a very fine substance are in a continual flowing movement. It varies from clear and bright to more darker and muddier shades. Here we find the energies that reflect reactions such as fear, anger and love. The clearer these feelings are, the more powerful they are, the brighter the colours.
  3. Mental Body (between 7 - 20cm)
    This layer consists of even finer substances. Bright yellow light extends beyond the head and shoulders and encapsulates the whole body. This layer contains the energies of our rational thoughts; it is the level of the logical, analytical mind.
  4. Astral Body (between 15 - 30cm)
    It is amorphous and consists of colour clouds that are more beautiful than the ones from the emotional body. The colours are the same but with a lot more shade of pink, the colour of love. Here we experience our deeper feelings towards others, not just the self, but the whole of humanity. Concentration is the most important thing at this level; it allows us to move from place to place and to change direction in our lives.
  5. Causal-Etheric Body (between 45 - 60cm)
    This looks very much like a photographic negative. It has transparent lines on a cobalt blue background. This is the place of the higher will. It makes things happen through the power of word and definition.
  6. Universal Love Body (between 60 - 80cm)
    This layer is filled with exquisite pulsating light. It has a pastel tint with a shine of silver and gold. It sparkles like an opal. Here our universal feeling of love for all things resides.
  7. Causal-Mental Body (between 75 - 100cm)
    This layer is composed of very fine gold-silver threads that are extremely strong and are keeping the whole aura together. It is egg-shaped with the narrow end around the feet and wide around the head. Its outer shell is about 0.5 to 1 cm thick and proves to be though to penetrate. It protects the energy field from anything wanting to enter it. This is the seat of the higher ideas of knowledge and belief.

This does not come from a science fiction book; this is serious modern science proving ancient old knowledge. These fields have been recorded and studied for many years now by extremely highly regarded researchers studying human fields and energies. These are now facts, although this knowledge is struggling to penetrate our daily lives, being held back by our current belief system, imposed by the current powers and authorities. However, the fact that this knowledge is uncomfortable for the reigning authorities does not make it less real.

We now know that the creative impulse starts at the spiritual level (three outer layers), which shapes and influences the harmonic resonance of the astral body (central energy body. From here it gets passed on to the lower levels, where it is being prepared so the physical body can adopt the frequency of the physical reality (three lower layers). In other words, a creative impulse starts at the spiritual level, provokes large powerful feelings in the astral body, which in turn creates thoughts and feelings and physical manifestations in the physical reality, to which the physical body will react via the autonomic nervous system. The physical body, in all its manifestations, is a direct expression of a thought!

Disease Process

In order to understand how we get ill, we will now need to consider how this thought gets manifested in a physical form and how the creation of ill-health might occur during this manifestation process.

The initial creative process in the outer layers of the aura collides with and bounces of an energy blockage or a malformation within the aura. These malformations are remnants of past life experiences, which have shaped the current energy field the way it is. Nothing your energetic being has ever learned and experienced will ever get lost. It will be remembered and it can and will be changed by subsequent happenings, but it never simply disappears. Energy has no end and no beginning; it always has been and always will be. The only thing that will happen is that it changes, and it does that constantly.

Energy blockages may have been created as a result of more recent experiences or they may have been there much longer. These blockages relate to our belief system. If we experience, in our early years of the incarnation, that the giving of love is linked to becoming hurt and being in pain, our energy field will arrange itself in such a way that the pathway to openly and freely give love to all others is going to be blocked or at least littered with obstacles. Most of the time we are not conscious of these blockages as to us it appears as if we have very good "reasons" for our behaviour, which, of course, is a direct result of, an expression of, the situation in our energy field.

When the initial creative impulse thus gets twisted or distorted on its way through the densification of the various layers of the aura, it will retain that deviation. It will shape itself according to the pathway it has been forced to take. A malformation in the upper layer relates to misformed convictions such as "I am better", "I am stronger", "I am holier", or more general ones like "Love hurts" or "People are bad".

As these convictions move downwards we can follow its evolution through the various layers. In the Universal Love Body we may notice dark areas of condensed energy with few exchanges, or it may manifest itself as a generalised diminished power. In the Causal-Etheric Body these areas of high density and low energy are emphasised, and in the Astral Body this imbalance, caused by the misinformed convictions, becomes polarised as it comes into contact with the Self. Here the general "idea" becomes personal, and starts to shape how the "I" is.

In the Mental Body the impact of the conviction on the Self is becoming emphasised and becomes internalised within the processes of how this individual functions. A mental dichotomy has now been created between the fundamental knowledge, the Universal Truth, and the misformed truth, a result of the disharmonic energy field the creative energetic process has moved through. A power struggle ensues within the mental processes of the person, which causes an impasse as far as free energy flow is concerned. In other words, the person is creating un-integrated thoughts, and at some point during this experience the person may well become aware of these conflicting thoughts and thinking processes. More frequently it becomes obvious to his or her surroundings that some of the actions or reasoning is strange. One might even become aware of certain hang-ups people struggle with.

In the Emotional Body this dichotomy of thought creates fear and anger. Every irrational fear we are aware of, and all irrational fears we cover up with excuses, are direct expressions of the fight that is going on within our energy field between what we know and what we believe we know. This irrational fear more often than not becomes blocked. It becomes an immovable energy blob. The physical expression of this is seen as increasingly large areas of dark congested sticky masses within the emotional body.

In the Etheric Body they express themselves as distorted or confusing energy lines. These are the direct information lines to the living cells of the physical body. As the information the cells are receiving is no longer streamlined, it will create a malfunctioning at the cellular level within the physical body. Now you have a physical ailment.

A diseased energy system is less finely tuned to the physical sensations it is supposed to pick up from its environment. Being "in tune" with that environment is essential for a peaceful and harmonious life. If not, it will lead to a mal-perception of the information about the needs of the physical body. You no longer know what your body requires. This may lead to bad eating habits, which in turn will aggravate the existing energetic imbalance. Every disturbance at a lower level is transferred to an upper level and causes even further malfunctioning as the diseased upper level is no longer capable of rectifying and streamlining the disturbed energy. It is simply confused as to what is right and what is not! The experiences at the lower levels of our being reinforces the misformed beliefs and empowers the battle within. Very often it isn't until both opposing camps have gathered so much strength that a crisis has become unavoidable. Here the ultimate warning signs are serious health problems, which no longer allow you to pretend that all is well. It is here that you will make the ultimate choice between the two truths in your life. A true choice of life and death.

A diseased aura leads to a diseased chakra function, which leads to a diseased physical body.

Just a quick word about the most common symptom we humans experience, pain. Pain, whether this is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, is a build-in mechanism that warns us that something needs correcting. It is the warning light that tells us we are deviating away from our path to health and freedom. Switching off the warning light because it annoys us is not a clever way if we aspire to become healthy. Treating the symptom of pain is taking away our early warning signal and it should not surprise us that we completely get lost thereafter.

Now we know that illness starts with the idea, the belief, that somehow we are separate, we are different, from the whole. This separation between what we know to be the Universal Truth and the truth we have created separately is what lies beneath all illnesses.

Ear Candling

What the hell has all of that to do with sticking a candle in your ear and lighting it?

Good question. But as I expand beyond my physical body I might want to know what is going on in there. I might just be interested in the changes that are happening "around me". Maybe these changes are not just happening around me, but are more accurately happening "within me"?

In other writings available on this same website you can gather information about the effects ear candling has on our system. You can also learn that efforts of finding a satisfactory explanation within the physical reality of our lives for the noted effects of ear candling have failed miserably, in spite of most of the Western world stubbornly adhering to some crooked version of it. A bit of observation and logical thinking has brought us so far as to understand that the changes that are made by ear candling can only be explained by accepting that their basis must lie within our energy field. Here is your chance of understanding it even better.

First of all, it is interesting to note that all major candle suppliers use candles of a height varying between 18 and 25 cm. Why is this interesting? Because that way they all reach into the astral body! And what does the astral body stand for? It metabolises love energy and concentrates deeper feelings for the whole of humanity onto the Self. This is the pivotal place where the whole you meets your convictions. Here your beliefs become personal.

All very nice, but what has a burning candle to do with who I am or what I believe? Who you are, what you believe, we now know to be energetic entities with very specific qualities to the energy field that is creating you and your belief system. We also know that a burning flame produces heat and that heat has specific energetic qualities of its own. Energetic fields always interact with each other and it seems logical to suppose that if we place one inside the other that the first one will have a profound impact on the latter. What is more, from empirical observation we know that burning ear candles in your ear profoundly changes your physical reality. And now we know that that physical reality is determined by the energy field in which the candles are being burned. One influences the other? You bet it does!

The main qualities of fire we need to concentrate on are the heat it disperses, the dryness it brings about, and the lightness it turns everything into. It warms, it dries, and it lightens. When you burn coal or wood, or anything else for that matter, you create heat, you dry out the surroundings in which you do the burning, and you end up with dust where once heavy coal or wood existed. When heated-up fluids become lighter they flow smoother and easier. Eventually the fluid becomes so light it turns into gas and the container which held the fluid becomes dry.

Within our energy field the energy blockages and malformations are described as dense, heavy, sluggish. The energy becomes more stagnant, less mobile. There is a disturbance of the free flow of energy, which distorts the flow and causes disturbances within the pathways and energy lines. It is these distorted energy lines that eventually manifest themselves in the physical body as malfunctions, which the medical profession call diseases.

The fire we light directly within the astral and the mental bodies of our being must have a huge impact on the energy distributions within those fields. One can imagine that the impact will even be greater the more disturbances there are. If there are no serious densities or malformations within the field, then the fire will deliver more heat, more energy, more power; it will also bring more dryness, which will be welcomed if the system is damp but will be shunned if the system is already being a bit too dry; and it will bring lightness, which will be helpful if the system is too heavy, but otherwise it will cause the energy field to move up to a higher vibrational level. As we have seen, each higher, extended, level of our being vibrates at a higher frequency. Each level of higher frequency relates to moving away from the physical, through the emotional and mental, to higher spiritual levels. The higher vibrational frequencies relate to higher spiritual living. Native American Indians, where ear candling was rediscovered, traditionally have used ear candling in spiritual ceremonies to "enlighten" people, to open them up to a higher spiritual level.

So, the fire of the ear candle will give the person, including his physical body, more energy, will make it drier and lighter. On an energetic level, this means that the heavy dense energy clouds will lighten up and move more freely. It means that the blockages within the field become less of a hindrance and become more penetrable, which results in fewer distortions of energy lines. This, as seen, results in less distortions of the messages delivered to the cells of the physical body. This means that, on a physical level, all symptoms of coldness, dampness and heaviness will disappear. Think of all kinds of congestion from ear, nose and sinuses to throat and lungs, but also of heart, liver and kidneys. Think of weeping conditions such as open infections and boils, but also emotional heartache. Think of heavy bodies as well as heavy hearts and heavy heads. Think of low energy people, of high energy demands. And always remember what the qualities of fire are, and that you can't be selective about the qualities you want to select from the fire: you will always get them all. This means that you may want to increase general energy levels in a person who is already too dry, in which case you will need to increase the oiliness of the person before he/she will be able to accept and absorb the heat of the fire without having to protect him/herself from getting burned. Don' t fight body dryness with water; in our moderate climactic conditions and modern life styles and belief systems, the culprit for the dryness is mostly lack of natural oils. Fire and water don't help each other, oil and fire do. You can't burn and water at the same time; you either wet, or you dry. It's very different with oil. That is also why we put oil on our skin when we are exposed to strong and prolonged sunshine, not water. (See "Fat-Mistake Rectified")

The huge impact ear candling has on the aura, the energy field of the human being, is why we experience the magical healing effects from this ancient method. It changes the substance that is responsible for making the physical body appear the way it does, and by doing so it repairs faults and discordances at the planning stage. This explains why there cannot be a physical reason for the changes reported after ear candling. The search for an explanation as to "where the mucus congestion has gone to?" or "what has happened to all the stuff that was stuck in my nose?" has now come to an end. The question is as irrelevant as asking, "where has the cold air gone to after the open fire has warmed the room?" The answer is simply: "Nowhere". It has just changed into something else. How? Because the field that created the congestion and the mucus has now been changed to a drier template and this new template is now being expressed, rather than the wet one we were operating from before.

Ear candling reaches the very core of our physical reality.

Ear candling impacts the template that creates your personal reality.

Ear candling is as honest as the Universal Truth, to which it is connected by virtue of the flame it carries at its top.

May 2005


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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