Who am I?

Confusion reigns in the Land of Ignorance

Patrick Quanten

Humanity is completely confused. I honestly don’t think we can be much more lost in life then we currently are. And since the rest of nature is not showing any signs of confusion I have to assume that the reason for humanity’s confusion must be found within its own ranks. We can both excavate and expose the layer of humanity from which this confusion springs or we can concentrate on giving people a map to find their own way back to reality. I have no need to find someone to blame. And on the other hand, whether or not an individual pulls himself out of the darkness or not also is beyond my reach. I can only share my own non-confusion with whomever is willing to take it on board.

How deeply confused can humanity become, when it looks at a penis and believes it is a badly formed vagina, in need of repair? If we are confused over what is male and what is female then we are staring into the abyss of the most fundamental division in nature. The first split that ever happened is the split between yin and yang, between contraction and expansion, and it is this split that creates movement, the very power that drives the entire creation. And now we are saying we don’t know what male and female means. We say that there must be lots of alternatives. We, human beings, are saying that, but since when is what a human being says the truth?

Maybe it will help if we examine nature properly and see what it shows us.

All through the creation we see this split between contraction, compactness, on the one hand and expansion, airy and dispersed on the other. Within living creatures we have named this split female and male, because of the distinct differences that can be noted between a female example and a male example of a species. The differences can be found in their physical appearance as well as in their mental makeup. This is true for all living species and up until now humanity has never had a problem with this. Why should it as it is the same throughout nature?

And yet, both these groups harbour a great variety of individuals, a variety that can be seen in the physical as well as in the mental makeup of individual specimens. This too is a normal natural setting. How does it come about and what does it mean?

Humanity, filled with an ‘infinite’ number of individuals, covers a spectrum of frequencies within the field of creation. In a similar way that the visible light spectrum covers a spectrum of frequencies within the universal spectrum. Just as with the visible light – in nature, all is the same – the human spectrum knows several fundamentally different types of human beings (seven to be precise). Those categories of the expression of human life together cover the entire spectrum, which means that there are people, within each of the various groups, that are very different from what in general terms can be described as the characteristics of the group itself. Not all parts of the yellow spectrum are as yellow as what we think off when we talk about yellow. At the two furthest ends of the yellow spectrum there are parts that, although they have enough to be part of the yellow section, they also have distinctly different properties. It is this that makes up the entire spectrum.

Within each group of human beings there is a female and a male contingent. Again splitting the human form into two layers. And once again, the female and the male aspects cover an entire spectrum of possibilities. Females have certain characteristics that are easily distinguishable from male characteristics. However, not all females are the same and not all males are the same. So within both there is an entire spectrum to cover all possibilities and this spectrum includes the differences on a physical and a mental level. There does not exist ‘a prototype’ of either.

What does this spectrum truly entail? It covers the range of how much female (yin) and how much male (yang) an individual is in every aspect of life. The physical manifestation shows in which category the individual expression belongs, but that still leaves an entire range of possibilities of mental expressions. Every human being is a manifestation of a human energy field. It is, one could say, a fixed form of the possibilities that are available within that field, both physical (yin) and mental (yang). Once you ‘fix’ the energy, you capture it and you hold it in a very narrow band of frequencies, a tiny portion of the entire spectrum of possibilities from which to create a human being. So, for an individual, the female expression of the human being is a range of possible manifestations within the female range of the entire spectrum, resulting in the physical manifestation, and in the same way the mental aspects of a female human being are being expressed. The mental aspects also cover a range of possibilities which reaches from very feminine mental aspects to much more male aspects. So to give a few examples what that might entail, we could point out the following ‘types’ of female expressions. You could have a physically very female form with a totally female mental state, or you could have a very female physical form with a behavioural pattern more likely to be found in males. The latter will be expressed in a more male way of thinking, feeling and acting. You could also have a physically less obvious female form with a totally female mental state, behaving, thinking and feeling very much like one would expect from a female, or you could have a lesser physical female form with a behavioural pattern more likely to be found in males. And everything in between. All of these forms are aspects of normal. None of this is abnormal, weird or special.

In nature, the entire spectrum is covered and manifested. This is necessary for evolution to take place. It also allows the species to evolve, to adapt to changing circumstances as the world around them evolves too. As each speck on the entire human spectrum is necessary and as no speck, no single manifestation, has more value than any other there is no hierarchy within the human race. No speck is more important than any other, as far as nature is concerned. They each have a role to play. They each have a purpose in life.

When humanity decides that a certain type of human being has more value than another they ignore the reality of creation. When people believe that a certain race has more value than other races it is their division, not natures. It is not because certain groups of people have different characteristics compared with others that these characteristics have a greater value in human life. It is simply that we are choosing to value them more. It is not because I need more time to cover a 40km distance than a man who originates from Africa that he has more value in life than I have. It is not because some people are academically more skilled that they have more value in life. People may decide to value specific aspects more than other aspects but all aspects are needed in life and are therefore equally valid, as humanity cannot do without any of them.

A female expression of a human being who has a totally female mental state does not have more value in life than the female expression with a male mental state. They are different but equally part of the female expression. Humanity, consequently, should not value one over the other, even though it acknowledges the difference. Equally, there is no need to ‘upgrade’ a specific part of the spectrum within society. There is no need to hand out special privileges to specific groups. All society needs to do is to recognise the differences and the fact that not every human being is created to occupy every spot within the human structure. Specific characteristics make certain people better suited to certain positions in life than others. This covers the entire spectrum. All humanity needs to do to value each individual for the characteristics they bring to life, to society. Value the individual, which does not mean try and make them equal. Because they are not the same. They are not equal. They are all different, and they need to be different. Humanity needs to accept every individual for the specific combination of what he or she represents from within the entire spectrum. We need to appreciate the person, not any specific characteristics of that person.

Equally, the individual has to accept the specific aspects of the spectrum that are fixed within that specific system. You are who you are. Being unhappy with who you are is showing a rejection of the aspects you manifest. When you are a female physical manifestation with, what is generally seen as, a male mental state, then that is the package you need to live with. You may not like the shape of your big toe, the way your liver functions, that your eye sight is different from others, that your interests in life are different, that your physical shape and capabilities alter when you get older, but they are all an intrinsic part of who you are. Trying to bring the physical in line with what you believe it should be is not going to enrich your life. It is diverting attention from your reality. Every aspect of the manifestation, physical as well as mental, is an essential part of who you are. And why is this acceptance so important?

Life is about learning. It is about finding ways to live. Humanity needs to gather all possible information about how to live, in all possible circumstances. People who are born with what we call ‘abnormalities’ have to learn to live with them. They adapt. They find ways to do things that I can’t even begin to imagine. Why do they do that? Wouldn’t it be more righteous ‘to demand’ equal rights and opportunities? Reshape their physical form so it can function just the way other human beings function? It turns out that that is an impossibility. And no matter how developed our technology becomes, it will remain an impossibility. This is even more obvious when we talk about mental 'abnormalities' or disabilities. All of these are nothing more than parts of the entire human spectrum. And humanity needs to cover all those aspects in order to gather the experiences, in order to be able to evolve as a species. That is why we all have disabilities. If we were perfect human beings the human species would have no further need to learn, to evolve.

Learning your personal lessons in life begins with the acceptance of who you are. Through your experiences in life you will begin to get an even better understanding of who you are, if you accept that you came into this life with certain qualities and lacking other qualities. We all have disabilities. We all have shortcomings. And these may lead you to wish it was different but the reality is that they are what they are. Accepting that you have been given these specific characteristics in order to have a very specific life, with very specific experiences, allows you look for ways to live, given these circumstances. That is how we learn.

During our formative years it is imperative that we are supported in who we are, not in what we like to be. If one leg is shorter than the other, that is part of who you are. If you don’t like the shape of your body, that is part of who you are. Children need to be guided to learn to see the value of who they are, to know that it is perfectly normal to be different, that all those differences all can lead valuable lives. No child should ever be supported in the idea that unless we can change some aspects of that specific expression, the child is doomed to have a miserable or even an impossible life.

Formative years mean years in which to form, to create, a base on which the child can build its life. If the base tells the child that it needs fundamental corrections then the child will build on that belief. It will start life looking to correct whatever it deems to be not right. It tells the child it has the power to override nature, which it hasn’t. It tells the child that whatever it believes to be true is absolutely true, which is nonsense.

Humans need to accept and value the differences amongst them. Each human being has qualities that needs to be valued, in the first place by themselves and then by others. There is no equality within the human spectrum because of the great differences we encounter within that spectrum. However, each life has a fundamental right to be lived, even though not every community is able to sustain all possible lives. Each life has a fundamental right to be lived, but each life has to learn where the limitations of each community lie. A community needs to accommodate an individual life as long as it doesn’t disrupt the entire community. No community should be forced to accommodate an individual life, and every individual life should learn how it can adapt itself to be part of the community it wants to live in. The individual learns from such interaction as well as the entire community. Limitations, both within the individual and within the community, need to be recognized and respected. Don’t forget that the individual has a right to live, but the community has an equal right to maintain itself. Demanding to be accommodated for, whether it is the individual or the community doing the demanding, is a recipe for disaster, as a forced and coerced merger can only last for as long as the force is large enough to keep them together. At some point in the future they will come to blows as there is no harmony, no peace, within them being together. The only merger between a specific community and a specific individual that makes sense is one that delivers mutual benefits.

Learn who you are, rather than picking what you would like to be from a catalogue.

Learn to create a life based on who you are, rather than on who you would like to be.

Learn to bring your mental expression in line, in harmony, with your physical expression.

Find yourself through the observation and study of the Self. Only by finding yourself will you be able to find peace in your life. Leading a harmonious life can only be done when you know who you are and what your place in the spectrum of life is.


January 2023


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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