Catching a Disease

by Dr Patrick Quanten MD

"Have you heard? There is a bug going around!" A typical statement to indicate that an infectious disease is amongst people, dreaded by those that "catch everything going". An enemy to be reckoned with is about to enter your life. Be aware. Take care. Prevention is the catch-word! And yet, all our prevention doesn't seem to have made a real impact on our fears of being "caught out". Why is that? If you know what to do to prevent a disease and you have the means to stop or shortcut the disease, then why do you still need to be afraid? Could it be that neither, prevention or cure, is working, and that we, deep down, know this? We use antibiotics to cure infectious diseases but we are faced with a fast rising resistance against all antibiotics we have developed. We use vaccination to protect us and our children, but we are furious when someone decides not to vaccinate their child, because now the unvaccinated "threatens" the welfare of the entire group. How can that be if the vaccinated ones are definitely protected?

In the last three decades we have seen a worrying steep rise in obesity. More people than ever before, and more children then ever before, are carrying a serious amount of extra weight. This has, according to the medical profession, serious consequences with regard to their health and longevity. Despite three decades of publicity, of hard campaigning to raise awareness, the problem has only been growing. Despite three decades of serious treatment based on reduction diets (calories, fats, sugars) and on intensive movement training the results are definitely heading the wrong way. Some experts are talking about obesity taking on epidemic proportions. This term links the disease to a mode of "catching" it. Indeed, you might have caught it from your mother and grandmother; or you may catch it by eating the wrong foods. This concept is, in principle, no different from the concept that you might catch an infectious disease by eating infected food or drinking infected water.

Nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's are spreading rapidly. Again we hear the reference to something that is being passed on from person to person or from the environment of a person to that person. Medical talk, these days, is full of finger pointing towards an outside cause that would explain why you got ill; the more of that stuff you are surrounded with, the greater the chance you might get it too. Parents or grandparents with certain cancers and consequently your chances increase dramatically. Parents and grandparents with cardiovascular problems and consequently your chances increase dramatically. Parents and grandparents with allergies and consequently your chances increase dramatically. Parents and grandparents with dementia and consequently your chances increase dramatically. Almost daily you hear new diseases being added to this list. It's either in your genes, or you are very likely to end up the same. "Just because"! If it is in your environment you are likely to catch it.

Catching a disease from your outside means that whatever is going to make you ill has to come in from the outside. It has to somehow enter your body, moves around until it finds its perfect spot and then it has to start the destructive process without any interference from your body. Or, to be more descriptive, the bug has to get past all the defences that secure your body's internal affairs from too much outside interference and it has to find a way of entering the body "unseen". Then it has to jump into the bloodstream, the fastest way to travel there (a bug has a natural lifespan; it wouldn't want to waste time!), and it will randomly float around wherever the stream is taking it. In the meantime every few seconds a police patrol (lymphocytes) is passing by but the bug somehow remains unseen. When it arrives at its final destination – specific bugs have specific infection sites inside the body – it sets up camp and it starts multiplying. Of course, for this to happen it needs the neighbouring cells to completely ignore the newcomers on the estate. Then the bug begins its destruction process, killing cells rapidly, and still the tissue is not sounding the alarm, nor is it putting up a fight. And that is, in principle, how an infection can occur when the reason for the infection comes from outside the body. Amazing, isn't it? Almost unbelievable that the body with its intrinsic immune system manages to completely ignore the foreign invasion at all levels! What the hell do I have an immune system for then?

Luckily you don't have to panic. We now know the infection doesn't. come from outside I say "now", but actually we have known this for nearly two centuries! In Louis Pasteur's time, the great advocator of the theory that says that an infectious disease is caused by the invasion of the body by an outside germ, scientists, biologists and microbiologists alike, had already determined that there was no invasion at all. They taught that an infectious process was started by the cells of the body themselves. In large numbers these cells become diseased resulting in a rapid en mass decay of the tissue. From inside this cellular debris, and specific for the kind of debris the tissues produce, germs are being created, feeding on the debris and clearing it away. Antoine Béchamps, most respected in his day for the excellence of his research, determined that, for an infectious disease, the soil is everything and the germ is nothing. He also concluded that the germs, occurring later during the process, are the result not the cause of the disease. Since that time, many scientists have independently arrived at the same conclusions, whereby Gaston Naessens (middle of the last century) finally demonstrated the full cycle of development, which undisputedly shows how all known bacterial and fungal families manifest one arising from the previous state and itself changing into the next group as the food of cellular debris alters due to the influence of the previous group of germs. In this way, all types of waste from the decaying tissue structure can be cleared away. If all these things are scientific facts, then why is it that in our schools and in our medical systems we continue to be afraid for "outside attacks"?

What is necessary to ensure a large group of living entities to all pull together and to all move in the same direction at the same time? Answer: give them a common enemy! If they all feel threatened by the same outside danger, they will huddle together and ask for protection and guidance from their leaders. Who is leading the dance here? The experts of course! In this case we are talking about the medical profession, self-proclaimed experts on diseases (Note: they don't proclaim to be experts on health!). Who do we expect to give us protection? The doctor and his bag of tricks. Who is in the position to know the enemy and to give us warning and to tell us what to do? The doctor and his bag of tricks. All we know about the enemy we are facing is what the medical profession tells us about the enemy. Nobody outside the profession has been in a position to spy on the enemy in order to get to extract more facts about him. The odd person who has done so can, of course, not be taken seriously because he is not an expert; he doesn't get expert status by telling different tales about the enemy, or if he already has expert status, if he is a doctor, he gets struck of their list and overnight becomes an imbecile. Louis Pasteur not only failed to convince the experts of his day of the theory of an enemy attack coming in from the outside, but he also incited fury amongst the scientists because of his perpetual very poor standard of experimenting and his fantasy conclusion making, way beyond the realm of the experiment itself. However, Louis Pasteur did manage to convince investors in new technology and chemistry. Together, they turned out stories of successes; they conjured up statistics; they set up experiments to prove whatever it was they required proof of. The marriage-à-trois was born: medical profession (authority), industry and media.

The structure is, today, essentially unchanged. What disturbs me the most in this is the fact that the individual is only a means to an end, and that the end is profit, not health. How different could it be if there is no outside enemy and all germs arise from within the diseased tissue itself?

If there is no environmental threat then we wouldn't need protection against it.
If there is no environmental threat then we would not need experts to keep us informed about it.
If every infectious disease is an expression of an internal disease process then germs become our friends and the disease process becomes an individual affair. Every infection, regardless of the kind of germ that we can find within the debris, becomes a particular and individual process. That means that there is no overall cure; that the individual is the only person who is capable of altering the way he/she functions and thereby changing the way the debris occurs.
But is something like this at all possible?

Albert Einstein proved that all matter in fact is energy. Everything in the entire universe is energy, and matter is a compressed expression of that energy. Any alterations in the matter can only be explained by changes within the balance of the energetic field from which the matter springs. This means that for almost a century we have known that matter is not important and that matter can certainly never give us answers about changes from health to disease we experience. Why aren't we teaching this and why are we persisting with the view that chemical interference is both the cause and the cure of diseases?

Furthermore, since the mid-eighties scientists have proven that our emotions are being "translated" into molecules, into physical structure, into matter. This underpins what Einstein taught us, but has it encouraged the authorities to open their doors for different concepts and facts? No, not at all! Did it make a difference when New Biology in the nineties proved that every cell of the body communicates with the outside world via vibrations, frequencies and waves, not via contact with chemicals? No, not at all! Authorities not only do not want to know, they multiplied their effort of convincing people of the opposite. Huge advertising campaigns via the media, via television programmes (reality tv as well as fictional stories), via radio and magazine stories ensure that their story still rules the masses. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Simply put. For nearly two hundred years scientists have proven that germs are a result of the disease, not the cause, and that they arise from within the diseased tissue. For nearly a hundred years scientists have proven that all matter is energy and that the way it is made and the way it functions is determined by the energetic field from which the matter arises. For thirty years scientists have proven that all cells produce their own matter in response to energetic stimuli from their environment, not from contact with other matter in their environment. So what?

From the ruins of excellent research, destroyed by time and authority, money and profit, arises a simply truth. Disease is a personal matter; it is a personal imbalance between the person's inside world and his/her outside world. When the tension between these two forces becomes too great to bear, the physical matter can no longer be expressed in the same way; it changes away from what it was and how it used to function. Now the person is diseased. If the local tissues can no longer clear the debris by itself, germs arise from the debris in order to help the clearing up process. Very often, at the same time the body starts a burning process to "burn off" waste material (fever, inflammation). Whether or not an individual responds to the environment by allowing the tension to build and build is an individual matter. Hence, a lot of people may respond in a similar way to an outside situation at more or less the same time, thereby producing a similar extra tension in similar places within the energy field and the matter. Hence, they become ill in a similar way at the same time. But not everybody will join in. In every epidemic, no matter how bad or widespread they are, there have always been and there always will be survivors. This is due to the fact that these people do not "engage" with the particular vibrations of their environment. In other words, the world leaves them stone cold! Well, at least in that particular way, on this specific issue, at this specific time. The "stronger" a person is the less likely it is he/she is going to get ill. Strength here is not measured in terms of blood pressure, fitness, breathing capacity or any other medical test; it is simply measured by the ease with which the person can distance him/herself from potentially strong and disturbing environmental influences. The focus turns inwardly, towards the Self, not towards what the outside world might want or need. The person is not afraid of the environment he/she lives in. There is harmony between the inner person and the environment of the person.

And that is how different a world that would be! Now there is no need for me to be afraid, and there is no outside influence that will make me ill, unless I allow it to disturb my own balance. Now there is no need for statistics and risk assessment. Now there is no need for a war. Now there is no need for weapons and secret intelligence. I am the one who knows best, and I am the one who remains in charge of my own life. What others do becomes irrelevant to my health balance!

Now all that matters is me and what I would like to do with my life. All that matters is how I need to live my life. All that matters is what is important to me, not to anyone else. All that matter is that I am in charge of my own health. All that matter is I.

Catch a disease if you will.
Or learn about your own disease and become your own Medicine Man: expert on the subject of you.

July 2012

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Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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