How I made my Way to Freedom

by Dr Patrick Quanten MD

Living within the constraints of human structures is a nightmare scenario for me. All these things you are supposed to do, to be, to have, because . . . because everybody does, is, has. The way you look, the way you behave, how you talk, what you say, the profession you have, the religion you subscribe to, having children and what's good for them, the books you read, the science you believe in, your likes and dislikes, your thoughts, your goals in life, your dreams, your ambition, all of you has to conform. The message is:

Living in this prison we guarantee your happiness

The hopes and aspirations of parents, family, teachers, preachers, communities, leaders, governments, churches are placed upon the shoulders of each child that chooses to enter this world. Earth's existence is coated in layer upon layer of expectations, others not your own. Human embryos come to be alive in an earthly form with an agenda, not loaded with other human, spiritual or even Godly hopes. But from the moment of conception — or is it long before that? — we lose sight of our agenda, engulfed by the hopes and expectations of others.

We see what others see; not what is really there, but just what we are allowed to see. It is important that we see things as they are, as told to us by others, people that will teach us what life is all about and how we can safely navigate our way through the treacherous waters of life. Just listen to them, follow the leaders, follow in their footsteps, step in your forefathers shoes, and sure enough you will make the same mistakes they made!

Luckily for you there will always be someone at hand to tell you how brave you are, how well you have done and that it wasn't your fault you lost out. Someone to instruct you that "that's how life is" and that "there is nothing you can do about it". Someone to console you that others have gone before you, taken the same brave route and have fallen prey to the same short comings, but of course "you are the best — no one could have done any better". That's how you learn!

That's how you learn to be a dick-head

Our society is built upon strict rules. Those rules are the basis on which this society runs; the effects of that structure are seen directly in the way society functions and what it achieves.

  • Personal possession is the very basis of life's survival.
  • Wealth is measured by material possession.
  • What isn't matter, doesn't matter.
  • Everything that is, has to be in matter.
  • What's good for one, has to be good for everyone.
  • Strength in numbers and size.
  • Economy is the only true god.
  • Conformism and globalisation are the churches of the god.
  • Science is the bible, the book of wisdom.
  • Science knows everything worth knowing.
  • Personal knowledge is not science.
  • Individualism is satanism.

The way those rules work is simply described as follows.

You do exactly as you are told. You will be rewarded with pieces of silver to the value of what WE say you are worth. You then hand over the pieces of silver to us and WE will provide you with everything WE say you need.

You learn exactly what WE instruct. You will be rewarded with status and fame. You then pay homage to the teachings and WE will honour you to the degree of your commitment to us.

Furthermore WE commit ourselves to take care of your health, as you are important to us. To show your gratitude you will accept all that WE decide is good for you.

WE will house you, clothe you, feed you, provide you with things to do (jobs and entertainment), protect you, educate you, think for you, decide for you, talk for you, and all you have to do is to serve us.

Life is simple: you give it to us, we'll decide what's good for the majority, and then we'll allow you all to live the way everybody should live to be happy and totally fulfilled.

Democracy is the pinnacle of conformism. You all do the same, strive to reach the same goals; all working together for the best of the whole. What's wrong with that? Depends on how you decide what's the best!

Our society decides what's best on economic grounds. If we can gather more matter, then it must be good for us. The shorter the period of time to amass this matter in, the better it is for us.

This principle is based on the unshakeable belief that whatever is good for you has be something you can grab, something you need from somewhere else. Remaining without it, per definition means no way forward, no improvement possible.

In practical terms this means that unless you put your business on the Internet, unless you computerise, you will never be successful. Unless you believe in the right god, you will not make it to heaven. Unless you abolish child labour, you will never be human. Unless you embrace democracy you are corrupt. Unless you take your pills and have your vaccinations you are a danger to yourself and the community. Unless you destroy your bodies' defence mechanism in an effort to become healthy, you are not being fair to your loved ones and you are a hopeless coward.

Sacrifice your own individual needs for the good of the whole community.

The good of the whole is an Economic Issue

The good of the individual is a Personal Issue

As a doctor you are taught many things, but how to shut up and listen isn't one of them. YOU already know what is good for that person, what is required right now. The principle of how Western medicine works is highlighted by the direction of its own development. More and more, the weight of the medical approach is on procedures, tests, and operations. No need to listen here. The personal approach is more and more left to the Practice Nurse, the District Nurse, the MacMillan Nurse, the Physiotherapist, the Occupational Therapist, and the Speech Therapist. They can then quickly tell you what is required. They can support the person, if they choose to do so; you don't need to. YOU are now so busy, YOU cannot be expected to sit around wasting time because YOU already know what needs to be done.

As a doctor you are taught the value of sticking together. Listen, it can happen to all of us, you know. So, instead of criticising, you could be helpful. Unless of course a colleague is in your way and it will make you look cleverer, better and more in-the-know if you point the finger. YOU have to be economically aware! And anyway, what are we sticking together for? Surely the best for the whole is if anyone who is not up-to-scratch is exposed! And who decides on what is right and what is wrong? The majority of course. But since it is impractical to ask all the individuals that make up the whole to answer each and every question, we have simplified things by electing a handful of people to speak, think and decide for us. So, who decides what is right and what is wrong? A handful of people. And as long as they can convince the rest that what they decide is the right thing, they can go on deciding. They need to convince others that they are right; they do not have to be right.

As a doctor you are taught first of all to do no harm. When it turns out you are doing harm, it doesn't really matter as long as all your colleagues are doing the same harm, because then of course it just can't be helped, can it? From the moment there is a current gaining strength, moving in the opposite direction, you have to make sure you cannot be directly linked to responsibility for the damage and then you start condemning exactly what you have been supporting until then. Lay the blame firmly on some else's doorstep and retreat quietly to continue the game. Unfortunately doing harm is an intrinsic part of Western medicine as nobody is interested in understanding Life; all we want to know is how we can remain on top of the pile, in charge, and adored as heroes. All we do against Nature or the way of Nature is intrinsically harmful.

As a doctor you are taught to keep up-to-date with new developments. The people that are keeping you up-to-date are the same people who want to sell lots of products. They will tell you — excuse me; prove to you — which is the better product, what it does, and how safe it really is. Sounds familiar? Should do, as this is no different from your every day advertising. Only this time the stakes are much much higher. Convince the experts, and you have the top price in your pocket; the whole will follow their top people. Disguise marketing and advertising as science and you have hit the jackpot!!

As a doctor you are taught that this is more than a profession, this is a vocation. It is such a high vocation that we cannot possibly come to you; you either get to the surgery (my well-defended castle) or you ring an ambulance. It is such a high vocation that you have to know you are going to require my services about a week in advance because otherwise I cannot be bothered to see you. It is such a high vocation that your fate matters to me so much, during office hours excluding my half-day off. It is such a high vocation that I will seriously look after you providing the government pay me more. It is such a high vocation that I will look after your well-being providing you are not making a nuisance of yourself, in which case I will strike you off my list. This is such a high vocation, we'll do anything for money, status and fame.

The value of a doctor lies in his advertising power

The power of healing is intrinsic in every living thing. Without it nothing could survive in an ever-changing environment. We humans are no different; our system knows all the tricks possible to heal and repair. It hasn't gone to university and is hasn't got a degree, it just knows. Every millisecond billions of processes are deployed within our system, and it never goes TILT, it never falters. There is no professor, no machine that can even understand one percent of these interactions; yet there are plenty of professors that profess to you what you need to do to repair!! Who do you rather listen to: someone who knows, or a self-opinionated nitwit? If you chose the first option, then start listen to your own voice, your body, your own dreams.

From the moment you give the control and power over your health away you are in deep trouble. Because you have taken the decision power away from the expert, and handed it to the imbecile. Your own system is the only one that knows what needs to be done in order to stay healthy or to regain a healthy state. It knows in which order to do things in, how to do it and has the means to do it.

Now you know your system knows, but how will YOU know? Two essential things to remember here: stop and shut up. As long as you are rushing around, busying yourself with Life, there is no way Life can talk to you. Look at it as a two-way radio system; as long as you press the button and keep talking you will never get a message from the other side. If you want to listen to Life, you need to pay attention, be patient and remove the filter of logic. You know when this filter is in use, when you hear yourself say "I can't do that!" Remove it and listen to your real voice because the truth is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You can make tumours disappear almost overnight; you can heal shattered bones; you can send messages to someone else telepathically; you can survive poisonous living circumstances (biochemical as well as mental); you can stop feeling pain; YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO.

So, don't let anybody tell you what you should do. There is nothing you should do; there is everything you could do.

Healing is Private — It carries a "Stay Out" sign

Once you have realised how the system works, once you have woken up from this bad dream, you know something has to change. So you promise yourself you are going to make it better. You can be different and make the difference for all those who don't have a choice. Very brave and good-hearted of you, but a total waste of time and energy. Initially everybody likes it, a sort of novelty. There is a curiosity around which you found highly stimulating and encouraging. Oh people rally around; they listen; they nod their head in agreement. And then they go home and ask why you haven't done what your expert colleagues do. Soon you'll find out that if you don't quickly pull yourself together someone is going to pull you up. Warning signs appear everywhere; you try to row against the tide. You believe! They do, as well; more so they know that you will have to either retreat or be convicted. Winning a one-person's battle is not on anybody's cards. And all it is about is winning the battle. The truth is incidental. Evidence doesn't matter; who brings it is far more important. Is it one dissident voice, or is it one of many experts?

So you cave in.

What now? You either move back into main stream and be hailed as a reformed character; one who has seen the light. Or you can't. And then you face some tough decisions. Will you step aside, turn your back on THE PROFESSION? When you leave the herd, you can no longer speak with any authority on the subject. There is this common idea that once you have relinquished your title — doctor — you have also returned all knowledge. YOU KNOW NOTHING. When you leave the herd, you leave "friends", social status, identity and a reliable source of income behind. You now stand in the world stripped of your knowledge, your identity, and your skills. You are a novice, just like a school-leaver having it all ahead of you. Only this time you come with a troublemaker label attached. Survival of the fittest? You are joking, aren't you?

Who are you really?

So now you are free! You are free from the restraints of the profession. You are free to speak, but nobody listens anymore. You are free to do what you want, but nobody wants what you do. You are free, but restricted by the fact that the only you ever knew anything about is no longer available to you. Do something else — or continue rowing against the tide. Fade into obscurity and let the world continue its evil game — or continue to expose the dangers of a society that believes all truth comes from advertising. You have reached the crossroads of Life.

After all you've said and done, can you now shut up and go away?

Can you live quietly accepting life as it is presented to you?

Can you live quietly preparing the world for your children pretending everything is all right?


For yourself, you change the foundations of society. It doesn't matter that the rest continues to be ignorant and that they dominate the scene. What matters is what you believe!

Start learning these basics:

  • You are the centre of your universe, your world
  • Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you
  • Whatever happens to you, you create
  • Whatever you want to happen to you, make it happen for others
  • Accept Life as it is, not as you want it to be
  • Concentrate on each single step, individually — never mind where you think you are going
  • Total flexibility makes you unshakeable
  • Security is the belief you carry inside your heart
  • Logic is the pauper-king of the prison-world people live in; your gut-instinct is intelligence

Stop blaming the outside for bad things, so you don't have to give credit for good things

Once you have convinced yourself that all is as it is, you know that it doesn't matter what you are promised by any individual, group, organisation, government, or church they do not have the power to make it happen for you. You have!! So, make it happen! Once you know that whatever you decide to do next is the right decision for you, at that moment, then you no longer need to have regrets. Life is about learning lessons. The school of Life teaches on a one-to-one basis; there is a separate curriculum for each individual pupil. Our strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in our knowledge are solely our own, no one else's. So, the only way to really learn is to go your own way. Leave someone else's structure and "security" behind and find out what it is YOU need. Find out what it is YOU need to learn; don't let anyone tell you what to do, what to aspire to, what your needs are.

Life is a DIY job

As you become independent, less dependent on the structure others need, on the approval of others, on personal desires, you feel the changes in your physical body. Your mind clears. It feels like a fresh morning after a stormy thunderous night; ozone is in the air. Your head lifts up and you start to stand and walk straight; there is a lightness in your step. Your chest opens up and your breath is liberated. You can breathe freely. The knots in your stomach disappear; anxiety is a thing of the past because whatever comes next is going to be all right. You have lost the desire to control your life, you are just steering it. You are in charge of your boat, not of the sea state. And your future, your faith depends largely on the sea and on how well you read the signs and steer your boat. You are the skipper of your Vessel, your Ark, on the Ocean of Life.

What has happened to the pressures society laid upon you?

What has happened to the consequences of not belonging?

When you don't belong to any human society, there is nothing they can threaten you with. You are already just relying on yourself, living each moment for the moment, taking it as it comes without any expectations. So there is nothing they can take away from you. Anything they do take, is just another wave in a stormy sea, and is not worth fighting over. More importantly you need to concentrate on life without it, concentrate on the wave itself, not on the ill-held belief that someone is going to stop the storm, just because you are getting seasick. Rely on your own skill, your own determination, your own experience, your own knowledge, your own truthfulness. Don't ever compromise and divert from the truth in order to "secure" an easier life. Don't trade in part of your freedom for the "comfort" of protection. The reality is that protection and an easier life does not exist. Your life is as it is. It is no easier or more shielded from discomfort and hardship because someone is going to make it better for you. NO HUMAN IS CAPABLE OF CALMING THE SEAS.

When you don't belong to any human society, you notice that the rest live in a world dominated by fear. Fear that is used — with great effect — no differently from the tactics used by the Kray twins. Your "safety", your "security", your "comfort" relies on the capability and willingness of others to dedicate their time, energy and life to your cause, your life. Not only is it extremely unlikely they will do that, because they are selling you their protection and help for their own gain; but they also do not have the power to deliver on the promises. Which ruler, which power, which leader has not promised better education, a safer place to live, better health, more wealth, peace and prosperity? Where is it? If it has been achieved at all in human history, it has only been achieved by a critical mass amongst the people making the changes towards a truthful, helpful, honest society, and even then we sadly have to say that it never lasted. Greed and ego, which are twin brothers, destroy society.

In order to survive, kill your ego and greed

How can you survive intact in a society ruled by the Kray brothers, Al Capone or any other regime?

You can't.

What can you do living in a society ruled by the Kray brothers, Al Capone or any other regime?

Make sure you don't have anything anybody may desire, and if they do want something let them have it, because you don't need anything except your freedom, self-worth, and self-belief. Make sure you do not cooperate with anybody or anything, and if you do, that you are prepared to let it all go when repayment time has come. Pressure creates resistance. The more you strive to achieve something, the stronger opposition will grow. You don't need to fight the unfairness, the deceit, the cruelty. Just make sure you don't employ similar tactics; and don't ever actively or passively co-operate with it. If then even your noncooperation leads you into real trouble because you are still perceived as a threat, accept life as it is. Whatever comes your way, is there for a reason. If you are prepared to learn — the best school is experience — then accept the experience for what it is. Remember: the only important thing in Life is your freedom — the freedom that lies inside — and don't allow anyone to take your freedom from you. When you no longer have your freedom, you have become a slave; a slave to possessions, a slave to fame and fortune, a slave to respectability, a slave to martyrdom, a slave to whatever it is you have relinquished your individuality to. From the moment you can no longer make up your own mind, follow your instincts, do what feels right to you, you are imprisoned. However, be careful not to go out of your way to be different in order to prove to yourself that you are free. You can be in the crowd, do like everybody else is doing and yet be totally free. It is not about what you do, it is about who you are.

I am the voice of Freedom

I am a non-cooperative

I am a lone individual

I am alone

I am

Dr Patrick Quanten MD

July 2001


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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