Code Trilogy - Code for Human Matter and Mind

by Patrick Quanten MD


Humanity – or should I say, the scientific community of the human race? – now knows that everything that we are able observe in our world, in our universe, is in fact energy. All matter is formed out of energy, is constructed and functions out of energy. Everything vibrates. Life vibrates. Evolution is vibration. It all is in fact an ongoing wave movement, some of which can be observed as matter. In that respect, there is no difference between you observing a stone as the hard centre of an energy field and a nuclear physicist observing an atom as the hard centre of an energy field. All of it is a human being looking from within a material framework, his own body, using material means, his five senses, to observe an expression of energy. So, how does matter arise within an energetic field?

We know from science that matter is in fact compressed energy. In other words, the densification of energy becomes such that it has hardened enough to stick together and form “lumps”. This hardening happens as a result of the energy being compressed, which can be achieved by increasing the pressure of the field and/or by lowering the temperature of the field. Visualise this simply by the hardening of water into ice as a result of lowering the temperature, and the formation of water droplets inside a cloud as a result of increasing the pressure within the cloud. The duality of light, which kept our scientist busy for a long time, also relates to this principle. The visual light can be seen to behave as a wave and can be seen to behave as a particle. A wave pattern means that there is no substance within light, and a particle pattern means that a beam of light is an array of light particles, called photons. How can light be both at the same time? For the same reason you are both at the same time! Everything that is matter, or has a material form, is both at the same time. What we as human beings observe from visual light is a beam of particles; we do not “see” the wave, although it exists and it can be demonstrated.

We also know how we get from the energetic state to the material state. The creation of our universe starts from one Source, the Beginning, the Big Bang if you prefer. From this, an energy field expands outwardly, incorporating three types of forces, which our scientists have called the electromagnetic force (energy), the strong force (cohesion) and the weak force (radiation), and which Ayurveda has described as the principle of energy, the principle of cohesion and the principle of radiation, and which the Bible calls the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. These three forces give rise to the existence of the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) as the energy gets “heavier”, as creation moves towards matter in general terms. Finally, out of the five elements arise seven tissues, which represent the true materialisation of energy. These seven “tissues” refer to seven layers out of which all matter, small and large, has been created. This means that these layers are the basic makeup of an atom as well as of the solar system, the earth and every “bit” in and on it.

We know that even within the energy field itself the seven layered structure exists. We have trouble finding the seven layers within the electromagnetic spectrum, but it is most definitely recognisable within the visible light spectrum, which is one part of the electromagnetic spectrum itself. We have seven colours within the visible light. Each of these is made up out of the same seven colours but in different proportions. Ayurveda teaches that these layers are being created as the pressure within the field increases and layer by layer the energy gets compressed, gets more and more dense. The next layer is being created out of the previous one. The seven layers form one unit and further densification of the field results in an eight layer, which comes out of the seventh layer, but it turns out to be “the same” as the first layer, but “heavier”. Turning out the same means that it has the same energy, the same qualities, as the first layer but since the energy field has been compressed even more, this “same” energy is now heavier, more compact. In music, we recognise this system of having only seven different notes. When you lower the frequencies you move through the various seven notes and end up, in row eight, with the “same” note as you started off with but one octave lower. This means that the new note has the same “quality” but has half the frequency of the original note. The frequency of the vibration has been halved. This results in a new, a different, manifestation, although it is the same energy. And this is creation in action; as it is large, so it is small. The layout of creation can be found in the macro-world just as it can be demonstrated in the micro-world.

Different vibration, different frequencies, contains different information. Again, in music, the different notes essentially mean different things; they have a different effect on us. Equally, the same note, the same information, in different octaves delivers a varied message, a different aspect of the same message, to us. In a similar way, the different colours of the light spectrum have different effects on us, as has been described in ancient texts. We can also find a large body of evidence that shows how a wide variety of cultures have used colours to create specific responses within individuals; to date this has become known as colour therapy. Combining the knowledge of the different colours, their association with the seven different chakras and the knowledge of the energetic information each chakra is mainly responsible for, we can draw up an abbreviated list of connecting types of information with colours representing this information. We can, at the same time, number these seven layers and we have chosen to use the ancient numbering system that corresponds with the spectrum of the rainbow, which is identical (funny that!!) with the chakra numbering.

  1. Red – information about form and      shape (stable and flexible)
  2. Orange – information about      movement (attraction and repulsion)
  3. Yellow – information about emotion      and power (internal power and willpower)
  4. Green – information about balance      (taking and giving)
  5. Blue – information about      communication (listening and talking)
  6. Indigo – information about      awareness and consciousness (intuition and insight)
  7. Violet – information about      knowledge (thinking and action, being and doing)

The energetic code for the creation of a human being is 7-5-2-6-4-1-3, as seen in The Code of Creation, as frequency 7 develops on Day 6 of the Creation, which is the time where human beings appear. Each layer comes into being from the previous one and has a more dense consistency. Ayurveda names these layers from least compact to most compact as juices (skin), blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerves (bone marrow) and seed. These names represent qualities that can best be described, to humans, in terms of “tissues” they recognise and know. Hence the use of body tissue names to indicate the different tissue layers that are being created in the material expression of creation. Do not confuse this with the real matter of bone, fat and muscle!

This code tells us that, in the human energetic field, the distribution of the information layers from the lightest of all seven layers right down to the heaviest is as follows:

7. Knowledge

5. Communication

2. Movement

6. Consciousness

4. Balance

1. Shape

3. Personal power

From the seed of this seven layered energetic field the materialisation of the seven layers begins in earnest. It will follow the make-up of the seed; it will follow the code of the particular layer that is the seed within this structure. In the case of a human being that is the number three. The creation code for 3, which remains the seed, is 1-4-6-2-5-7, which brings us back to 3 but in a different “octave”, call it 3’. With 3 being the seed of the human being and 3’ the seed within the human material body respectively, 1 becomes the water layer, 4 the blood layer, 6 the muscular tissue, 2 the fat tissue, 5 the bone tissue and 7 the bone marrow and nervous tissue.

In terms of the formation of the human body we can read this code as follows. The water that is making up the shape (1) of the human being is the first indication that a separate human being is in the make. The second phase is the blood layer, which provides the balance (4) between giving, delivering food, and taking, removing waste products. Thirdly, muscular tissue expresses the human consciousness (6), which means that we are aware of most things through our soft tissues. That is where we “feel” things mostly. The fourth layer in the material creation of the human being incorporates movement information (2) in the fat tissue. Fat stores the energy that drives the movement, the changing within the body. We either store things in it or use it to drive everything in our lives. The fifth layer expresses communication information (5) in the bone tissue. The way the body is shaped and firmly constructed gives out information about who that person is. Eastern medical systems have always pointed at the integration of bodily aspects and mind states and naming different body shapes as different body or constitutional types. And the last layer, apart from the seed (3), holds knowledge information (7) in the nervous tissue. This gives the following line-up of information sitting in the construction of the body:

  • Skin and water is separate human “tissue” from the outside world (first foetal showing separate from mother tissue), forms a new human being.
  • Blood holds the balance of life within that new human being.
  • Muscles are the tissue through which we are aware of changes in our inner and in our outer world.
  • Fat makes all movement of the new human being possible; it brings life into the new human being.
  • Bones communicate with and respond to the outside world; the bone structure of the new human being shows how the messages from the outside world have been received and laid down in hard matter.
  • The nervous tissue records the knowledge the new human being is obtaining.
  • The seed tissue represents the personal power of the new human being.

And that is what your body is made of!

However, you are more than your body! You are an energetic being. You have a mind. You have a non-material part. Not everything is being expressed in the matter that your body is. In fact, for something to manifest in the material part of whom you are it has to have been present for a long time within the energetic field. It is only the constant presence of a certain type of energy, of a particular kind of information, that gives it enough time to become compressed, so dense, for it to manifest. In the mean time, some of that energy may be present without showing up in your body tissues. So, how does your mind communicate with the tissues?

In conclusion we can state that the creation of the human being, the sixth layer within the creation of the universe, has a seven layered energetic, mind, structure, from which emerges a seven layered physical shape. The “mind” frequencies can be found again expressed in a specific type of body tissue. Changes in those frequencies alter the energetic balance of a person, his mind set, as well as, in the long run, the physical balance of the person. Both functions, mind and body, alter and eventually the different functioning of the body tissues becomes a fact.

Knowing how something has been made helps a lot in understanding potential problems that might show up when things don’t function as smoothly as we have expected them to do. Here, the first thing to realise is that no malfunctioning of the human body can ever be understood or rectified by looking at the body and its tissues. Only an energetic approach can give us possible insight. For this, we need to understand what the makeup is of the various layers of tissues and what kind of information is being expressed in what tissues.

The “structure” and function of the human body, or if you like, anatomy and physiology, must be completely reviewed and overhauled. Only by following the flow of energetic information right down into the tissues can we begin to comprehend who we are and why we function the way we do.

August 2012

Updated March 2016


Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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