Code Trilogy - Code of Creation

by Patrick Quanten MD

“As it is large, so it is small; as it is inside, so it is outside” is a fundamental universal rule that indicates that everything is created in the same way, no matter how complex or simple it might seem to you and I. With that being the case it would be logical to look for a certain code that keeps repeating itself and that incorporates all of creation, certainly if we are trying to understand creation itself and the parts within it. That would, in a way, constitute an integrated theory, in which the quantum world would meet up with the cosmic world. This type of “unified theory” would be based upon a repetitive code indicating frequencies rather than upon a set of forces and their possible reactive patterns in different parts of creation. The latter method becomes more and more complex as we gather more information and we will soon lose the oversight, the bigger picture.

The main difficulty with seeing this code is the fact that we need to comprehend several layers of creation together, each with their fundamental make-up, in order to compare the structure from one larger part and the smaller parts that have sprung from the larger one or that constitutes the larger part. We need to be able to identify the pillars of the structure of each layer in order to possibly find a code that connects them all.

Studying the structure of visible light shows us a division into seven colours according to the Golden Ratio. White light is made up out of the seven colours in the following proportion: red (frequency 1) 39.55%, green (frequency 4) 24.45%, indigo (frequency 6) 15.11%, orange (frequency 2) 9.34%, blue (frequency 5) 5.77%, violet (frequency 7) 3.57% and yellow (frequency 3) 2.20%. The percentages are determined by the Golden Ratio and remain unaltered in every division into seven parts across the whole of the universe. We also note that the smallest part, yellow, is placed exactly at the centre of the complete spectrum. The visible light itself is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the entire set of frequencies inside this universe. It all began with the Big Bang. Within the huge range of frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum that emerged after the Big Bang, the visible light is the smallest part. Furthermore, as far as we can determine, it also lies exactly at the centre of the entire spectrum. Therefore it represents the third frequency band within the “octave” of the electromagnetic spectrum, the first creation divided into seven. Also, yellow represents frequency 3 within the octave of the visible light, which is one complete set of “notes” an octave lower. So the visible light is shaped as the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The further division of each of the primary seven layers will follow the same Golden Ratio rule, giving a respectively similar contribution in percentages, going from large to small, as we see in the colours constituting white light.

Visible light, frequency 3, within the electromagnetic spectrum produces, creates, the seven colours. From the largest to the smallest, they all contribute a certain percentage of information that each colour is holding and, using the numbering from the previous paragraph, the “code” which constitutes the visible light is 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. This also tells us in which order the colours appear out of the visible light; they materialise one out the other, as has been taught by Vedic Science for almost seven thousand years. Frequency 3, as seen, lies at the centre of the spectrum of seven. We can visualise this as 3 being the centre of a sphere from where the waves spread out and divide into the different layers that constitutes the whole. From this frequency the first colour to manifest is red (1), then green (4), indigo (6) and so on all the way down to yellow (3).

Physical manifestation occurs from an energy centre "seed". This means that each of the colours, as they present themselves, has a corresponding energy centre. In order to get an idea about how strong the influence of each one is on all the others - how much they contribute towards and influence a particular centre - we need to have a spatial picture of where these centres are situated. Again we can use the as it is large, so it is small rule. An area where we have more direct access to energy centres is the human energy system, and in particular the chakras. The seven chakras are placed in very specific places alongside the spine between the crown, top of the head (chakra 7), and the coccyx, the base of the pelvic floor (chakra1). We can calculate the exact position of each of the chakras in relation to the length of the spine (measured coccyx to crown). This gives us their relative positions and we can draw them like this:

creationcode clip image002

We also know that during the creative process of the universe the order of the energy centres in which they appear is different from the order in which we observe them after it is all said and done. From frequency 3' we start the process and we manifest the seven layers in the order of 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. Frequency 3 always remains "the seed" and, as it is in the structure of musical notes, it tops and tails the scale (3' and 3). Since this universe has come about from frequency 3 we could call it the seed or the root of creation. Hence, its energy centre always sits at the bottom, on the number one spot. Going up, the other centres are filled in by the frequencies as they manifest themselves between 3' and 3 with the first one (frequency 1) to go on the second spot. When we fill in the seven energy centres they all get a fixed spatial place:

creationcode clip image004

In order to understand how each frequency, colour, contributes to all the others we only have to draw circles through each of the centres with one at the centre of the circles. This shows us where the information wave from that particular centre hits the first, the second and so on, where the impact of the information coming from that centre is the greatest. For yellow (3) it looks like this:

creationcode clip image006

This means that the colour yellow is made up from yellow (39.55%), red (24.45%), green (15.11%), indigo (9.34%), orange (5.77%), blue (3.57%) and violet (2.20%). And that happens time and time again when we "look into" yellow.

creationcode clip image008

For green, for example, it would look like this:

creationcode clip image010

creationcode clip image012

We have established that the creation code for visible light, the way it is composed out of the seven layers or colours is 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. So far, we have the Big Bang as the beginning of this universe, which has lead to seven manifest layers of creation, the electromagnetic spectrum. All of these layers only exist as different energies, different frequency bands. At this stage no matter has as yet been created. However, out of the third layer of the electromagnetic spectrum, the white light, seven colours manifest themselves as being the composition of frequency 3. Apart from the Big Bang and the information about waves and frequencies, what else do we know about the beginning of creation?

We have a Bible story that tells us that creation happened in seven days. And we have seven layers, seven colours, seven frequencies. It also tells us that everything has been created out of Light. We already have white light (frequency 3) delivering the code for the first materialisation after the Big Bang; it is 1-4-6-2-5-7-3. In this context, Day 1 of the Bible Story of Creation would correspond to frequency 1; Day 2 would be frequency 4; Day 3 would be frequency 6; Day 4 would be frequency 2; Day 5 would be frequency 5; Day 6 would be frequency 7; and Day 7 would be frequency 3. On Day 6 humans were created out of frequency 7. The composition of 7, according to the contribution of each of the frequencies, colours, as figured out by their spatial positions, can be written as the code 7-5-2-6-4-1-3. This constitutes the creation code of the energy field from which the human being eventually will appear. This is the energetic code, which now will have to produce the physical body.

creationcode clip image014

creationcode clip image016

Ayurveda teaches us a bit more about these seven layers of matter creation. Each subsequent layer becomes more dense then the previous one, from which it materialised, until the last one, which is the seed for the next level of development. This same structure we also find in the musical notes and their grouping in octaves. The layers of created matter, from which all living material will be formed, are named and described as follows:

  • Juice – or tissue fluids, including chyle, lymph and blood plasma; also sometimes called skin.

  • Blood – red blood cells; thicker fluid than juice.

  • Flesh – skeletal muscle; still being able to move but limited because of its fixation in space.

  • Fat – fat in the limbs and torso; unable to move.

  • Bone – all bones; hard structural tissue.

  • Marrow – anything inside a bone: red and yellow bone marrow, the brain and spinal cord; very compressed immovable tissue with high speed movement happening inside the tissue

  • Sexual fluids – male and female.

These names indicate properties that differentiate between the various layers. The names used here refer to the human structure because that is the one we know the best and we have the most feeling with. Names to indicate properties don't refer to the actual organs we call by the same names. The layers always manifest in this order, from light and less dense matter to heavier and denser matter; from more mobile to more solid and fixed matter. This means that, in the seven-day-creation, each day adds a denser and more complex set of materials to the already manifested ones.

In this universe, on Day 1 (frequency 1) the separation of heaven and earth became a fact. In other words, out of the energetic state that existed up to that point a very fine layer of “matter” separated off, from which all other matter within this Light Universe will occur. Out of the most dense part of layer 1, on Day 2 (frequency 4) the water separated from the land, indicating that the lighter parts became separate from the heavier and that things started to become truthfully real in the sense of becoming clearly real “objects”. Out of these two, water and land, sprung on Day 3 (frequency 6) the plants. On Day 4 (frequency 2) we see egg laying animals appear, both in the water and on land. On Day 5 (frequency 5), again both in water and on land, mammals come onto the stage. On Day 6 (frequency 7) the human being has been created. And on Day 7 (frequency 3), God rested.

The human being is being created within frequency 7 and the code for this frequency is 7-5-2-6-4-1-3. This is the energetic blueprint for the materialisation that will become the human being. From the most compact layer within the energy field that is the human being, the first of seven layers of matter, which will form and shape the human manifestation of this energy, will be created. In this code, 3 is that seed, is the most compact energetic layer, and the code for 3 is 3-1-4-6-2-5-7, which now tells us from what frequency each of the seven layers of physical tissue will be formed, as this is the code for the materialisation of the human body. From the seed (frequency 3), juice will appear (frequency 1), then blood (frequency 4), then muscle (frequency 6), followed by fat (frequency 2), then bone (frequency 5) and finally nervous tissue (frequency 7). The first three are representations of the mobile part of the human (water elements). The fourth one, fat, represents the energetic core of the structure, at the centre of the structure, and the latter three constitute the more fixed structural part of the human (fat elements).

We are told that two thirds of the body is water. The first two layers of matter contribute to the whole 39.55% and 24.45% respectively, which is a total of 64% of fluids in the body. That seems to fit.

Furthermore, from ancient teachings we know that frequencies, expressed in colours, hold and distribute different messages. Each frequency represents a certain type of information that is required in order to built a complete structure. We now also know that every living cell has those seven layers of structure within it; it has all the physical structures the entire body has and it must therefore be built out of the same information, the same frequencies.

  • Frequency 1 holds information about form and shape – in human bodies expressed in body fluids

  • Frequency 4 holds information about balance, about giving and taking – in human bodies expressed in blood

  • Frequency 6 holds information about consciousness and awareness – in human bodies expressed in muscular tissue

  • Frequency 2 holds information about movement, about holding on and letting go – in human bodies expressed in fat tissue

  • Frequency 5 holds information about communication – in human bodies expressed in bone tissue

  • Frequency 7 holds information about knowledge – in human bodies expressed in nervous tissue.

  • Frequency 3 holds information about emotion and personal power - in human bodies expressed in the seed

This would be the basic layout of the human structure, both energetically and physically. It also would resemble the basic structure of the plants and animals as well as of the entire universe itself. Remember that the names we have given to each of these structured layers are present in every cell of the entire body; as it is large, so it is small - as it is inside, so it is outside. So, you will find an equivalent to, for instance, the bones of the body - the layer that gives it stability and makes the structure “stand” in its environment  (communicates through positioning) - in every cell and every part within the entire body.

By simply dividing each of the seven materialisations of the universal energy into their respective seven layers according to the contribution code of those layers we can easily carry on splitting the creation into ever increasingly more complex creations, that all have a different emphasis and consequently a different expression. By combining all those layers we use them as building blocks to create the most stunning creatures and landscape; from simple beginnings we combine into complex structures that, in fact, have simple foundations.

Following the flow of information into the seven separate layers of manifestation we recognise the repetitiveness on which the entire structure has been built. The enormous diversity in the physical world we experience is simply due to the fact that these frequencies are ranges of frequencies and therefore can slightly shift and still be creating a recognisable whole but one that is at the same time also different. At the same time of course, the entire universe is in evolution, is shifting just slightly, which ensures that nothing that has happened before can ever return in exactly the same way; there will always be something different about it. And that, of course, is called “Evolution”. The movement of creation must go on.

Once we have identified the code on which the whole of this creation has been built, we can then fill in the blanks and get to understand why things are the way they are. Understanding the creation code is essential in understanding the life that we have.

July 2012


Illustrations by Erik Bualda



Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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