The Story of Creation

by Patrick Quanten


With all the studying we have undertaken and the deciphering of the universal code, which gives us a simple blueprint of creation, we can now unfold the story of creation using this blueprint to manifest everything there is in our universe. We start at the beginning when there already was something. Nothing can be created out of nothing; there must have been a base, a framework, in which creation can take place. You can’t even create white light unless you have something that interacts with the light waves; if there is nothing, light will remain invisible, not manifest.

All the potential is held within the framework of the later to become ‘the universe manifest’. We know such a framework where everything is ‘potential’ exists. Space, so scientists tell us, is seeding with potential and is manifesting what they call virtual particles as they flip in and out of existence, almost without being noticed. This area of the universe has been named the ether. Einstein referred to it as the ether, and ancient Ayurvedic science named it the element ether.

The ether has, keeping in line with the seven layers of all manifestations, seven main frequency layers, ranging from light and open to heavy and dense. The known sequence of these frequencies is 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. When frequency 3 becomes so dense it cannot contain the pressure it implodes into its own seven layers. This implosion is named by our scientists The Big Bang and by ancient Ayurvedic scientists the element fire. When the fire now spreads throughout the ether it meets potential and changes the density in places. Frequency 3 falls apart into seven frequencies, from light to compact, they are 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. This ‘heaviness’ of frequency 3, when travelling in separate layers, slows down the corresponding potentiality within the ether and it starts to become apparent. It forms a cloud in which gradually the seven layers of primary matter become noticeable. The cloud has been described as the gasses that become manifest just after The Big Bang, or in ancient times as the element air. The primary matter forms seven layers, of which the heaviest ones take a long time to manifest at this stage of the universe’s development. The layers manifest in exactly the same way the first layer of the creation, frequency 1, has been structured and that is 1-2-4-6-2-5-7. The primary matter, in the first instance, are atoms. These we can find in the table of Mendeleev: 1 halogen and noble gasses, 3 non-metals, 4 metalloids, 6 post-transition metals, 2 transition metals, 5 alkaline earth and alkaline metals, and 7 lanthanides and actinides.

When the seven frequencies of fire (seven component layers of frequency 3) run through this much denser area of air frequency 3 starts to break it open into even more dense and compact matter. The pressure increases on the clouds and ‘pushes’ the manifested bits even closer together. The primary matter gets less and less space to manifest itself in and the increasing pressure results in a more compact organisation and structure. This denser element has been called the element of water and in it begins to appear more organised matter. Atoms organise themselves and join up to form molecules. This second layer of the creation, frequency 4, also shows us seven different densities of molecules: 4 simple molecules (NaCl, H2O), 6 carbohydrates, 1 fatty acids, 2 lipids, 3 amino acids, 5 proteins, and 7 nucleotides. As a result of the variety of possible combinations of molecules larger structures become manifest in the recognisable matter of our world, such as water or salt crystals as examples.

When the pressure on this matter keeps increasing it will result in a “hardening” of the matter itself, which eventually becomes impenetrable for the creation wave that floats through the universe. This new impenetrable layer of creation is known as the element earth. The physical matter has been condensed so much that there is no structural change possible that will save space. This is the ultimate, least space occupying, format the physical matter can be. This third layer of development, frequency 6, shows us the most compact form in which all seven layers can be structured, called a cell. Again seven different structures linked to the seven frequencies and showing up in the specific amounts: 6 saccharides, 4 glycolipids, 2 fats, 1 lipoproteins, 5 proteins, 3 polymers, and 7 DNA. In this form a cellular organism exists that has an asexual reproductive system. In other words, the cell separates into two by producing an exact copy of itself. However, frequency 6 can also be organised as 6-4-2-1-5-7-3 and then a cell appears that absorbs the energy from the universe and starts to grow and open up into something completely different. From this point the energy ends up in the seven structures of the cell. Because the structures of the cell are too dense and absorbs the flow of the energy, the cell structures begin to swell up. From frequency 6 and the absorption of energy an organism becomes a reality. This organism has two almost identical manifestations, like an upper and a lower part, like we see in the structure of the plant and its roots. Two parts of one whole. The tissues of the plants are in principle the same as the tissues of the universe and they emerge from the same seven energy layers: 1 sap, 4 resin, 6 soft wood, 2 gum, 5 bark, 7 leave, and 3 flower/fruit.

It is in the upper layers of frequency 6 that the first cells are formed. This is the primitive form of life scientists are looking for in different places of our universe. Single cellular organisms, from which all other cellular organisms are built, are bacteria, amoeba, plankton and so on. Frequency 1, the first development layer, is responsible for the atmosphere, the gas formations. As a result of increasing pressure and/or decreasing temperature the energy within each layer solidifies more and more. It manifests in seven consecutive layers of density. When frequency 1 cannot be 'squeezed' any further a new frequency layer emerges from the most dense part of frequency 1; this new frequency is frequency 4. Then this layer, which manifests liquids, squeezes out seven layers, each with increasing density, giving rise to the next new frequency, which is 6. Here the seven different structures of the previous layer get squeezed together even more and in the physical world those structures organise in the formation of a cell. From now on, the increasing pressure of the energy flow can no longer result in an increased density of matter. Instead it starts to replicate the cells and the matter expands into larger and more and more complex, as the seven layers develop, structures. As from frequency 6 these cells can now grow and expand because the instreaming energy of the seven layers of frequency 3 are being absorbed in the primary tissues, who will enlarge into the primary systems. These, in turn, organise themselves into plants as they expand more and more, in water as well as on land. They condense their tissues eventually into a seed from, which is the manifestation of the earth element through its extreme density. This absorbs all incoming energies and a new growth process can start stimulated by this never ending influx. A plant will be “blown up” by expanding the specific primary tissue information locked in its compact seed.

Once frequency 6 has manifested and the expression of its seven different layers of plant tissues has been completed the ongoing influx of frequency 3 will awaken the next layer within the earth element, and that is frequency 2. In the course of this development we can see clearly how the primary matter of the cell in each frequency will be expanded unto seven different primary systems. Here is a list of the seven primary systems that occur in every living organism.

1 format                                 water               lymphatic system
4 balance                                blood              circulation system
6 consciousness                      muscle             breathing/digestive system
2 movement                           fat                   motoric system
5 communication                    bone                sensory system
7 knowledge                          nerve               nervous system
3 inner power                         seed                excretion/glandular system

These expanded systems organise themselves in all organisms in a way that is indicated by the genetic code. In frequency 2 there are four possible ways to combine the energies, which creates an enormous variety of animals who have one thing in common: they lay eggs to procreate.

First the invertebrates develop with a primitive nervous system. We find the code for this is the first of the four sequences that can be expressed in frequency 2. This code we already know as 2-6-5-47-1-3. When the nervous system within invertebrates begins to develop and we may recognise the first manifestation of what later on becomes a central nervous system, call it a brain, we are expressing code 2-6-5-7-4-1-3. Steadily the contribution of the bone tissue increases and this changes the animals into vertebrates. The first phase is one of vertebrates that have a primitive nervous system without a brain, code 2-5-6-4-7-1-3. Of these only a few examples are known to men. Manifestations that have managed to gain the most expressions in an expanding and ever so crowded world are invertebrates with a primitive nervous system, and some with a primitive central nervous system, and vertebrates with a complex nervous system, including separate brains, coded as 2-5-6-7-4-1-3.

Once the egg-laying animals have developed and found their balance the next layer receives the energy to develop. The dinosaurs completely disappeared because their design was too large, their need for plant food unsustainable, their natural enemies too few, and only minor copies have remained till this day, like for instance the crocodile. Next appear the mammals out of frequency 5. And once this layer has been completely developed it is time for us humans to make an entrance as frequency 7 develops.

The change-over from plants to egg-laying animals, to mammals and to human beings are development steps whereby the rules of the development, stating that development is determined by the surrounding circumstances, do not apply. Humans are not a further development from a monkey in the same way that a rat is not a further development of a bird. These are separate steps whereby a ‘new’ layer of potentiality is being manifested. The rule according to Darwin stands for the development of all species within each layer but fails to explain the significant structural changes between the layers. This is, however, explained by the fact that these layers have a different energetic code. They have the same primary systems but they manifest in a different combination, resulting in differently shaped organisms. Mammals have wombs and offspring feeding facilities other animals don’t have. Humans appear to be so close to the upper development stages of the mammals only because the human development isn’t that old and the frequency codes are very similar; 5-7-2-6-4-1-3 for mammals and 7-5-2-6-4-1-3 for humans. We are the new kids on the block, and we are still embarrassingly awkward in our learning process of what our place is. Often our behaviour is indeed very animal-like, but as we evolve we will learn to become something significantly different. Human beings are the manifestation of frequency 7 and the content of this frequency is knowledge, which will develop the nervous system and in particular the central nervous system. This means that our physical shape will in the future alter too, but for now we look a lot like monkeys.

Let’s become more and more aware of the growth process we are in and let’s start to behave as proper students with respect for the teachers and the school. We attend the School of Life and should show respect for all that surrounds us and for all that we share this development with. That includes the world and all that it manifests, including people we don’t like very much. Remember, they are here to teach us what we need to learn and how to destruct, how to be greedy and how to dominate is not part of the curriculum.

January 2016
Updated March 2016


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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