What they don’t tell you

by Dr Patrick Quanten MD

Western Science, the celebrated backbone of modern society, has put itself at the very heart of our lives. It has taken control of education, health care, economy and religion, ruling all aspects of our lives with great vigour and determination. Science stands for the proper way to live, for the only way to live. Science is always right and just remember: Science will never let you down.

Is that the science that used to advocate that the sun was moving around the earth? Is that the science that used to know bloodletting was the only cure for high fever illnesses? Is that the science that used to tell you that thalidomide was perfectly save for everyone? And yes, it is the very same science that still teaches you that the Universe came into existence through a Big Bang, that waging war against people who are different, cells that are different (cancer), and ideas that are different is for the good of everyone. Yes, the one and only Real Science, professing itself to be so much better, so much more accurate than any other science including those with a life time of several thousands of years. How old is our modern Western Science? Isn't this the teenager, or even the child, calling the adult ignorant?

Science has always been very afraid of major challenges to its beliefs. One of the reasons is that people who have painstakingly gained very respectful status in society, who rely upon grants given to them by "investors" in order to continue being the grand old chap they are, don't want to be shown up as being completely wrong. All their hard work to follow their predecessors in their illustrious footsteps to get to the top of their profession, to be the best in the country, in the world, could be wiped out by one stroke of genius from someone else. "Oh, totally unacceptable dear!" And what is more, have you noticed that all major changes in direction, all major breakthroughs in any field have invariably been achieved by "outsiders", people that had a different training or had studied a wide variety of subjects and therefore were branded as not "properly qualified". "For God sake darling, we can't have amateurs dictating us, real scientists, what is right or wrong!"

Why is our science such a stick in the mud? Because we do not teach children, we brain wash them. They HAVE TO think and act exactly as we do, otherwise they will not get their grades and will not be recognised as a scientist, taken seriously as a human being. Why is thinking for yourself so bad? Because WE say so!

An increasing number of Nobel Price Winners in various subjects — good and proper boys — have later been ridiculed and even pronounced to be senile, just because their research has thrown up evidence of things we don't want to know about. And these people have refused to make the results go away. The literature is becoming swamped with examples of hard-hitting science in which celebrated scientists have been robbed of their livelihood, their honour and honesty.

However, that is another story. Let's concentrate on the ultimate outcome of all their persistent hard work in the face of adversity they knew would destroy them.

Why don't we start with Albert Einstein? Anybody here who has objections against Einstein being called one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century? Then why is it that nothing that the man has taught us is taught in our schools these days, more than half a century later? He found mathematical proof of the four dimensional space we live in; he found that there was no time without movement and no mass without space; he proved that all observed phenomena are relative and related to the observer. In other words, the fact that you are looking at a phenomenon changes what is happening. So, why are we still pursuing double blind trials, if the fact that we know we are doing a test changes the outcome? Why do we still believe that what we can produce in vitro (in a laboratory) is exactly the same as it will happen in life or what is observed on animals has to be the same for humans? Why can't we still accept that there might be more than one truth? Equally, why are we still persisting to pretend that all there is, is this three-dimensional space we experience directly?

A combination of chemistry, physics and mathematics has now increased our awareness of the Universe, large and small, and all that lives within it. People like Professor H O Peitgen from the University of Bremen, French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal, Leibniz, Kant, Euler, Bohr, Planck, Einstein, Peter Plichta, and many many more have all contributed towards unravelling the secrets of Life. And all have been blocked, ignored and ridiculed. Yet, here we are: as a result of their work, we now are in the know.

Earth does not come from a Big Bang.

Life does not come from a primordial soup.

Earth, and life on it, is arranged according to strict mathematical laws. Nothing happens ad random, nothing happens by sheer chance.

Matter only exists as the reversal of an infinite four-dimensional space. Space creates matter at its centre; or, each mass, atomic or complex, is the centre of a four-dimensional space; the centre of an infinite space is everywhere — any point is its centre When this mass receives energy it starts to oscillate and emits energy in the form of two wave segments which are at right angles to each other (sine and cosine of a spherical wave). The energy of the electromagnetic wave as it expands through space is connected to time as a pure four-dimensional inversion. The further the wave expands the weaker its energy, although this will never reach zero, which means that time of expansion will be infinite, and always has been. There is no beginning of time; there is no beginning of space. Both are infinite.

In modern physics there are two wave models. The electromagnetic waves run through empty as well as gas-filled space. The longitudinal (sound, heat) wave is transported very precisely by a gas medium and thus carries information of an incredible range. It is passed on from one gas molecule to the next via a collision between the two. The collisions of the individual atoms with each other (two-body collisions) appear to us to be entirely random. But for an increasing number of collisions the entire system becomes increasingly more ordered. The gas medium manages for instance the transmission of music according to a fractal system containing eight stages. An octave is complete after eight steps. The human ear is specially constructed so that it can register fractal information transported through the air. It should be emphasised that two physical spaces have to exist. The four-dimensional space around a point transports electromagnetic waves. If a three-dimensional body is filled with air in such a four-dimensional space, this air will transport heat or sound.

How can we get a feel for the existence of this four-dimensional space?

A line (one-dimensional) can only be produced and held in a two-dimensional space (a piece of paper). The paper (two-dimensional) is held in the three dimensions of the room the paper is in. So, a three-dimensional space has to be held within a four-dimensional one.

A flying insect, which by the way is constructed totally differently from a bird, is build to suit the space it lives in. The insect lives in a three-dimensional space but is not aware of it. Because gas-filled three-dimensional space is its habitat and this is constructed according to mathematical laws, the object it sees in this space can only be two-dimensional. Regardless of whether insects are swarming in front of a blade of grass, an apple or a church tower, for them there are only two-dimensional areas. The fly therefore does not care whether it is sitting on the ground, creeping up the wall or even crawling on the ceiling. It has no consciousness of the third dimension. We humans are also unable to comprehend the fourth dimension. Man can look into the sky towards the infinity that surrounds him but he cannot perceive the infinity of the sky. The sky appears to him a three-dimensional space like a dome.

What does all this mean to you and me?

As a mass your body is the centre of a four-dimensional space. The body is a matter-concentration of a four-dimensional space; this space being the whole YOU and the body being a physical representation of this, limited within a three-dimensional space. This body continually oscillates sending out electromagnetic waves — your messages — into the four-dimensional space and by doing so reaching all of creation with diminishing effect the further away the wave travels. So, within that space other masses, bodies, and their oscillations are going to be affected by the waves your body is sending out; especially the bodies that are close to you, both in terms of distance and in terms of wave frequency — in other words, beings that are "tuned in", waves that have compatible frequencies or that are intersected at a vulnerable point.

It is this oscillation that determines that a body, a mass, a molecule or atom is alive. Without oscillation the same structure would be lifeless; it would look the same but would have no electromagnetism, no life within it. Examples of this are bodies after people have departed; biological structures made in laboratories; bottled water.

Two conclusions already:
Each part of the Universe influences every other part. So, not only is the old saying that "when a man sneezes in China it affects all of us here in England" true, but it is also true that all planets and stars have a direct influence in our lives.

Something is alive when it has a natural vibration, irrespective of its structure; and vice versa, a natural structure is not alive unless it has a natural vibration. Man made structures decay and disintegrate because of their lack of natural vibration. Ancient structures survived time a lot better because of the closeness and the relationship with their surroundings; they were build on certain "suitable" places, in a "suitable" configuration, "in tune" with natural energies. Equally, an apple, no matter what it looks or tastes like, has no positive living value unless it is vibrating as an apple, full of life, ready to be consumed. And furthermore, a tomato, no matter what it looks or tastes like, only has value as a tomato if the whole of it is vibrating as a tomato and not part of it as a pig or a pea or a fish. And that goes for us as well: a transplanted organ will vibrate at a different level from the rest of your body because it is part of a different person (or animal). Your body will reject it as totally unsuitable. Stopping your body from achieving that, not only allows part of you to be dissonant, not in tune, which may result in strange things coming into your consciousness, but also you will have stopped your body from ever recognising the "other", leaving you wide open to infections, especially uncommon ones, and to the effects of intrinsic mistakes of the metabolism such as cancer. And we don't even mention the detriments of all the toxic drugs your system constantly is exposed to, which are, by the way, vibrating at a level inconsistent with Life.

And there is more.

If we still believe in the emergence of the first forms of life through random processes and in Darwin's teachings on the origins of species through natural selection then it may be time to start having our doubts.

Because we now know that the transition from ape to human was not a gradual process — and we know that by the different numbers of chromosomes in the cells of each species — the theory of the evolution of humans and apes from a common ancestor is not without a certain audacity. Nobody tells our children and students that the females of the three anthropoid apes — the gorillas, orang-utans and chimpanzees — do not have a clitoris. This fact is not hushed up because of any misplaced puritanism. It is ignored because it does not fit into the theory of evolution. The occurrence of this part of the female anatomy in humans had far-reaching consequences and cannot have evolved by coincidence. From the — so apparent — coincidence of all processes in the electron cloud it was rashly inferred that all processes in the universe were caused by coincidence. A comfortable substitute had thus been found for God. From the natural constants (speed of light, the number pi, the Planck constant,....) to the human mind — everything is a coincidence. It was in refutation of this assertion that Einstein once stated, "God does not play dice". The real explanation lies in the natural order of things, all following a beautiful mathematical structure. This makes Nature intelligent within itself and we human beings as self-reflecting creatures are the self-realisation of this intelligence.

Dr Helmut Vogel put forward the assumption that if life could have arisen from the "primordial soup" then surely apes given a sack full of letter biscuits would eventually line them up to write Hamlet's monologue, or at least the phrase "To be or not to be". At that time attempts were being made — still adhered to until this present day - to present the chemistry of peptides (the building blocks of protein) in all living beings as the sum of random processes of creation. The number of amino acids — precisely 20 — must therefore also be a coincidence. If apes were able to toss out Hamlet by chance, no building plan was needed at all. However, if there was even a possibility that nature had been influenced by random events, it would never have produced the miracle of the human mind. Instead, there would have been too many false developments which would have accumulated and finally blocked the progress of life. Moreover, the stereochemical building blocks of life are spatially arranged components and not just flat biscuits that can be laid alongside each other. The origin of life can therefore not be explained by linear random chains. And that is precisely what the proponents of quantum mechanics have failed to understand from the very outset. The same natural law lays at the foundation of all three natural sciences. This means that no such thing as coincidence in the real sense can exist at all.

What does this mean to you and me?

Life as it is known to us did not evolve by chance, but followed an evolution laid out by Natural Law. Moreover, NOTHING in life is coincidence; everything follows the same laws. So, whomever you meet, whatever happens to you — good, bad or indifferent — is all predictable according to the Natural Law. Your own personal journey through life, and the sequence of several lives, is planned and delivered according to the Law; but so is the evolution of mankind. Everything that happens to an area, a community, a culture, the whole race is the total effect of all influences according to the Law. No escape is possible! Or as the Bible says, "You reap what you sow".

The less we recognise the system in which we are living and of which we are an integral part, the more we struggle against it and the more we will find ourselves at war and at odds with Life. Not comprehending the system means that we have no way of winning; not knowing the enemy renders your weapons totally useless. You may destroy a lot but you will not destroy the enemy if you do not know what you are fighting. Examples of this we find in the war in Vietnam, in the war against cancer, in the war against natural disasters. Instead we should be learning the proper way, the natural way and support the natural flow of energy. No more war, no more fighting; peace at last.

The survival of the Human race depends entirely upon recognition and respect for Nature's natural ways. Tampering with Nature to produce safer milk, purer oxygen, stronger produce, enhanced foods, self-regulated sunshine, healthier water only enhances the rift between what is normal and what isn't. No salvation can ever come from the human brain because it functions within a three-dimensional entity while we live in and are regulated by a four-dimensional world, which is beyond the comprehension of our little computer. The first step is to recognise this truth and allow simple observation to show us what is required. Follow the Leader!

What are the influences that produce the bodily manifestations?

As said before, all cosmic influences are real to each individual life-form. But if I want to know a bit more about what it is that makes me the way I am then I need to be more specific.

First of all there is your own electromagnetic field in that four-dimensional space — the real you!. It is this field that is responsible for the basic oscillation of the mass at the centre of it — your body. It is this field that interacts with other electromagnetic waves coming from cosmic entities as well as other human beings (emotions, feelings, wishes, etc.) and our immediate environment (through the senses), but also the Earth's field (underground streams, earth radiation, etc.). That is already a huge input; but it is not all. We said that the absorption of heat (energy) would influence the oscillation of the mass. We absorb energy (heat) through the skin, through the digestive system, and the breathing system. The quality, not the quantity, of this energy will determine what the body can do with it and how it will affect our state of balance, in other words our health. So, it is of vital importance to our health that we get enough and appropriate sunshine and nourishment and touch; we require food that is full of life (vibrating with Nature's living properties), fresh and prepared with positive energies; and we will need to breathe air which has the touch and freshness of Nature itself, and we need to fill our system to capacity with it. The more these energies are dead or unnatural, the more our health will suffer, both as individuals and as groups.

All influences, electromagnetic (four-dimensional) as well as chemical or biological (three-dimensional) are important. The more subtle the influence (non-material), the more powerful because it has far reaching effects (literally). This has been well established since homeopathy demonstrated the power of water, which had taken on the energy of another substance; no particles or chemical structures are involved. So, all influences which we can't experience through our senses are far more important and powerful than the ones we can. This makes all forms of radiation extremely important; the natural kind, emitted from every mass in the Universe, and the man-made kind such as scans, X-rays, nuclear, microwave emissions which all have life destroying frequencies. This means that with the advent of "modern times" the health of the whole population HAS TO deteriorate, can do nothing but decline, and decline fast; especially as we belief, in our ignorance, that machines are a part of the cure. Even simple statistics tell us differently, but we can put a spin on that to make people believe the experts.

All chemical and biochemical influences and processes come secondary to the electromagnetic influence. That is why we see people who eat the right foods, take enough exercise, generally care about living a "balanced" life, still becoming seriously ill. They have not considered the part their non-material being plays; stuck emotions, resistance against natural processes, acceptance of their own journey. And the reverse is also true: that is why we see people who have not taken care of the right foods, the non-smoking non-drinking no-fat policies and have lived healthily to a ripe old age. Because their energies have been in tune with Nature, living a simple "down to earth" life without fighting, without lasting upsets.

Want to lead a long healthy life? Then stop fighting, start accepting life as it is and feel your way through it rather than be guided by misguided individuals who like to be know as better, more intelligent than others. No human being has a place higher in nature than any other human being.

All facts and knowledge we should all not only have access to, but find normal in our daily lives. Instead we live this fighting life, oblivious to reality, and not understanding why things aren't improving.

Spinoza said: "Nothing in nature is by chance. Something appears to be chance only because of our lack of knowledge". Then it is about time we accept the knowledge and become wise to Nature's ways.

"Truth does not need people to understand it, but people need truth in order to really live". (Dr P Plichta)

It is time to break down the walls of dogmas.

Dogmas are judgements that have achieved the status of religious beliefs through long general acceptance and by definition therefore have a long life. In reality dogmas are collective prejudices. Rupert Lay expressed it even more drastically: "Dogma, and invoking dogma, is a classical sign of stupidity".

Dr Patrick Quanten MD

April 2001


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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