Code Triology - Health in Terms of Energy Information

Patrick Quanten MD


Only after we know how the human body has been created out of the specific energy field that is the human energy field, only then can we begin to get an idea of how the system can work. In The Code of Creation we analysed the repetitiveness of all creation and we found the creation reduced to a simple seven layered structured. We found that information was hidden in frequencies and that these frequencies played out nice little tunes that organised themselves in energetic structure and eventually in the material world as we experience it every day. In The Code of the Human Body and Mind we see how the seven physical layers of the human body come into existence starting from the energy field that is the human being. We also showed the relationship between the mind layers and the body layers and how the same information in the mind field correlates to its physical counterpart. If this is the structure of the human being, how do we then have to view sickness and health? First we need to describe what we mean by these terms in relation to energies and frequencies.

It is important to see that the human being, as are all other manifestations in the universe, is in constant motion, is being created at any moment in time. You may experience yourself as being the same from day to day but the fact is that you are not even the same from moment to moment. When we collect a few of those slipped-by-moments we can easily visualise that you are constantly changing. Take your photo album and watch yourself alter. This can only happen if it is a constantly moving process. The changes did not happen in big steps; they happened as part of a continual process. This means that your body is constantly being made with the energetic input from its personal human field. Each of us has one of those!

The information, which actually is the specific wave, the specific frequency, is being materialised. You could say that the information is being “written down into the tissues”. The tissues are formed in a very specific way according to the energetic information from which the tissue springs. The next moment comes on top of the previous one. When those subsequent moments contain different aspects of the information that builds the tissues then we end up with a tissue that has the flexibility to embrace a wide variety of information aspects. On the other hand, when a whole collection of moments deliver exactly the same message, which is being inscribed into the material tissue, then the tissue in its entirety will be more rigid. It will have less flexibility and its “knowledge” will remain restricted to a very narrow message. For example, when a message of love is always being expressed through offering sweets and sugars, then the person that is being formed by such message will have tissues that crave sweets whenever the person needs love. Other example, when dad is being someone of which you always have to be afraid because he terrorises home, then, as a child, your tissues will cramp up, harden, in order to be ready to absorb the blows. In general terms, we can see that the way the tissues are being formed is a direct materialisation of energetic information. The more one-pointed this information is the more restrictive the building of the tissues becomes. As the body collects all information of all moments of all our experiences it is easy to see that the kind of messages that we get more of will have a more prominent place within the physical tissues. These will have a greater impact on the “formation” of the body than the messages that we only sporadically receive.

Each time we have an experience that is similar to a previous one a connection is being established within the way the physical matter of the body is being formed. A new experience makes a connection with an earlier one, buried in a deeper layer. This allows for a deeper learning process; we don’t have to “get it” first time around, but after a while the light might just come on within our consciousness. The reason for this connection is simply that both messages have a similar frequency and therefore resonate with each other.

We have seen that the visible light splits up in seven different colours, each with their own frequency. However, the frequency that produces red is not one single frequency but it is in fact a band of frequencies. This goes for each of the colours, and what is more, the width of the band corresponds to the amount of contribution it brings to the particular colour. Hence, we can write it down as a code. When the contribution of the various colours, from largest contribution to smallest, is as follows red-green-indigo-orange-blue-violet-yellow we materialise visible light (code 1-4-6-2-5-7-3). When the contribution is green-indigo-red-orange-yellow-blue-violet we materialise the colour green (code 4-6-1-2-3-5-7). We will still get green even if, for instance, indigo is slightly off colour! In other words, there is a band of frequencies for each colour, for each band itself, that will still create the same recognisable colour or material result. It may have a slightly different shade or hue but we still recognise the colour. As long as the code remains the same, the end result in material terms remains the same; the tissues are still recognisable. This is the principle of tissue formation.

Information of a specific type, say information about communication (carried by the blue frequency, number 5) can be harder or lighter, or as the Chinese might call it, it can be more yin or more yang. This means that the tissues will either have a more dense, a more fixed structure, or a looser, less dense structure. The person with the denser “communication” tissues will be more inclined to listen; the other one more inclined to talk. Both are aspects of the same information band, number 5, but are at opposite sides of that spectrum. Neither can be named to be healthy or diseased; they are simply a way of bringing that particular information into the tissues. This already means that what is "normal" for a particular person relates back to how the individual has been made. "Being in balance", being healthy is measured against the way the person has been constructed. Eastern medical systems take into account a person's constitution in order to determine what constitutes health for that person. Health is a personal matter, not a population's average!

When certain information during the formation phase of a human being, which is when the basic layers of tissues are being constructed (foetus-baby-toddler), is being manifested in a yin form, pretty compact and inflexible, then this person will become stressed if the more recent information input of that frequency is of a more yang nature. A person who has been built around strict routines and repetitive certainties will be distraught when things change in his/her life. On the other hand, a person who has tissues in which certain information has been put down in a yang fashion will become stressed when the newer input becomes very strict and rigid. Both will experience health when there is a balance between the older, the deeper, layers of tissue and the more recent ones. When the old tunes, played by the frequencies that build a person (in seven separate layers), are followed by pretty much the same newer tunes, the person will experience balance and ease of life.

Don't forget that life itself changes all the time, which means that the tunes the world around us plays alter all the time too. Not difficult to see this in our modern world, because most of us can remember when the world looked completely different from the way it does now. Think about no mobiles, or even no phones, no television, no computer, few cars, no flying holidays, no all-in-one-washing-machines, no video cameras, no GPS, etc. As a consequence, people are being confronted with different "tunes" of the same information, the same frequencies. Their individual ability to change with it determines their stress levels and their health balance.

When a frequency changes it can either become more dense or more loose, yin or yang. Each information wave, each frequency, alters in this way all the time; the frequency oscillates around its equilibrium point. However, when a particular message becomes more consistent over time, when a particular expression of a frequency dominates, then the inner construction of the person, both mentally and physically, has to alter in order to remain healthy and balanced. The person has to adjust to such a consistent message. However, a "change" of structure, of tissues, will not go unnoticed. We see this happening during the growing up of children whereby the so called childhood diseases all occur at changeover times. They are an expression of the physical structure of that person, the body, changing according to the newer information it is receiving right now and to which it is responding. In these terms, childhood diseases are not to be fought or suppressed, but they are to be encouraged and supported, because they are clear signs that the child is maturing into the next stage. In order to be able to make the required changes the individual has to clear out the old structure. In doing so it produces a lot of waste, which needs to be eliminated and that will show itself as a phase of destabilisation, of imbalance, of ill-health. However, this in itself is a short-lived phase which will automatically restore to a balance that will have adapted to the new environment, to the new information influx. The individual is now ready to deal with the outside world the way he/she experiences it now. What we call disease is in fact a readjustment to restore the natural balance between the inside and the outside world.

As a person is getting more and more out of balance, he/she is ill. Leaving nature alone, this will result in an acute crisis, which we have called disease and which we like to eliminate or push away. In the natural flow of things, this acute healing crisis is followed by a new balance, a period of good health. However, when the changeover period itself is not allowed to be fully deployed, leftovers from the rebuilding of tissues will be hanging around amongst the tissues. When the clearing up phase is stopped or slowed down, the tissues are left without the changeover completed and with debris that wasn't allowed to be cleared out. This ensures the weakening of the tissues and the structure, and the accumulation of waste within the tissues. As a result we introduce chronic diseases!

In effect, all changes in frequencies that produce material substance like our tissues are a natural phenomenon. It happened long before we started to interfere on a large scale, and it will continue long after we have been forced to give up our interference. Life itself needs these changes in order to be able to adjust to evolution itself. They are intrinsically linked to one another, life and evolution. Trying to keep everything the same is a recipe for disaster. We need to change - not a good idea to try and stay 21! - and our body needs to have the freedom to change with it. Altering the frequencies slightly for a longer period of time, meaning the same recognisable information but slightly off-key, should allow for the tissues to slightly alter the way they look and/or function. This maintains a balance in life, even if it is a different one from how it used to be. Balance means health. While the changes are taking place we will notice this in the body; we have called those signs illness. The western world fails to acknowledge that nature brings everything back into a balance, the best possible balance it can maintain under the circumstances. With the first sign of any change happening we run to put it right. They pretend to know what my blood pressure should be at this moment in time, or my sugar level or my heart output. They take the average and pretend that everybody should be like that at all times!

Frequencies vary continuously from one side of the equilibrium (yin) to the other side (yang). This modifies the information contained within the frequencies and it guarantees us to come in touch with the various aspects of the information. The multitude of combinations of the main seven bands of frequencies gives us the variety of expressions of human experiences. It is never the same twice. There is always something different about it. This means that whatever happened to someone else, it cannot be the same for us, even if "the same thing" happened to us. No two thunderstorms are the same. No two snowflakes are the same. No two people are the same. Hence, the way we are affected by circumstances and experiences differs from person to person, but also from time to time. You deal with a similar circumstance differently when you are seventeen or thirty five. But that difference may also be spotted between last night and this morning! I suppose it depends on whom you slept with!! Health, balance in life, is tied to the moment. There is no routine that can ever guarantee you health for the future, because the "routine" cannot have incorporated the information from the future yet.

The tissues of a foetus are being formed as a result of the influences and the information that sinks into the materialisation process of compressing an energy field. Once laid down in matter the information is "fixed" in that way. You could say that the composition of the music has been recorded; it sticks unto vinyl. On top of that, the information the baby gathers gets recorded too. Information that is pretty similar will strengthen the new fragile structure in that particular aspect. Information that is slightly different, off-key notes, is incorporated into the frequency width these tissues can take note of. Information that is totally different already stresses the baby out. The world it is encountering turns out to be, in some aspect, very different from the recorded one which was based on the experiences and views of the mother. Now it already is very difficult for this baby to function in the frequencies of the world it lives in. It becomes ill.

Disease is a manifestation of long term exposure to a seriously different environmental tune from the one we recorded when building the tissues. Superficially we can easily readjust, as we do every year when winter turns into summer and vice versa. But things that misalign on a deeper level, going back much further in time and in depth, cause serious discomfort. Here we start with some small, almost insignificant malfunctioning of a system (digestive system, breathing system, circulation system). We take too little notice and all we want is for it to go away. We carry on without allowing any alteration of the structure of our tissues. No time. Don't want to feel "bad". So we ignore the first call. And we keep ignoring it until the system collapses or other systems start to malfunction and we are being forced to alter our life. Mostly we alter it to accommodate for the illness, not to allow our system to heal. Listen out for doctors saying, "You will have to learn to live with that". Still no change allowed. Result: long term illness.

The other route to disease is long term exposure to the same environmental tune which increases the pressure on the tissues on that particular point or that particular aspect of life, so that the tissues condense to a degree that there is no longer room enough for energy to flow through. The tissues are getting so compact that life is being squeezed out of them. As long as we are not aware of this constant unwavering pressure and we allow our exposure to it, we are being strangled, the tissues become harder and serious chronic and terminal illnesses manifest.

The healthy option would have been to listen to the body that tells you that life is not easy, that you can't go on like this, that things need to change. When you have listened well, you decide to go and live differently. How and what needs to change? Before you could possibly know the answers, you already would have had to stop feeding the old habits, the old ways. You should already have stopped hanging onto the old frequencies. So, first of all you stop. Stop what? Stop doing what you are doing. Sometimes it is very obvious in what direction changes need to be made; other times one has to decide to question almost everything one does. Then you stop as much as you can, and make sure some major aspects of life are being included. It might involve, maybe temporarily, giving up work, not just the knitting circle! Once you have made a dissociation between the input from the outside world and your automated reactive pattern to it, a certain amount of pressure and stress very often drops away. The point is that you need to change the disease process. From within this much calmer inside, clearer pictures on what you were doing and the effect it was having on you will rise to the surface. It is amongst those that you will find the answers to the previously asked questions. The answers arise from the deep, from within yourself; they do not occur as a result of a thinking process. Putting these answers into the reality of your life will allow the system, the tissues, to draw closer towards the equilibrium, towards health. The road back to health has natural signposts and is paved with intuition. It literally boils down to embracing different frequencies, different tunes, different music; realising that harmony on the inside needs certain frequencies and is searching for similar frequencies in the outside world.

The music our system likes to face has deep roots in the system. It is in tune with the inner music we play. But don't forget that your inner tune alters with time and experiences. So, your health depends on your ability and willingness to stay in tune with your world.

Make music together, you and the world.

Play in harmony.

Know that your tune will fade a lot sooner than the world's.

August 2012


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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