Why Me?

Science and Spirituality as inevitable bed partnersBookWM

by Dr Patrick Quanten & Erik Bualda

Bringing together serious information from opposite angles - ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, science and religion - and looking for similarities between them we have managed to discover a way to join it all together. It is possible to explain and comprehend the creation of matter, the functioning of the universe and the evolution according to one developing code. Lots of research and decades of puzzling small pieces together has given us a pattern to view all of life with that we would like to share with you.

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As the authors both Erik and myself are questioning why anyone would ever be interested in reading this book. Come on, let’s be honest: a work that claims to have answers to the basic questions in life and that has been written by two unknowns, who in their right mind could take this work seriously? It is either a hoax or the work of a megalomaniac couple.


On the one hand we have an interior and industrial designer, who may be good at drawing pictures but who has no background or schooling in Egyptian mythology or the Great Pyramid, and he is telling us what it was all about and how we should interpret the specific features of the building and the stories. Who the hell does he think he is? The other one is no better! He gave up being a medical doctor for the privilege of pursuing crazy theories about health and inflicting his hands on suffering bodies and his voice on tired brains. He tells us what the Bible meant, how Ayurveda relates to modern science, while he obviously is not an expert on either. Two ordinary guys who have lead a double life, so to speak, in search of whatever they regarded as the truth. Now they emerge from their dark hidden insignificant lives to enlighten us on questions such as:

  • Where does life come from?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is the role of the human being within the cosmos?
  • How does matter emerge from energy?
  • What are the direct links between the human energetic field, the human chakras and the human tissues?
  • What are the basic laws of life: the rules on which the entire universe is built and on which it functions?
  • Everything is energy; all matter is formed out of energy, and is, in fact, nothing but condensed energy.
  • Energetic information will be manifest within the kind of matter that is being produced and will determine the way the matter functions.
  • All energetic influences play a part in creation; all energetic influences are ultimately construed from cosmic energies.
  • The universe, the creation human beings belong to, is being made according to a simple template that keeps being repeated (chaos theory).
  • Everything within the universe is cyclic; everything has already happened before and will happen again.

It sounds to me as if we have the pretence to intimate that we have found important missing links, which could, in fact, prove to be needed in order to formulate the Unified Theory, the ultimate goal of Albert Einstein and every serious physicist that came after him. All this done by two people without the proper qualifications or training! Impossible.


Well, let’s not forget that all major breakthroughs in man’s understanding of life have come as a result of input from people coming from outside the scientific community that had been looking to solve the puzzle. So, in the first place it isn’t unheard of, it really happens. But why would we specifically believe that this could be one of these moments in history?


If the information in this book is to have value at all, it needs to comply with everything that the scientific world of today already knows. What does that mean in real terms? It means that the information should fit neatly within the framework of our understanding of the universe as a whole. And that understanding is no longer based on the idea that matter can explain everything.


From my point of view, being educated within the medical profession, already this framework of life doesn’t make any sense, because doctors are made to believe that everything has a material cause. They, as the rest of us, are convinced – because they have been told repeatedly – that there is a mechanical way the human being – read ‘the human body’ – functions. Scientists tell us for nearly a century that all is energy and that all explanation must be found in understanding energy, not matter. We are being misguided to continue to believe the opposite!


If our media and the so-called popular science is not telling us the truth, how can we be expected to understand our own life? How can we ever hope to live a healthier life if all our efforts to counteract diseases are based on the interaction of matter, whilst matter only acts out energetic resonances? In other words, we are seriously being lied to. Television is not telling us about studies to show the influence of our mind on the functioning of the machines we operate. Nobody tells us that science proved thirty years ago that your emotions determine which proteins are being produced in your body and that altering your emotional status will change the physical tissue (Candace Pert), which will allow for diseases to “disappear” overnight. Following on from this, New Biology has proven that every cell of the body receives the same energetic information from our environment and translates it into an appropriate response, coordinating the whole human system as a physical unit. The communication system within the matter of the body is energy (Bruce Lipton). Albert Einstein himself proved that when you test something you are part of the result you are getting. In other words, the way you observe, the way you organise the test, the expectations you have regarding the test result, are all part of the material final result. So why is the medical profession still relying on tests to tell you what is wrong with you?


The truth has something to do with we are made from energy and we function energetically. This means that if a human body has been created with obvious faults, there is an energetic explanation for it; and if a human body malfunctions and becomes ill, there is an energetic cause for it.


Wouldn’t we want to know how that works? Wouldn’t you, as an individual, not want to know what it really is that makes you malfunction? Experience with using the matter as working material to obtain health for everyone shows us that it isn’t working at all. No matter what the recommended treatment is or has been, Western Medicine or alternatives alike, observation of results teaches us that “all therapies work, but not for everybody and not all the time”. This means that none of the treatments correctly identify the cause of disease. We can now understand that if one continues to look for such cause in the material part of creation, one is not going to find the energetic reasons for the matter to function in the way it does. In short, we are looking in the wrong place. In spite of scientists having told us that one hundred years ago we still desperately cling to doing the same!


And what’s more, if authorities are not willing to tell you the truth, you will need to find out for yourself. And that is how you end up with guys like Erik and me. That’s all we started out doing: looking for answers to simple questions we felt we were not getting. From that point onwards a journey begins that no one can predict. You don’t start out thinking: “I’ll show them. I am going to be the greatest scientist that ever lived.” No, you look for your own answers; things you want to know, and in order for you to know, you will have to find out for yourself. You find bits of interesting information everywhere. It turns out, there are lots of people finding bits of the universal jigsaw puzzle everywhere. And the more you look, the more weird things pass the review. Bit by bit you are getting drawn into a world that is totally alien to you. And yet, in order to find answers for yourself you will need to familiarise yourself with this world. But as you came in from a free-lance angle, you are not being given a guided tour as all the regular students are. This means you take twists and turns that the experts-to-be are not allowed to, and you end up in places no level-headed thinker would. On the way, you gather bits of information that may mean very little in the place you have found it, but linked up with bits from completely different sources could well provide the missing insight. Directed and well-guided education steers you in a predetermined direction that delivers almost predictable results. It is like a guided visit to China, which leaves you with the impression that all is hunky dory under the eastern sun.


Now, just suppose that what you have found is clearly more of the truth than the truth you have lived with so far, wouldn’t you want to tell others about it, for no other reason than that there may be other people that are searching for something similar? But how do we know that this book contains more of the truth then the everyday truth we are meant to live with?


I have already mentioned that the first criteria relate to the already existing knowledge of the universe. Well, it clearly fits with that. But what else has it got?


We have grown up in the belief that ancient stories are just that, stories. We do not need to take them literally because, obviously, these people’s minds were not very well developed and they didn’t know the things we know now. The stories, we are being told, are primitive ways of trying to explain the world around them in a child-like way. You know what becomes really disturbing when you journey searching for your own truth? You soon find out that not only these primitive people actually created structures that we, the wise ones, are incapable of reproducing, such as the Great Pyramid, but also that our own modern scientists are closing in on proving the authenticity of the literal meaning of the stories. But nobody tells me! And when I tell someone else they try to commit me to a mental institution.


Through self-study, personal research and a lot of personal experience (including personal experimenting) we gradually were able to link up information from a wide variety of sources that all started to point in one and the same direction. When you become aware of the one-pointed direction of information, you just know that you are on the way to finding at least some of the answers. And it is then that you start to get excited. And it is then that you have to become quiet, because your chances of becoming a human renegade shoot through the roof. You are officially going insane!


Ancient information, be it from ancient documents, recorded stories, significant buildings and this information having been collected from all over the world, can be linked to information from modern science such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. When these bits of information slot together effortlessly, and at the same time open up an insight that does more than just explain what you were looking for, you know your interpretations and deductions have a significance and a meaning. When we then not only link the old with the new, but it also, equally effortlessly, joins up the west with the east, it truly feels we have gone global. Spirituality links up with physical matter, as the information displayed across the globe and across time joins together. These links, and their understanding, are essential for the whole of humanity to raise their consciousness and their evolution platform. We are ready for a new level, a new era.


This information takes humanity into the new era of 2012, a new level of human development. It is the culmination of knowledge and insight at the end of one cycle, leading to the beginning of another one. We hope you are able to enjoy it as we are enjoying the changeover with eyes wide open and minds bubbling with excitement.


The impact of the information the book ends up with could be felt within every individual. First of all it proves that we are all made differently, which means that claiming that one solution fits all is ludicrous. This entails the western concept that a particular treatment will cure everyone from a certain disease, or that a particular lifestyle will be healthy for everyone, or that a particular social structure or support structure will serve everyone. This is clearly not the case, and now we know why. Hence, there is no point in further pursuing the idea of finding community solutions to individual problems.


Secondly, the book shows that the way the individual functions is an interaction between the way the individual has been created (the inner world) and the outer influences coming from the environment, the individual’s surroundings (the outer world). Only by making changes to either of these two can we change the way the individual functions. This means that the answer to all diseases is for the individual to change the balance of the interaction between the inner and outer energies.


Thirdly, because we know the basic frequencies that create the human being, we can know the basic harmony that such individual has been created on. This means we can help the individual to regain harmony by encouraging the changes he/she needs to make through the exposure of the system to very specific stimulating frequencies in the places that use this information to create the physical parts of the human being.


Not only will human health never be as far removed from us as it has been recently, but we will gain an understanding of life that makes health a simple individual choice. Our definitions of health and disease will change forever. We will gain more power over our own lives by understanding the basic influences that create life itself and that makes it function. This, in turn, will result in a change in the way we structure society: it will move from a group-centred society to an individual centred society, but with the added bonus that the individuals no longer have a need to be selfish and greedy. They will understand that all they need is within their grasp and that more would not serve them at all.


So you see, with this information we are truly ready for the new era, as it will change the structure and function of the individual as well as the group structure we live in. Let them read the book, for their sanity and ours!



Patrick Quanten has been a general practitioner since 1983. The combination of medical insight and extensive studies of Complementary Therapies have opened new perspectives on health care, all of which came to fruition when it blended with Yogic and Ayurvedic principles. Patrick gave up his medical licence in November 2001.
Patrick also holds qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Reiki, Ozon Therapy and Thai Massage. He is an expert on Ear Candling and he is also well-read in the field of other hard sciences. His life's work involves finding similarities between the Ancient Knowledge and modern Western science.

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