Create a Healthy Body

by Patrick Quanten MD

The search for what constitutes happiness and health in our lives and in our bodies continues. We talk a lot about how we must accept responsibility for our own lives and how only balancing all aspects of life will generate health and harmonious living but answering the question how we do this, remains a bit of enigma. For some, the answers are understandable; for others they mean very little. How we actually achieve this balance and how we deal with the struggles we encounter within our bodies, are the main issues that form obstacles on our path to fulfil our quest to reach total peace and harmony.

I believe that we need to know a lot more about the tissues that constitute our body and how they function and integrate before we can offer people a workable plan of how to go about achieving this goal. The key lies in understanding the tissues themselves.

We have already established that we are energetic beings and that the body is a 'condensation', an expression, of the energies that we really are. From the ancient scriptures we know that the tissues are formed layer by layer, from the most subtle to the most dense, and that all these layers together give a physical picture of the energies that are behind them. It stands to reason to think that we will need all of those tissues to be harmonious, not just within themselves but also in relation to each other, before we can speak of an harmonious, and thus stable and happy, being. We know that the tissues are formed in a particular order in which juices/plasma appear first, then blood, then muscle, then fat, followed by bone, bone marrow/nervous tissue and finally the sexual tissue. All of these need to vibrate in frequencies that form harmonies with each other in order for calm, peace and health to occur. So what is it that each tissue needs to be able to contribute to the symphonic masterpiece that is your individual health?

Juices special function is Prinana, a word that means nourishment but is derived from a root that signifies romantic love. It is called 'romantic love' because it is really a waltz of two separate existences – you and the outside world, the environment – that are trying to become sufficiently intimate with one another to unite together. The ancient texts list many symptoms that develop when Juices are disturbed. The most important are 'lack of faith' and 'lack of taste'.

Lack of faith develops from lack of self-confidence. It shows a lack of faith in yourself, in others, or both, depending on whether your Life Force concludes that its failure to be nourished derived from its own insufficiency or from the malicious intervention of some outside party. This means that you might come into this incarnation with an innate sense of low-self esteem or, more likely, that your very first experiences in the womb are showing you that you are not worth anything.

Lack of taste has a twin meaning. Physiologically it indicates a lack of desire for nourishment. Psychologically, lack of taste means lack of interest in living, lack of flavour for the things of life. Unable to get excited about anything, the afflicted individual moves about in a perpetual funk. This is a form of lovesickness: bereft of the love object, the lover moves about in a fog, unable to derive satisfaction from normal pursuits.
As each tissue helps to nourish and develop the tissues that follow, it is already clear that the disharmony that the first physical tissue that a human is made off has a huge impact on the whole being.

Blood produces 'invigoration', that rush of vitality that makes us feel the full vibrancy of life. When Juices are not well-digested, Blood is insufficiently produced and a waste product is at this stage overproduced. This waste product is hot, intense influence, just like Blood, but it cannot perform Blood's function of invigoration. This waste product can only heat up the organism, resulting in increased anger and jealousy. "Hot-blooded lovers" have ample Juices for romance and lust, but they have too much heat in their blood; their violence is a manifestation of this heat energy, as it exists after scorching the individual.

An imbalance in the Blood tissue shows up as an angry, aggressive and jealous person who easily 'boils over'. The body will be consumed with heat and tissues will easily infect.

Flesh provides a preliminary barrier between the 'you' of your organism and the 'not-you' of the external world. Your muscle fibres are like bricks and stones in your body's fortifications against attack from without; they provide a sense of security. Flesh feels naked and defenceless, uncovered to the world, open to external influences. Body builders who run away from all other human pursuits in order to magnify their muscles are often insecure individuals who use those muscles to insulate themselves from the need to interact substantively with anyone on the outside.

The more one has to defend oneself against the outside world the harder this tissue will become. Tension in muscular tissue reflects the insecurity of the person with regard to his/her safety within the environment. There is a great tendency to be unable to cope with the pressures from outside as well experiencing all outer influences as being dangerous and threatening.

Fat helps to maintain the body's internal temperature. Fat insulates us to hold heat in. A human whose fat is insufficient is perpetually physically and emotionally cold, lacking the thermal insulation that Fat provides. The coldness makes the individual seek increased physical and mental nourishment, without much concern for the means used, to nourish Fat and achieve the warm, satisfying love it can give.

Extreme overabundance of Fat is characteristic of those people who despair of locating a bonded love relationship with another human and turn to the solace that Fat can provide. Such warm-hearted people simply lack that loving life-partner or that stable family situation which could act as an object for the affection. The satisfaction an obese individual feels in being fat is real and perceptible. The affection for the security blanket the fat provides must be directed at other objects, perhaps externally to community service activities, or internally to spiritual development. Obesity is neither a simple psychological problem nor a simple problem of nutrition. It is a problem of psychological nutrition.

A problem with this tissue reflects either the lack of self-love, the inability to keep oneself warm and comfortable (insufficient fat), or the inability to share the personal warmth with the environment for fear of 'losing' it (obesity).

Bone stands for support and makes it possible for us to move in the world. Without our bony skeletons we would lie limply in puddles on the floor like jellyfish. The bones and joints are closely connected with the mind's ability to express itself, because capability for expression is a function of ability to move. Bone is 'supportive' as well as 'supporting'; it allows us to project our own identity out into the world, grow and project ourselves from the interior out into the exterior.

The previous four tissues are connected solely with our internal health and are quite external to our most vital body organs. Bone marks a shift in emphasis. Bone allows us to stand up for ourselves and take our place in the world. Weak Bone reduces the support of the Life Force for her external projection. Healthy Bone allows the Life force to concrete her personality and establish firm personal parameters. Bone shows the environment that we are and who we are.

Bone marrow is 'filling'. Healthy Marrow prevents emptiness of mind. It acts as an energy-storage medium, something like a computer memory bank: a pool of passive, available power. Here, all our experiences are logged and stored. This means that when the nervous tissue is affected the issue is affecting us deep into our being. Bone marrow is prone to inadequate nutrition, even if the rest of the body is healthy. Some empty-Marrow individuals can project their personalities into the world and influence others with great ease. They are forceful and persuasive, but there is no substance to their projection. It is all so much 'hot air'. These people seem very rational but they tend to go round and round in 'logical' circles without ever connecting to their true self. We might say that they live in their heads but that they are not truly connected to their hearts.

The function of Sexual Tissue is creation and creativity. It can be used for procreation, which is the production of children, or it can be used for the production of artistic or intellectual creations. It is the clay which creativity shapes into forms.

Weak Sexual Fluids mean weak creativity. Affected individuals may have it all; they may be gratified, invigorated, secure and loved, may be able to project themselves cogently and coherently into their environment, and may have plenty to offer, but without strong Sexual Fluids they will be unable to consummate any productive arrangement or exert any lasting effect on the flow of events. A child is a lasting effect; so is a new corporation, a sheaf of music, or an amended law. Sexual Fluids control an individual's ability to make a mark on the slate of the world.

In order for us to understand the effects of imbalances within the physical tissues and to interpret these effects so we can figure out what is required to nurture it back to health, it is essential that we don't forget that we are not necessarily talking about the macroscopic tissues we observe in our bodies. These tissues are the basic formation of all physical reality and therefore every cell contains these tissues in the same form as the gross body displays them. This has been confirmed by biologists in so far that we now know that every cell has a skeleton, lung tissue, muscles, fat, circulation and every other organ, gland and function the whole body has. Hence, all diseases must actually show in every minute part of the whole as it, eventually, will in the whole itself. First the tissues show signs of imbalances, then the individual cells, then maybe the organ, and at long last the body.

Health can then be described as the combination of harmoniously functioning, vibrating, tissue within the whole organism. The stable frequencies of every tissue must harmoniously vibrate together to form a larger being that is healthy and stable. Every disturbance within one of the tissues will necessarily have its impact on the peaceful flowing of energies in other tissues. In balance, in health, all play their individual scores perfectly and the overall sound is one that pleases the ear. It is perfect harmony. It is symphonic bliss.
So how can we help these tissues to be happy?

Juices are still very much a moving tissue and they are everywhere inside the body. You could say that they are still very close to being energetic and are not very tangible. This makes it difficult to work with these in a physical and robust way. Here we would encourage you to check your thoughts and feelings and the consequences they may have on the functioning of other tissues. Reducing negative thoughts, especially relating to self-image and self-worth, is an essential part in being healthy. Spending a lot of time in a natural environment, where your system can coordinate its vibrations with nature, from which it is a product, is health enhancing and tissue stabilising.

Blood problems will show themselves both in our temper and in the physicality of boils and recurrent infections. To reduce the imbalance within this tissue we must calm ourselves down and reduce our fiery interaction with the outside world. Literally, cooling ourselves down through the use of coldness on our skin as well as in our food and drink will significantly help to balance this tissue. If on the other hand you are permanently cold inside, you must warm up in a similar way in order to help your system regain a healthy balance.

Muscles tend to become stiff and hard. They show the pressure the system is under. This also shows itself in high blood pressure, which is a result of the increased pressure in the muscular wall of the blood vessels. Reducing the pressure in the muscles through the use of deep tissue massage, heat, regular stretching will allow the tissue to regain a better functional level. If the problem is lack of pressure in the muscles then the person displays a weak personality as well as the physical restrictions of movement and strength. This can be changed by deep tissue massage and regularly exercising the muscles to build up strength and stamina.

Fat can be lacking or abundant. Lacking fat tissue requires regular, nourishing, heavier foods. Make sure that these can be well absorbed by the digestive system, which is helped through the use of herbs and warmth. Excess of fat needs reduction, which can be achieved through fasting followed by dietary habits centred around less food, lighter foods and more help with the proper absorption of food through the use of herbs and warmth.

Bone strength depends on movement. That is its function and if we don't use it, we'll lose it. There is no substitute for the lack of physical movement. There is also no excuse. Everybody can, in principle, move. If you can't, your system will not live very long anymore. Moving in balance, with vigour and determination, enhances health. Too much or too vigorous exercising will decrease the strength of the bone tissue and will weaken your health. Natural movements every day is what the body and mind requires, not sport or intensive gym work.

Nervous Tissue is very difficult to rebalance. Once the disease, the imbalance, has affected the database of our system where everything is logged, it becomes very difficult to commit to health, to remain focussed on routines. In order to nurture nervous tissue back to health the person needs to recognise the old programmes which have been used (unconsciously) to bring him/her to this state and within the person there needs to be a willingness to rewrite them. Not an easy task, but still doable when the insight comes early enough in the degeneration of the nervous tissue. Once the function has been corrupted badly the task, from within, appears almost impossible.

Sexual Tissue, which is even deeper than the nervous tissue, is also almost an impossibility to nurture back to health once disease has set into the tissues. Here it is essential that, in terms of health and the extended happiness of the person, the emphasis lies on the function of the tissue in relation to the health balance of the person, not on procreation. For this, we need to nourish the tissue through gentle stimulation, with love and affection, but without reaching orgasm. Through orgasm the build-up energies are lost and can no longer be used to nourish the tissues and the person. The function of the orgasm is to create the ideal environment for new life to begin, fuelled by the fiercest of life-giving forces. What is required here though is the awakening of a similar sexual force but without spilling the energy it creates. Sexual stimulation with as its sole purpose to enhance the flow of energy through the tissues in order for them to be allowed to heal. This, generally, requires a very loving, supporting and understanding environment, but sadly this is almost always part of the problem.

Through our understanding of the formation of the tissues (see 'Nourishment and Formation of Tissues') and the knowledge of the principles that form matter out of energy we now have a picture of how general disease in the body occurs. From an energetic imbalance this becomes denser and denser as it moves towards the physicality of the body. Here it manifests first of all in the Juice Tissue before it reaches the Blood Tissue. By the way, your doctor will not be able to detect this imbalance in the Blood Tissue when he does a blood test! As the imbalance sinks deeper and deeper into more and more dense tissues, it gets better and better established within the body, affecting more and more parts, eventually making the whole body ill.

On the other hand, we have here a model that shows us that certain energies such as 'how to express oneself' or 'how to protect oneself' specifically show up in certain tissues. However, we have to be careful with interpretation because, as we have already pointed out, these tissues are in essence present in all organs and cells of the body. In this respect are interpretations gross oversimplifications of the influences and the expressions of these influences.

Instead of speculating what this or that physical manifestation stands for in the energy field, we could just concentrate on the physical body and attempt to rebalance the tissues. By working diligently with the various symptoms, which are expressions of the current balance of energies, we can establish a healthier relationship between the tissues, resulting in a more efficient energy flow. By improving the body balance significantly the energy balance changes too, and it is through this change that we might become aware of the underlying energetic major influences of the problem. By working backwards as it were, we do not need to speculate on the cause of the imbalance – as it probably is the result of many different things coming together anyway – but we just need to observe the effect of the change for the better. People so often insist that they know the cause before they can do anything about the problem, but this, in life, is not realistic.

Every moment in life is the expression of a unique combination of influences. It never is caused by any one of them. Hence, the medical authorities consistent failure to prove any linear link between any disease and any singular cause mentioned! So we can never know the cause of a disease. On top of that, even if we did know he cause, then we still need to change the present in order to improve the situation. Much easier and less energy wasting is to start with what is. All you now need to establish is what state the tissues are in. Is a person hot or cold? Is there a lot of tension in the muscles? Is there enough movement in the joints? Do people live in rigid structures? Simple observation and simple investigation will give us extremely important information about what needs to be done. Improve that situation and life itself improves.

There you have it: in case you didn't already know, life is simple. Anyone can do it!

April 2009


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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