Healing with Sound Waves

Patrick Quanten

Waves, frequencies, energies. So many different types. So confusing. We are so keen to point out the differences that we forget to look at the larger picture to find an overall view that will give us some idea as to where, in the larger scheme of the creation, they all belong. Let me try and offer you a way of looking at this stuff that makes sense and incorporates basic scientific knowledge about these issues.

First we have this gigantic electromagnetic field which encompasses our entire universe. It produces waves that can be found in all corners of the universe and in all conditions. One specific feature of these waves is that they travel through vacuum. They can be found in space as well as on earth. They distinguish themselves from many other waves through their ability to travel in a vacuum. The electromagnetic spectrum stretches from almost zero wave length to an almost infinity long wave length. It is difficult for us to visualize very high frequencies (frequency is the speed of the wave divided by the wavelength), which are the very short wave lengths.

Looking at the electromagnetic spectrum (EM) we will find in the middle of the entire spectrum a band which we call the light spectrum. It shows the frequencies of the seven colours, which we refer to as the visible light, plus three types of ultraviolet light and two types of infrared light. These are also called light waves although we can’t see. Together the light spectrum is made up of seven layers of visible light, plus five bands of frequencies that support the more manifest part of this entity of the EM spectrum. This is structured in the same way as our musical notes have been structured. There are seven different full notes (white keys on the piano) in one octave, plus five semi-notes (black keys on the piano). In both light and sound, it takes 13 steps to complete one octave and to end up at the beginning of the next one.

In the book “Why Me? – Science and Spirituality as inevitable bed partners” (ISBN - 978-90-827854-1-8) you will find the explanation for this universal arrangement. Every part, an octave, is divided into seven “hard” bands according to the Golden Ratio. This also taught us that the smallest part is right at the centre of the spectrum of seven and is the frequency 3. The smallest part is the last one to manifest and is the most dense, as explained in the book. As far as the EM spectrum is concerned we can see that the smallest of all the possible bands of the spectrum is the light spectrum. This must be the case as it only covers one octave, the smallest possible division of the EM spectrum. So we know that light is the smallest and most dense part of the entire EM spectrum.

Electromagnetic waves can be found anywhere in the universe, in space as well as on earth. We are constantly surrounded by universal or cosmic waves. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light in vacuum and this speed is hardly affected by an atmosphere with the density of our own. So the speed through air is virtually the same as the speed through vacuum. However, when we get into solid matter we notice that the speed of the EM waves slows down considerably. Here is an example for the speed of light:

  • 300,000 km/sec in vacuum
  • 225,000 km/sec in water
  • 200,000 km/sec in glass
  • 125,000 km/sec in diamond

All EM waves penetrate solid matter. That is why your radio receiver picks up radio waves even indoors, even in bunkers. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, while sound waves aren't. The only EM wave out of the entire spectrum that doesn’t penetrate solid matter is light. Light is stopped completely by dense solid matter. It cannot penetrate this kind of density and the progression of this wave is stopped entirely.

And here is another interesting property of light compared with all other EM waves. It is the only EM wave that manifests matter! We know that light can behave like a wave or like particles, depending on how we look at the light. As an observer we influence the manifestation of visible light. So, the heaviest, most dense part of the EM spectrum is the only band of the entire spectrum that produces matter, photons, the smallest of all matter. No other wave frequency of the entire EM spectrum does this. This leads us to the understanding that all matter in the universe comes from the light frequencies by slowing the wave progression down further. White light splits into seven colours, according to the Golden Ratio. Each colour divides again into the same seven colours but in different compositions, as explained in the book “Why Me?”.

Because of the many possible combinations of dividing a colour in its components great variations in matter and organisms will be the result in the created matter. We need to consider the impact of the observation that light waves are stopped by solid matter. As far as the evolution of the creation is concerned condensing the light waves produces one after the other the three conditions for material manifestations, this being gas, fluids and solids. As mentioned, light energy gets blocked in solid matter and whenever energy is being obstructed the power builds and builds until the intensity gets so high the energy finds a way out. Following the line of the evolution of the universe we notice that after the three different types of inorganic matter have been created, the creation process then shifts towards living organisms. First these are cellular small organisms which later become organised in formations we call plants, and even later animals and humans emerge. This is an effect caused by energy being condensed, coming to a complete standstill and then erupting outward, which allows energy to actually flow again.

So the smallest and most dense part of all the EM waves, frequency 3, is the seed of the entire universe material manifestation. From photons the densification of matter continues into atoms, molecules, water, sand, hard stone and crystals. A reorganisation of the most dense of solids manifests as a cell, the most compact of all solid structures, and one that allows for growth and expansion. All of this stems from light waves turning into light particles, and beyond.

And now we witness something else. We now encounter a number of waves that seem to behave like EM waves but have some properties that distinguishes them from EM waves. They too have frequencies and wave lengths comparable with those from the EM spectrum. However, these waves cannot move unless they are surrounded by matter. In other words, these waves will not and can not travel through vacuum, through space. To separate them from electromagnetic waves they are called mechanical waves. Interestingly enough these waves travel at their highest speed through solids, slowing down through fluids and gas (atmosphere) and coming to a complete standstill in vacuum. This is, of course, the reverse from the waves in the EM spectrum. One could say that these waves are produced by interactions of matter. They are being explained by stating that mechanical waves travel through a medium by pushing the molecules tighter together and then recoiling the molecules again, causing a band of the medium to condense while another part is becoming more loose. So, these waves actually need a medium of some densification in order to manifest. The more solid the medium is the more impact the increased pressure on a particular part of the medium is exerting and the more clearly the pressure within the medium will change. In solid matter mechanical waves move faster than for instance through air. Here is an example of the speed of sound:

  •    343 m/sec in air 20°C
  • 1,482 m/sec in water 20°C
  • 5,960 m/sec in solid steel

Temperature plays an important part because a higher temperature makes matter expand and therefore lighter, less dense.

One of these mechanical waves, and one we have studied a lot, are sound waves. Again we see the division of the various bands that make up the total spectrum being organised in exactly the same way. An octave, one unit of sound waves, consists of seven different notes plus a repeat of the first note but then with a doubled frequency. Also interesting is the fact that the base note that is used for our musical scale is “middle C”. C is the third note of the seven different notes, or comparing it with light frequencies it would be frequency 3. An octave would then look like this: C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C’, or in figures, 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 1 – 2 – 3’. The accent indicates the C, frequency 3, belonging to the next octave and being double the frequency of the original C.

Mechanical waves are organised in exactly the same manner as the EM waves and that means that each segment can be divided again into seven sub-elements according to the Golden Ratio. If sound waves are one set, one band, what other wave bands are we likely to find within the realm of mechanical waves? Well, certainly we would expect our senses to be built from energy waves and since they are equally medium dependent it stands to reason that the waves they use in order to function are mechanical ones. Also, we have not been able to identify any frequency band within the EM spectrum that gives us the waves that cover our senses. Now then, as we know there are seven wave bands in the EM spectrum and in the entire universe development, where does sound come in? Besides sound, we must find wave bands for touch, for smell, for taste and for sight. How can we find out which frequency band will hold the energy waves of the senses? I suggest we go back and familiarise ourselves with the evolution of creation, relating every step to a frequency band.

To summarize the information from the book we know that the code for the creation, the manner in which these different frequency bands manifest according to the Golden Ratio and originate from frequency 3, is 1 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 7 – 3. On day 3 of the creation, frequency band 6, the plants appear and these are already equipped with three well developed “senses”, the frequencies that have already been developed, that went before in the evolution of creation. These are, besides frequency 6, frequencies 1 and 4. So the wave bands that are connected to our senses are to be found inside the creation of matter, inside the development of frequency 3 of the EM spectrum. They are therefore mechanical waves. How are we going to join frequencies to specific characteristics like senses?

We have five senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch – and in the plants three of those are already developed. Well, remember that the frequencies increase as we move through the subdivisions from 1 to 7 (from colour red to violet). Frequency 1 has the lowest frequency of these seven and frequency 7 is the highest. The plants have 1, 4 and 6. Scientists tell us that plants are very sensitive to touch and as touch is simply two solids meeting it could well be a frequency 1 band, the lowest frequency in the series. Another property all plants have is to “see” light. They move towards light. They seem to recognise light and shade and this could be a manifestation of frequency 4, which leaves frequency 6. Plants also “sense” their environment. I would be inclined to place our sixth sense on frequency 6, the sense of being able to feel something without touching it, the sense to be able to evaluate a situation without concrete information.

So within the development of the universe we found mechanical waves and we are trying to get a first glimpse of how these can be organised in a series of seven frequencies that together form a whole and cover an entire spectrum of waves within the material creation. So far we have 1 = touch, 4 = sight and 6 = 6th sense.

The next step in the universal development is the emergence of the egg laying animals on day 4, governed by frequency 2. Which sense is a new introduction at this level of evolution? Which of the senses are a new development at this stage? Birds, insects, fish, reptiles, they have developed a sense of hearing. They communicate via sound waves. Recently scientists have discovered that fish (not just mammals like dolphins and whales) communicate by making sounds. So sound waves belong in the band of frequency 2.

The next step in the universal development, day 5, is frequency 5 and mammals appear on the scene. Their new sense development is clearly a sense of smell. They communicate through the skills learned and developed by the species in the previous layer, but they add to that, very importantly, a communication skill by smell. The sense of smell relates to frequency 5.

And the latest development in the universe is the human being on day 6, and frequency 7. Which sense separates us from mammals? When I watch television programmes and read magazines I can’t help but notice that humans are obsessed with food and how it tastes. When I watch television programmes about mammals hunting and feeding themselves I don’t have the impression they care too much whether the food has the right spices in or the right consistency or the right combination of flavours. Humans are busy developing the sense of taste, relating to frequency 7.

There are seven frequency bands and the last one is frequency 3. This would constitute the seventh day of the universal development but, as we know, although the universe was created in seven days, the last day He rested. Humanity is day 6 and that is as far as the creation has got at this stage. We can confidently say that there is another development to come after the human being, and during that phase a seventh sense will be developing too. At this point I am not prepared to have a go at predicting what that may be. Let’s stick to what we puzzled together so far.

Frequency 1 – touch

Frequency 2 – sound

Frequency 3 –

Frequency 4 – light

Frequency 5 – smell

Frequency 6 – sixth sense

Frequency 7 – taste

The universe has been created out of electromagnetic waves and all matter is a manifestation of frequency 3, light waves. So creation is an electromagnetic movement and mechanical movement also manifests waves that are locked up within the matter. This would mean that EM waves can by themselves bring about a profound change in what has been created. Mechanical waves can move what has been created but it can never make any fundamental changes to the structure of the creation. So sound can move and influence what is already there without, in itself, altering who that person is or what makes him/her tick.

Also, as far as creation itself is concerned a single frequency gives expression to a single input. A single frequency in the electromagnetic field can potentially create a massive change that can filter through to the manifest, to the matter itself. A single frequency has the potential of altering even the structure of the material at its centre. This, a mechanical wave can’t do. For that reason it is my belief that in order to make serious changes to a particular life with the use of, for instance, sound waves, one needs to play the whole octave, use all of the frequencies, all of the "notes". Each tissue is at each moment in time a harmony of various frequencies. EM waves are the waves that created the matter, the cells, and are responsible for the fundamental structure of these cells. A liver cell is a liver cell due to the EM frequencies that have formed matter in this specific way. This limits, shapes, the tune this particular cell, a liver cell, can play. The mechanical waves this cell can produce are of a certain quality and tone colour. A piano makes adifferent sound to a trombone. When there is an imbalance in the tissues - it plays out of tune - one can influence this through the use of sound waves. One can use sound waves to correct the tissue but only by exposing the tissue to the more harmonic tune, the melody played in a correct manner. In other words, one uses sound to confront the tissue with a better frequency package. This creates a sense of wellbeing, a harmony, but the real healing only happens when the musician realises his instrument has been badly tuned and when he makes some changes to that. Sound can make us become aware of an imbalance, disharmony, resulting in us taking action to make alterations that will enhance our health. The observation, the experience, of the imbalance as a result of the exposure to the sound can encourage a person to make the necessary changes. Sound itself does not create fundamental long lasting differences.

Masaru Emoto clearly demonstrated this by freezing water droplets after they had been exposed to different types of messages. It is the melody that is playing that shapes the various crystals, not one note. The melody alters the harmony in the water and changes the balance of the water. By playing a different tune the previous harmony disappears. Another observation is no matter what sounds one use, no matter what messages one delivers, the water always remains water. In other words, the fundamental structure of water can not be altered by a mechanical wave. By changing the frequency of the creation wave, an EM wave, one can alter water into blood, stone into gold, one type of matter into a different type of matter.

Holding up a wave pattern that feels easier, calmer and more harmonised can entice the person to make the effort to change. Using sound in healing has a role to play in helping to move people via the consciousness of the people. They need to open themselves up to let the sounds resonate within their tissues, within their awareness. Through the experience of feeling better they may decide to try and find that same “better” resonance by making necessary changes in their lives. Having arrived at that point they will require guidance as to how to make these changes, but sound waves have opened the doors towards healing.

Different types of waves play a different role in the creation and manifestation of tissues of the organisms. Understanding what these waves are and where they operate helps us to direct our help towards people in a more efficient way. With electromagnetic waves one can reach a very specific place in the physical matter and change that place in structure and/or function. With mechanical waves one can harmonize the waves that the tissues possess and influence the function of the physical, thereby creating an opening for making changes.

The process of healing can be entered into via a number of gateways.

March 2019


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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