Fertile Ground

by Patrick Quanten MD

To me, disease and illness in humans seems no different from the same occurrences in plants. And equally our Western response to them has been the same. We believe that the cause of all disease lies outside the organism, that there has been an invasion by a bug, a parasite or a fungus; the cure is to kill the invader.

Nor in human life or in plant life has this approach improved our health ratings. After an initial "hooray"-period, we are confronted with problems that are a direct result of our disease approach, such as superbugs, new infections, and disastrous side-effects of the killing methods used. The policy of killing everything doesn't seem to be working very well, and nature is fighting back with far more power than we had anticipated.

Reluctantly, we are starting to admit that being healthy may have a great deal to do with eating the right foods. However, what we mean by "right foods" is not universally agreed upon, and what is "right" in the first place, is another entirely different matter. Nature takes very little notice of what our Food Industry considers to be right, however. Nature is right, always. Nature knows no dogmas. It only knows the law of perpetual change.

While the Industry and its scientists are busy establishing the ingredients and concentrations of every part in every morsel we eat, Nature is busy producing "live" foods. Our scientists seem to be ignoring some crucial observations in their quest to establish what is "good" for us.

  • Many experiments have shown that the actual type of soil is immaterial and that good quality food can be produced even in wholly sandy soils, or even without any soil at all with the aid of a solution of high-grade nutrients.
  • Good quality produce have also been grown in almost all of the climactic conditions known to man.
  • Artificial fertilisers have depleted, not enriched, the soil, to such a degree that it will take decades for the regeneration process to be effective.
  • The best biological fare is produced by amateurs, who do not use any artificial means. It is interesting to see the Industry trying hard to root out these people under the guise of Public Health.

Maybe the key question is to establish what healthy food contains that is lacking in unhealthy food. As a matter of fact, what is it that makes food "healthy"?

In previous discussions we have found this answer to be Life. (See Healthy Food) But, what exactly constitutes Life?

What is "Life"?

The dictionary doesn't get us very far but it is always worth taking note:
Life is the state or quality that distinguishes living beings or organisms from dead ones and from inorganic matter, characterised chiefly by metabolism, growth, and the ability to reproduce and respond to stimuli.

It is immediately evident that the definition of Life can only be given in relation to death - and consequently death, in relation to Life. That actually does not give us a workable description, in the same way that health is not the absence of illness.

Interestingly enough, the definition does include the ability to reproduce, which means that most genetically modified food by definition is not healthy as the ability to reproduce is one of the characteristics that has been lost in the process. Simple examples we find in seedless grapes and seedless satsumas and oranges. A lot of GM crops such as corn, maize and soy suffer similar drawbacks, as do a huge number of "made up" flowers. The fact that these plants cannot reproduce is of no significance to the Food Industry, as long they have an advantage from a marketing point of view.

The material conception of the nature of life looks upon life with all its physical, mental and psychical phenomena as manifestations of the electric, magnetic and physiochemical activities of the physical material elements. From this viewpoint, life is a sort of "spontaneous combustion", or a succession of fermentations or chemical changes.

However, all things in nature, from a fleeting thought or emotion to the hardest piece of diamond or platinum, are modes of motion or vibration. Until a few years ago physical science assumed that an atom was the smallest imaginable part of a given element of matter. Now we have good reason to believe that there is no such thing as solid matter, as the atom contains more space than anything else, and that the atom is not, by a long stretch, the smallest particle in the universe. Over two thousand years ago Pythagoras taught that all matter was made up of three elements: a primordial substance, motion, and number. It is interesting to note that up-to-date modern science appears to verify the teachings of this ancient philosopher.

If Life is vibration, then "live-food" is food with a vibrational energy. Does organically grown food possess this live energy? What does "organic" mean? - Back to the dictionary.
Organic is, 1. of, relating to, or derived from living plants and animals. 2. of or relating to animal or plant constituents or products having a carbon basis. 3. of or relating to one or more organs of a plant or animal. 4. of, relating to, or belonging to the class of chemical compounds that are formed from carbon..... 8. of, relating to, or grown with the use of fertilisers or pesticides derived from animal or vegetable matter. 9. any substance, such as a fertiliser or pesticide, that is derived from animal or vegetable matter.

Do you still feel confident that "organically grown" foods are going to be the answer to your health problems? Or maybe all you can see is just another legal minefield, resulting in another way of making more money without having to change very much in our mass production system? So what is the answer?

The Difference between Organic and Live Organised Matter

Professor Béchamps, the discoverer of microzymes (See The Origin of Germs), has pointed out distinctly the difference between organic and live, organised substances. He taught that what chemists call "organic" matter consists of various combinations of carbon with other elements of matter, while "live organised" substances are those which contain live microzymes. This in itself confirms that nature's live foods and medicines in vegetable and animal matter cannot be imitated and substituted by the chemist in a laboratory. The organic matter of the chemist is not alive with microzymes whose ferments produce all the great changes in the metabolic processes of the living body. In order to produce live, organised foods and medicines the chemist should have the power to produce microzymes, which he hasn't. While I admit that the so-called organic compounds are less destructive than inorganic minerals like mercury, arsenic, etc. in the crude, earthy form, it is also true that the carbohydrate and protein compounds produced by the chemist in the laboratory cannot take the place of nature's living foods and medicines in vegetable, animal and human protoplasm. It has been proved by scientists of the Nature Cure School, long ago, that animals fed on chemically pure starch, white sugar or other organic or proximate food elements die sooner than animals who receive nothing but water.

The claims of Professor Béchamps are proved by the fact that organic or proximate food substances (both are identical in nature) cannot sustain life. In other words, artificially produced food, such as low-fat products, artificial sweeteners, vegetarian meat products, carbonated drinks, and many more, are not nourishing us and will not sustain our lives.

Furthermore, it has been assumed that all the ferments which digest the foods are produced by the body. Now it appears that to a large extend the ferments which digest the foods are already in the foods themselves, provided, of course, that the foods are of the live, organised kind. In contrast, artificially made food becomes indigestible as it does not contain the necessary live ferments. What happens to animals, and humans, regularly fed on a microzyme poor diet is clearly shown by the following experiment.

Lady Eve Balfour from the Soil Association in the US gives an account of an experiment (Dr F M Pottinger, printed in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Oral Surgery, Volume 32, No 8, August 1946) in which cats were fed on various diets from an entirely raw food and milk diet to one wholly composed of processed, cooked and pasteurised material. This was carried on for some generations of the cats and those strains which were fed on the raw whole food remained healthy and fertile whereas the others became increasingly sickly and eventually sterile. Moreover, the soil in the pens of the well fed cats was fertile and produced healthy plants whereas the other pens showed various degrees of infertility. This points to the conclusion that health and vitality is a cycle which begins in the soil, goes through plants, animals and man and returns to the soil.

What are Microzymes?

Microzymes are tiny corpuscles found in air, water and soil, and in all its manifestations, in all living cells of any kind. Microzymes are literally everywhere. They survive any event that will kill plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and humans. They are found in earth samples known to be 60 million years old. They have resisted exposure to temperatures of 200C and more. They have survived exposures to 50,000 rems of nuclear radiation, far more than enough to kill any living thing. They have been totally unaffected by any acid. Taken from centrifuge residues, they have been found impossible to cut with a diamond knife.

The eerie implication is that these minuscule life-forms are imperishable. At the death of their hosts, such as ourselves, they return to the earth where they live on.

Microzymes can develop into any kind of living organism, from whales to amoeba, from birds to humans, from plants to insects and germs. Microzymes that have created a certain living organism can be seen to start producing something else at a later stage or while it is still present inside a cell of that organism. It can produce molecules, proteins, cells, organs and a whole organism. It can produce bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, within any given living organism, be it a plant or an animal.

How does the microzyme know what to develop into?

Answer, it doesn't.

Microzymes are nothing more than corpuscles that act like a transformer through which energetic influences become organised and enhanced. The energy that microzymes release into their immediate surroundings sets in motion processes of changes. What actually develops, depends entirely on the "soil" in which the microzyme exists. The actual content and the inter-relationship of the individual components of the immediate surroundings determine what Nature is going to produce in that spot at that time, given the influences as they are just then. A very wide scope of influences need to be taken into account if we are to fully understand the steps that follow. The immediate surroundings with its contents, which are the building blocks of nature, is very important, but equally we know that pressure and temperature plays a crucial role in the transformation processes that take place in nature.

Other things to consider at this stage are:
• It has been known for several decades that given the right circumstances of pressure and temperature a particular stable chemical element can be changed into another one. For instance, magnesium (no. 12) will become calcium (no. 20) in the presence of oxygen (no. 8). Similarly, nitrogen (no. 7) can be turned into oxygen (no. 8) in the presence of hydrogen (no. 1). This also means that all the minerals your body needs are made by your body, provided it is healthy, and do not need to be taken as supplements.
• When the lava from a volcanic eruption destroys all forms of life, how can life regenerate itself, even on remote islands where the theory of new life "flown in on the wings of the wind" is untenable?
• All bodies, human, animal and plant, are heavier after death than before. This is due to the fact that when alive, all tissues are vibrating and subject to a levitation force which counteracts the gravitational field. Every medium that is unable to breathe, when life has been removed from it, becomes therefore heavier.
• Up-to-date nobody has been successful in artificially producing sea water which sustains natural life. Yet it is nothing more than salt water, is it not?
• Plants grow better when planted during a waxing moon. Furthermore, the star sign the moon is in when planting, influences the growth of the plant and matching the plant to the right sign will yield better crops. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs and stimulate the growth of all fruits and vegetables which produce edible seeds. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs and are best for root crops like potatoes and carrots. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs, most suited to flowers of all sorts, plus vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs and are best for leaf crops such as cabbages and lettuces. Plants need to be harvested during a waning moon.

How does it work?

Microzymes are everywhere and are essential to life, both for initiating and maintaining it.

The microzymes in the earth, for instance, will, given a set of influences, start making changes to their immediate surroundings. What will be produced depends on the chemical environment, but also on the kind of influences at that particular time. We must include cosmic influences as well as the more obvious ones such as climate. As a consequence the earth can then produce plants, changes to the soil via decomposing, as well as animals such as bacteria, insects and worms. The kind of product that will develop is a direct result of the set of influences on the earth itself via the energy transformer body of the microzyme. The product itself in turn changes the environment and consequently sets up the further development.

In order to ensure healthy and balanced development it is essential to nurture the environment using waste produce in the most efficient way. This means allowing for proper natural decomposition of matter and even encouraging and enhancing it, using the natural influences in the most effective manner. This ensures a full and efficient decomposition process which returns all its components in the best possible "live" state back to the earth (basic chemical elements and molecules), the air (gas form the fermentation process), and water.

Water is an essential and crucial carrier of energy messages as has been established in Homoeopathy. Here we are faced with two curious phenomena: the potency factor, and the law "Like cures like".

Firstly, it was noted that the higher the dilution of the mother tincture, the base remedy, and therefore the fewer chemical elements of the base remedy remaining within the water-solution, the more potent the dilution becomes, the more effective the remedy becomes. In purely chemical terms this makes no sense at all, but it is a well tested and recorded observation. Even highly poisonous substances become well established cures once they have been diluted into a homoeopathic form. As no chemical element relating to the mother tincture can be found in the homoeopathic remedy, it has been said that the water has "memorised" the qualities of the substances it has been in contact with. We are obviously dealing here with energies and not chemical elements, and a system that is used in Nature constantly, as water passing through soil will "take on" the energetic information of what it has come in contact with.

The second "odd" thing about this homoeopathy business is the law that says that Like cures like. As far as the rest of society is concerned that is nonsense; it's the direct opposite that cures. Anti- is the most used word in the medical language! So how come homoeopathy can cure illness by administrating a remedy - or at least a watered down version - which is known to cause that particular illness? What is so different from the Western Medical system that we find it almost impossible to get our head around it? It is the view point! (link to The View Point) Homoeopathy has recognised a fundamental law of Nature: Every acute disease is the result of a cleansing and healing effort of nature. If a certain set of disease symptoms is the result of a healing effort of nature, not the cause of the disease, and I give a remedy which produces the same or similar symptoms in the system, am I not aiding nature in her attempt to overcome the abnormal condition? In such a case, the indicated homoeopathic remedy will not suppress the acute reaction, but will help it along, thus accelerating and hastening the curative process.

Why is water so important in all of this?
Water is formed in the higher regions of our atmosphere and falls onto earth bringing energies from high above. Water is also formed in the deeper folds of the earth's crust and moves upwards to appear as fresh springs on the surface, bringing energies from well below. Water moves across the surface very easily, distributing its energy to a large variety of substances. It is the homoeopathic messenger directing living processes, because water collects and brings messages from all corners of the universe. So?

Almost all living things are made up out of water, and humans are a prime example of that. That in itself makes it essential to consider the energy messages the water in earth, air, plants and animals are carrying. There is a constant interchange of these messages between the outside and the inside of cells and bodies.

Human beings are what they eat and in this way a vicious circle is closed: polluted water can create no wholesome food; therefore contaminated water and poisoned food can create no healthy blood; therefore unhealthy blood inhibits a healthy functioning mind; therefore these degenerate qualities will be passed on to later generations via the production of genetically impaired, seminal matter.

When parents learn how to beget children in accord with natural law, how to mould their bodies and their characters into harmony and beauty before the new life sees the light of day, when they learn to rear their offspring in health of body and soundness of mind, then we shall have true types of beautiful manhood and womanhood, and children will not so often be a curse and a burden to themselves, to those who bring them into the world or to society at large. Children so born and reared in harmony with the laws of their being could well be the future masters of the earth, a true and noble aristocracy of health.


I am well aware of the fact that this information stands diametrically opposed to the general beliefs of our society. Science has devised a system which we are all taught as the truth, as a dogma. However, science has also proven those dogmas to be false. This, however we are not told. But I can not sit quietly and pretend I don't know.

First there is absolute amazement at the fact that there is so much information that does not reach the public. Then there is horror at the realisation that our information service is extremely selective in what it is presenting you with. And lastly, there is elation about the common sense and hope one finds in the revelations of science, especially the suppressed bits.

So much has been dismissed out of hand as "ridiculous" or "unscientific" by a small community who feel very threatened in their position as experts. A piecemeal approach to life and all it's aspects is always going to be an easy manipulative test set-up to achieve the expected outcome and "disprove" the validity of other research. The more one studies the intricacies of this world, the more horrified one becomes with the short-sidedness and narrow-mindedness which seems to be a prerequisite for acceptance in that white-coat-world, where it appears each bit of research is done in isolation of all others. A global, wide view of the world and nature does not seem to exist, or worse even, is shied away from.

Many pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle leaves one with the impression that the picture on the box is a fake. This sets up the search for more true pieces, in an effort to have a better idea what this overall picture is that we are looking at. I cannot stop myself any longer wanting more and more information, and each time another concept or scientific fact fits into the puzzle, more incentive is created to carry on.

I am afraid that the Western concept of Life, Nature, Health and Disease is about as far removed from the Truth as you can get. And that is sad in itself, as ignorance makes Life even more of a mystery and a horrible dragon that needs to be fought. But even worse is the fact that as a society we are fixated to the extreme to implement our views in the rest of the world, totally oblivious to the consequences of loss of knowledge for a whole score of people. Replacing their beliefs with the emptiness and fears of our lives puts them totally at our mercy.

However, unearthing evidence of a different Nature, different to our society's view, leaves us with fertile ground to nurture Truth and Understanding. People will eventually find the strength to turn their backs on the falsehood within our scientific world and face the reality of Nature.

We need fertile ground in air, soil and water, as well as in and around every living cell, for microzymes to produce quality Life.

April 2003


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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